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Ukraine again split into "blue" and "orange"

November 17 2006

In mid-November, non-governmental organization "Donetsk Republic" was the city council in Donetsk permission to collect signatures in support of a referendum on the creation of a federal republic of Donetsk. On the same day activists set leased from the Communist Party of Ukraine red tent and started to work.

In the first 3:00 of the advocates of secession Donetsk of Ukraine have gathered over 200 signatures of citizens. Played a role, and slogans of the action took place: "No Bandera occupation," "Estimated orange fascists", "NATO's - a murderer of the Slavs.

According to the initiators of the referendum, similar events were held in five other areas of Eastern Ukraine - Luhansk, Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson, and Odessa. It is these areas and should become part of the Donetsk federal republic, whose population will be - 17 million people. Supporters of an independent republic argue that such a state as Ukraine does not exist in nature.

"The Holy Donetsk Russ, what do you have angered our Lord, why the name you give people the aliens and alien - that Scythia, the Wild Field, the Ottoman Empire, Russia, and now Ukraine. Why were you so much of? Earth, which gave beginning of the human race. In your wisdom of the ancient forests of the ancestors, in your fields, salt of the earth, on rocks your first alphabet. In the depths of your blood of our Gods. Dolgoterpimaya the occupiers, condescending to the short people's memories - wake up! you - the cradle of civilization, the Aryans - Rusich - Slavs. Do not the Russians and Ukrainians, and Russian, as a united and indivisible nation. Arise from the ashes! "This land Donetsk - originally Russian. And we are her children. No wonder the Black Sea was once nazyvlos Russian! And Az - a name of ancient Russian God . Back to basics is not a sin. The sin of being "Ivan" oblivious of his kin. Why, then run headlong into Europe for civilization, as a first-born descendants, the descendants of ancient Russian warriors. It is time to return the Holy Russian land to its former glory! ", - said in a distributed leaflet.

In the "Donetsk Republic states that have already collected over 200 signatures, but just need to get the support of three million citizens of the country to hold a referendum. Chairman of the organization "Donetsk Republic" Alexander Turcan promises that the campaign to collect signatures will continue throughout the month and will be held every odd number. According to him, "the people already there is a need and there is a situation that still depart from the standard" orange "politicking.

The idea of the separation of the south-eastern regions of Ukraine there was, of course, not today. For the first time talk about it during the 2004 presidential election, when opposition Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovich nearly resulted in open armed conflict. At a late November 2004 in Severodonetsk (Lugansk region) All-Ukrainian Congress of local governments, just and discussed for a December 12 referendum on the establishment of South-East of the country. Confirmed the seriousness of the dissenters and was present at the congress of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. The head of the Moscow forum called "historic" and criticized the Ukrainian opposition. "On the one hand, we see this orange podkormlenny Sabbath, which claims that he represents the majority of Ukraine, on the other hand we see a quiet force, which met in this room. Speech by Mayor of Moscow ended with the words: "I, as mayor of Moscow, is ready to withdraw his beloved cap to be similar to Yanukovich. At the same time and the Donetsk regional council has decided to hold a referendum on the establishment of Donetsk in the federal republic of Ukraine.

although in the end, the initiative and ended with nothing, the very idea of autonomy has not died completely. In January 2006 the creation of so-called "Lugano republic," stammered the chairman of Slavic Party of Ukraine Oleksandr Bazilyuk. Commenting on the suicide of the scientist-historian Julia Fyodorovsky, Bazilyuk blamed the "orange power", which, in his words, "had long hunted for him." "We draw the attention of Luhansk on what to get rid of the occupiers of orange can be the only way - the establishment of the Republic of the Lugano!", - Said Bazilyuk. But again, more scandalous statements is not moved.

The current attempt at creating a "Donetsk Republic" on the background of recent developments in the Crimea, in the organization's process can result in something more than another episode in the life lunatics. However, while the Security Service of Ukraine and the government did not react to the Donetsk events. Himself, Alexander Turcan not afraid if he liability for, in essence, anti-constitutional activities. "I do not recognize the Ukrainian Constitution and the so-called state of Ukraine", - he says.


The decision on registration of municipal organization "Donetsk Republic" adopted January 12, 2006 Donetsk City Executive Committee. Coordinating Council of Interregional Federation of Public Organizations "Donetsk Federal Republic" with a free mailbox, sent information on the establishment of the Inter-Regional Federation of Public Organizations "Donetsk Federal Republic, whose president was elected Alexander Turcan. The structure MFOO LTCM went public organization called "Donetsk Republic", "Dnepropetrovsk Republic", "Lugansk Republic", "Zaporozhye Republic", "Kharkiv Republic", "Kherson Republic. In other regions of Ukraine Coordinating Council decided to establish embassies. Organizers MFOO LTCM call themselves successors of Donetsk-Krivoy Rog, and announce the day of the base-FID VDCs - holiday.

Dmitry Kovalev


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