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Zhidobortsy and pornokraty

January 18 2007

In anticipation of the regional and federal elections in 2007, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation began a serious cleaning. The first victims were the party of hygiene ... shall we say, "persons of Jewish nationality."

In March 2007, in St. Petersburg will be the election of deputies of the local Legislative Assembly. Communist Party as a parliamentary party, was spared from the procedure of collecting signatures in their support or making the election pledge. The only thing required of her, to provide a list of candidates. And here is what happened then, on which a coffin overturned, not only Marx and Engels.

It was expected that the list of the Communist Party led by popular Petersburgers Nobel Laureate, Vice President RAS, Duma deputy from the Communist Party faction Jaures Alferov, who, after much persuasion, agreed to support the native party in the election campaign. "I see no reason not to give permission to use his name," - he said, stressing that the seats in the Legislative Assembly does not apply. In short, no one expected catch.

Meanwhile, the outcome of an extraordinary conference of the St. Petersburg city branch of the Communist Party, approved the lists of candidates were somewhat unexpected. First, Jaures Alferov was not in the list of the Communist Party - not in the first three, or all on the list. Secondly, writes "Elektorat.Info" , became known and the final breakdown of the talks between the Communists and the Communists of St. Petersburg. It transpired that the cause of the non-inclusion in the list Alferov, has its origin.

Told the leader of the Communists of St. Petersburg, Sergei Malinkovich, when discussing the leader of the list in the first place take into account the nationality of the candidate. "Sorry, I did not like to talk about it, there is clearly voiced that it is impossible to put a Jewish man at the head of the party's list - he explained in an interview to the Internet edition of" Elektorat.Info. "- You know, is they have a problem: Nikolai Kondratenko, Albert Makashov ... So Alferov at the last moment said: "Ah so! You've got some anti-Semitic ideas? Then sorry, Goodbye. "As a result, the three leaders led more than a pure blood deputy Gennady Zyuganov Muscovite Ivan Melnikov.

According to Sergei Malinkovich, the reason for such a strange castle lies in the new strategy of the Communist Party, articulated by its central leadership. Namely, that the national liberation struggle and the "Russian question" should be headed by the whole ideology of the party. Of course, that new developments have come to the taste is not all party members, including the leader of the St. Petersburg communists Vladimir Fedorov. As a result, between him and the Central Committee of the Communist Party ever there were conflicts: it is constantly accused of opportunism, and he them nationalism ", - says Sergei Malinkovich.

However, ethnicity was the only limiting factor for inclusion in the list. For example, no one was found objections to the candidature of Vice. Chairman of the Ideological Commission of St. Petersburg City Committee of the Communist Party Seeds Borzenko. Piquant situation is that the activities of "the ideology of the Communist Party in St. Petersburg go already highly valued today.

For a long time Simon Borzenko was chief editor of your leisure time "(more precisely, it was until recently), in which there is no word about class struggle, nor of social policy. But there are plenty of articles about the nightlife, advertising, nightclubs and other proposals for an unforgettable leisure. For example, as follows: "Salon pleasures 24 hours. Departure, order saunas. All areas ... sexy girls, attractive guys. The choice is yours. All real! ... Beauty of sexual ...VIP apartments, holiday classic, services Madame, mother and daughter travel to any area ...". The activities Borzenko and some of his associates (deputy chief editor and is still operated member of the Bureau of the Communist Party City Committee Irina Komolov) knew everything, but the leadership Party looked at the exploits of his ideologue through his fingers, and objections from the youth, want to exclude Borzenko from the Communist Party, shall not be considered.

"Before New Year, I was not just an employee, and the chief editor of" WD. "No pornographic material was not there for me, not them now. Now, the advertising of prostitution. How could I restrain advertising department in its quest to take money for dubious , ambiguous advertising. Formally, this is not advertising prostitution, but to really understand everything. But in the end the cynical promoters have proven our shared with them the leadership that the money does not smell. The more that advertising texts are written in such a way that does not podkapaeshsya "justify cited with . Borzenko site "Russian socialism" . Indeed, money does not smell. And the fact that cash Leningrad city Communist Party daily filled by advertising sexual services, too, should make anyone upset. By the way, the Communist Party is not so long ago a heap of little sexy scandal. More specifically, a heap Omsk branch of the Communist Party, opening on its homepage - - sex-shop "Intimacy".

As noted earlier current ideology of the Communist Party is undergoing significant changes, all the more moving away from the footsteps of the classics of Marxism-Leninism. On the other hand, the choice in modern communists. New realities dictate their terms, and ignore them, then left with nothing electoral expectations and preferences.

Igor Kulagin


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