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Alexander Belov: "Limonov jealous of us to natsbola"

November 17 2006

A few days ago the State Duma held a press conference on the results of the "Russian March" on November 4. Discuss what has been, in order not to repeat mistakes made in the future, something useful and necessary. Nevertheless, we decided to talk with the leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration "Alexander Belov (Potkin) about the future prospects of national-patriotic dvizheniyav Russia.

- At the last press conference in the State Duma You mentioned that touched not only the repression of protestors, but some journalists ...

- I know so far only three people whose names I do not wish to call. Let me just say that it was known LiveJournal users who gave positive reports on the march. Somebody snitched on his hat, one person was fired (according to our information, it was a television reporter O2TV Olga Kasyanenko. - Approx. Ed.).

Other participants of the "Russian March" did prevent, declared their responsibility for participation in extremist actions that I, too, was summoned to the prosecutor's office Chertanovskaya, though, I did not go. Many such cases have been.

- It is possible that if the Movement Against Illegal Immigration has been a formal structure, the problems would be less. To our knowledge, there are rumors about your plans to transform the movement into a political party with the provisional name "Democratic Party of National Unity."

- In principle, we do not publicly articulated a plan of action. While this is all just at the level of conversation in the margins. There have been proposals to rename the organization of the party's national interests or in the "Movement of support the people's initiative" ... In general, to keep the acronym for "Movement Against Illegal Immigration." On the other hand, formally, we can gather people to submit lists, but I have no confidence that our labors, investment is not lost in vain. In Germany, for example, is well understood that it is better to make an informal formal. Therefore, there is not prohibited NDP (National Democratic Party, which some experts considered to be extreme right-wing and neo-Nazi organizations. - Approx. Ed.). We also try to clear out the clearing so that on extremist methods of implementation of their ideas, as, say, the seizure of government agencies, think, those who reported earlier did not even dreamed of.

As for the party, today in Russia situation is quite different than, for example, 5 years ago. To create a party structure there must be some safeguards need some resources, etc. While I do not see such resources. The proposal is, but the promise, as they say in my pocket can not be put.

- Another form of legalization of the patriotic movement suggested Rogozin, announcing the revival of CGB. DPNI will participate in this project?

- Yes, we are ready to help Rogozin least reliable people in the regions. However. Not only him, but still a number of parties. The more our people come in different political structures, the better.

- And many more such political organizations, ready to go with you to cooperate?

- Enough. Now the election on the nose, so many officials still fear a formal cooperation, although asked to assist in the creation or support of the regional offices. I can say that we are working with four officially registered parties. One of them belongs to the parliamentary.

- Is such an organization - the "Other Russia", which includes many political and social organizations - from human rights to ultra politicians. In your plans do not intend to develop cooperation with them?

After the shares on November 4, Dmitry Rogozin wrote several letters to human rights organizations, including the "Other Russia" to help us protect our constitutional rights. There is more to establish close contacts failed, but I want this situation developed.

- Probably will. As a former Senator, Ivan Starikov, which is part of "Another Russia", in one of his interviews supported the Movement Against Illegal Immigration. Since it did not try to contact?

- Unfortunately, no. I dream to get acquainted with a number of people who have publicly endorsed and supported the idea of "Russian March", but we are not personally acquainted, although the last was just two months, the amount of my bonds actually increased by half. The phone numbers are 3500 now, and it was only two.

In general, I personally advocate a consistent supporter of the idea of dialogue among various political forces. For example, must be a dispute with the ATP. Of course, not with people like Gozman! This is a very nervous man who defends the position not the presence of arguments, and with the help of a screech. In this regard, discussions with nursing home fire or Nemtsov it is much more fruitful. The fact that we have people communicate in closed hangouts, and naturally, that they have formed certain stereotypes of a closed group, which any other group takes a very aggressive manner. Although I must admit honestly, was surprised that we found with the White lot in common. Communicate with the Communists - somewhere meets and marasmus, and unscientific theory of Marx, but as social policy, then you hear from them entirely attributable to the proposal, which could not disagree.

- And not afraid of opposition from organizations that you actually squeezed out of the political field. For a long time in Russia's National Bolshevik Party of Eduard Limonov's declared himself as the only party that defends the interests of the Russian nation. However, as soon as they went up the hill in case DPNI, NBP somehow stuhla.

- There is a certain jealousy situation in which there is Limonov against us, because many of the NBP joined us. But I personally do not think Limonov some enemy, or unworthy person. We basically did not state in his address, because they believed that he and so hard. So I was surprised by his latest critique of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration. In my opinion, this criticism was a backlash: many people took from Limonov to us. And it concerns not only Moscow but also in the regions.

Perhaps it is not just jealousy Limonov. The very inner atmosphere in the NBP many sane people to say the least, raises questions. I am especially interested in former spokesman, why they left the NBP. Many spoke of the moral component. I think that this process will continue, people will go to us. Staff turnover - it is usually the case, but because we have the growth potential is far from being exhausted, I think that the process will increase precisely in our direction.

- From 1 April 2007, a new government decree to forbid guest workers to work in retail. What do you think about this?

- A year ago we wrote a memorandum demanding the speedy adoption of this law. But while he did not like this. The project, which did Gref, he said that 20% of the mandatory reserve - for the indigenous population. Regions may increase it, but to reduce - no. And Fradkov made the same ruling, which restricts the employment of foreigners to trade in pharmaceuticals and alcoholic beverages. This is extremely important, because up to 90% of all cases of substandard products is passed through the aliens that are easy to evade responsibility. And we will work through the deputy tried Royzman voice.

- Do you have such great respect?

- We try to keep all people of goodwill. I believe that Gene Roizman - one of the few brave, honest people, driven by good will. He is one of the few MPs who without this ambition, saying that I am an important man, and you - second-class citizens. I think he has a very bright future. From eychas serves on the board with PC, so I think that it would be difficult to maintain open relations with us. See. I know that he is an honest man, I have repeatedly turned to him for help in specific cases, and he as an MP assisted us.

- They say that you have supporters in the uniformed services?

- Many structures are our supporters and our opponents - this is not surprising. Another thing is that while their sympathy, unfortunately, does not occur in real cases and is only in the leak. They are still afraid to tell the position, but someday it will stop.


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