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"Assambleynye New Vasyuki

May 18 2008

On Saturday, the business center on Krasnoproletarskaya street in Moscow brought together representatives of various political groups and organizations to participate in the first meeting of the so-called "National Assembly". Or "protoparlamenta" as she styled proponents of the ideological mastermind "Assembly" Garry Kasparov.

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However, we arrived at "Assembly" is not everything. At the meeting was about half of the pre-compiled list of participants by the organizers. Apparently, the reason to refuse to participate in the "Assembly" found plenty - someone wrote in the lists do not notice it, many did not pay for travel and accommodation in Moscow, many regarded the "assembly" as the next project runaway oligarchs ...

Generally speaking, the idea of Garry Kasparov and Eduard Limonov, right from the beginning looked rather strange. "Delegate" to this "assembly" no vote, so claims by some representative functions appear at least comical. Find a collection of "alternative parliament" can only be a person with very lush fantasy. Although anything than a fantasy, some members of the opposition is clearly not deprived ...

Addressing one of the first Kasparov flashed before the assembled knowledge of historical dates (hobby creativity Academician Nikolai Fomenko for Harry Kimovich clearly was not in vain). Ex-player meticulously listed the events in the Russian and world history that occurred on May 17. True, for some unknown reason, Garry Kasparov, forgot to mention that May 17 is also the International Day Against Homophobia ... Did not mention this and the leader of Red Youth Vanguard "Sergei Udaltsov, suggested to be 17 May Day of Democracy. Although decidedly unclear about what, actually, "the people" in this case can be discussed.

Such a "detail" of speakers is clearly not confused. Eduard Limonov called for a "87 Vietnams" in the number of Russian regions, to what he described as "strangle the government." Nationalist Alexander Krasnov urged the participants to the revolution. But not bloody, and velvet. Human rights activist Lev Ponomarev, the audience saw in his fellow human rights activists, telling them that in Russia, hundreds of political prisoners, families, many of which are unknown. In general, the speakers tried as best they could, keeping in mind in every possible way to brand power.

Having heard plenty of speeches, "delegates" began to vote and to vote. First things first adopted the Charter, which vowed to do everything to facilitate in every possible way the development of democracy in Russia (especially persuasive in this case were "Limonov's party, nationalists and members of left wing groups). Then elected the "Assembly", which together with Limonov and Kasparov entered the former top manager of Yukos Gerashchenko and Alexei Kondaurov. This choice can be easily explained if we recall that in August last year, one of the former heads of Yukos, Leonid Nevzlin promised funding for the opposition, and Eduard Limonov, in turn, said that the "Other Russia" this funding will take. Apparently, the outcome of such cooperation and became the "National Assembly", the majority of "delegates" which are supporters of Kasparov and Limonov.

After that "delegates" selected Council "assembly", heads of commissions and committees. In general, enthusiastically involved than that for which gathered - a game in parliament. Even with the prefix "proto" ...

Of course, the most interesting question - have gathered for what all these people?If we assume that the seriousness of their purpose, the main one is obvious - the struggle for power. But it is precisely if we assume ... Frank booth, which actually even before his work became the "National Assembly" does not give grounds to look at this event at least some shred of relevance.

In fact, the "delegates" and their leaders continue to engage in the same things with success doing so far - to discredit the opposition. Whom represent the congregation? Whose interests they represent? How do they expect to defend the rights of Russian citizens? The answers are obvious - no one, nobody, no ... You can arbitrarily call themselves "civil society", but not to become so in reality. With the same success, "National Assembly" could be called the "galactic Parliament" - the effect would be the same.

Alexei Stepanov

Oleg Artyukov

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