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Ivan Starikov: "The opposition is not only able to shout" Down with the bloody regime! "

March 19 2007

Immediately, two events organized by the opposition forum "Other Russia" were held this weekend in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moscow hosted Progressive Youth Forum, and in St. Petersburg were protesting against the outcome of elections in the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg.

"Other Russia" seriously raised the question of nominating a single candidate for presidential elections in 2008 and is preparing a program of the coalition, which plans to go to the people in the parliamentary and presidential elections. About who can become that the candidate and surprise the voter's program "The Other Russia, said a member of the Political Council of the Russian People's Democratic Union, Ivan Starikov.

- What are the main results of the meeting of the Political "Other Russia" in St. Petersburg?

- It brought results. We decided that the 2008 election will nominate a single candidate from the opposition. It will be a "non-ideological," candidate who will unite the right and left opposition. In itself, this association is a nightmare scenario of the current of the Kremlin. The current regime of non-ideological, Russia. Hence, the opposition will be non-ideological. Non-ideological will and the common candidate of the opposition.

- How are things going with the program "Another Russia"?

- The program "Another Russia" is now filled with more new sections. But it is already clear that it is very good in terms of political reform. During its preparation, we apply the following principles: putting off something that causes controversy and debate, and leave the rest. This is an absolutely positive attitude.

- On the issue of elections "Other Russia" offers a proportional system, where voters cast their ballots for representatives of specific parties in the dual-seat constituencies. " At the same time in the program says "mandates are given to those candidates from parties that have made the greatest contribution to the success of the party in the elections. What does it mean?

- Here we have in mind that we are abandoning the practice of cheating the voters and abandon the so-called "locomotive". We believe that only a specific person - an actual person, not a man of the party apparatus - should go to work in the State Duma. This symbiosis of proportional and majoritarian systems. Such is the combination.

- The Programme is the paragraph to limit non-core activities of officials. They will be forbidden to engage in scientific, educational and creative activities. As follows from the program, not only the supreme clerks, but all the specialists. Why?

- Neither the public officials in general, there should be no free time for any additional work. Look at the top officials - they lead boards of large public companies. "Another Russia" believes that they have no right to lead. This is Mr. Medvedev, who heads the board of directors of Gazprom, and on the list.

- But what about the scientific, educational and creative activity?

- I was worried about creativity. And no one will prevent me to write poetry.

- And what about the teaching and research activities? Surely, returning to power, refuse scientific management school of land markets?

- Not refuse, of course. Here I have a disagreement with his colleagues. But they insist, because under the guise of teaching, in fact, harbor serious physical abuse. Although, by and large, all this does not solve the problems. The main thing is that our program received approval in Russia. And this is - a serious bid for a meaningful opposition, which is not only able to shout "Down with the bloody regime!", But also to make constructive suggestions.And then implement them - the very next day, as we come into power. By June, we completed the work on the program "Other Russia".

- Do you have a specific strategy and tactics of how to protect your new authorities from the officials, many of whom are corrupt?

- All normal officials will go to our side, because the total engine power corrupts - by the hour is getting stronger and stronger.

- On what basis will select the "normal"?

- Everyone will filter is beyond doubt.

- The Programme of the "Other Russia" is invited to choose the chiefs of local police departments. Do you already have a sheriff's candidate area where you live?

- Elected heads of local police is critical to our vast and multi-religious country. I live in the area Ramenki Western District of Moscow. I think that would be able to nominate a worthy person in the heads of the regional department of internal affairs. Such a candidacy I already have.


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