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Beaten at their own request

July 18 2006

The past in St. Petersburg summit of Group of Eight gave the domestic anti-globalization movement a chance to prove himself. But, as said in such cases, advertising, sometimes it's better to remain silent than to speak. Activities of "counter-summit" in the northern capital not only showed weakness and feebleness of the protest movement, but also clearly demonstrated that the domestic opposition, with existing friends, enemies have long needed.

The main focus of the counter-summit protesters have no claim to the powers that although they had the place to be, but mostly as background, and complaints about the actions of law enforcement agencies, acting, according to organizers of events, too stringent methods.

Communications of the detention of opposition organizations, en route to the Second All-Russian Social Forum in St. Petersburg should be the mecca of domestic antiglobalistkogo traffic flowed freely. Russian special services have shown a maximum of imagination, trying to minimize the fans of social protest, he secretly had a vision of Peter in the second Genoa. Delegates to suddenly "lost" passport problems arise with exemplary conduct on the street, students receive immediate assignment from their teachers, well, not without more banal everyday situations, such as fighting in the street with a subsequent detention. In general, just not count. However, despite the extensive geography of offenses, according to the statements themselves as organizers of the Social Forum, just before its launch, more than thousands of registered participants, from the militia mayhem injured dozens.

Undoubtedly, Russian human rights activists have emerged and still have questions to law enforcement authorities regarding the legality and legitimacy of their actions, but we can not take into account the obvious fact that the situation with a counter-summit in Russia differed little from their foreign counterparts.

2003. "Special forces of Switzerland are taking increased security measures in connection with possible terrorist attacks and anti-globalization riots against the participants of the World Economic Forum in Davos. At the borders of Switzerland has already exhibited an additional border and customs posts, the" armed "computer data on persons whose entry into the country is undesirable. In particular, the country has not allowed 120 people who participated in the riots during the Group of Eight summit in 2001 ...".

2005. Group of Eight summit "in French Evian. "According to preliminary calculations, the cost of Switzerland's police patrols, cordons, service logistics and operational undercover activities during the Evian meeting will be not less than 40 million Swiss francs (more than 27 million U.S. dollars). Everything distinct only in that western intelligence agencies, unlike their Russian counterparts, had to restrain the influx of tens or even hundreds of thousands of anti-globalization, and therefore somewhat different methods of combat.

As said at a press conference the director of the Institute "collective action" on methods of Russian kontrazvedchikov, "they are fools, we are not so noticeable. "In different countries, police are the same methods. In Europe, the security forces also often not adequately respond to anti-globalists statements. But in France there is progress for the better. The police have their own strong union, with whom we often collaborate. Of course, European and American intelligence agencies look after anti Globalists but the strength of public opinion in these countries is that they must be extremely careful, "- frank back in 2001 the head of the international department of the largest European anti-globalization organization ATTAC Christophe Agiton.

of traditional countermeasures to counter-summit participants seem flowered, compared to what a surprise presented their leftist colleagues in the Communist Party.

In general, the organizers of the Social Forum was originally left alone. Although the organizing committee of the Forum were as representatives of the Communist Party, and human rights organizations, none of them others did not want to communicate with unruly anti Globalists. Part of the liberal opposition has focused on the conference "Another Russia", on what and considered their mission accomplished. The Communists could not renounce the principle of "Communists marching ahead" and take care of its own, this opposition rally.

That the Forum delegates literally fought their way to St. Petersburg, that the other had been detained in the city, the leadership of the Communist Party does not care: if you're not with us, it means you're against us. Moreover, almost the Forum, as its organizers from the Communist Party fell charges ... betrayal and corruption. One of the organizers of the Social Forum, Ilya Ponomarev was to blame for that, acknowledged that more support for the Forum was provided by: Chairman of the Presidential Council for the Promotion of Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights Ella Pamfilova, chairman of the organizing committee of the G-8 summit, Sergei Prikhodko, Governor St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko and the Administration of St. Petersburg that provided under the Form of stadium. Kirov.

For the most vile than to agree with the city administration for the Forum venue, help with accommodation and meals, from Ponomarev nobody expected. And therefore it was immediately hanged label compromiser, blackleg and gravedigger CPRF. "As we predicted earlier, kontrsammit in St. Petersburg will be used by the authorities for the active extrusion of the Communist Party out of left field, blame the party in" marginal "and even" fascism "- demonstrating in opposition to it" Left Front "- notes the plight of the Communist Party Internet resource Editor site Anatoly Baranov.

However, it remains unclear whether the Communist Party is so crushed, whether ustraha had great eyes. According to the version of the same online resource, contrast was presented 200-300 people representing the Left Opposition in the eyes of the West. Of course, such it is absolutely not. But no matter how the Communists tried to distance itself from the corrupt anti-globalists, they still ran into their ranks, and spoiled the whole raspberries. "Tripped" worst case scenario for the Communist Party, when about the party column appears just a few anti-globalization, and the whole event is automatically recorded in the asset Sotsforuma and the CPRF has just as free extras for your event, as agreed in the presidential administration, "- lamented Anatoly Baranov, appreciating polittehnologichesky talent Ilya Ponomarev, who came over fence and was caught by police. Later, his poison in the honey adds another "poet of the revolution" Dmitry Cherny. "On the streets of St. Petersburg has become clear in the first place - who is on the side of the regime: it is only hirelings in plainclothes provocateurs who were before the revolution and to revive itself as a professional group after the counter-revolution" - burns consciousness by lost souls.

It is true that the OMON smashed Ponomarev teeth, after which he was threatened with a prison term, pro-communist media silence. "Something tells me that Ilya Ponomarev, and are able to effectively get out of difficult situation. But the party will be much harder. And the blame for it not someone from outside - we ourselves are to blame: failed, failed to notice, did not think ...", - experiencing Anatoly Baranov. No way, now the Communist Party will follow the party stripper, party starts to get rid of paid collaborators (including, apparently, from a member of the Communist Party Ilya Ponomarev), break off contacts with the discredited RSF participation in organizations and mvillage, returning his lost status of the Party leader of social protest.

Arina Semenova

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