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Opposition to haute couture: the policy or shit ... in?

October 17 2007

Domestic fighters with the "dictatorship of Putin" are desperately trying to gain support among the masses, we decided to go to the other side. Together forever persecuted and intoxicated with hatred for the regime of opposition, the audience brought a respectable bourgeois, accompanied by sexy models. It is expected that the image of sex-bombs will be able to influence the hitherto closed to political agitation feelings of Russians.

Is promoting a new image will be a famous writer and satirist Viktor Shenderovich, who became recently an honorary shareholder channel Fashion TV, and a former press secretary Garry Kasparov, Marina Litvinovich, who will lead the channel talk show "Politics without bl .. properties. In addition, it is expected that the program will be revived "Dolls", which became in his time telebestsellerom. But at first on the channel will be a retrospective programs. At the same time, Viktor Shenderovich now preoccupied with finding sginuvshih archives NTV television the most successful series of its program. "Is there anyone recording two editions of" Dolls ":" Groundhog Day "and" Federal vertical (second name not sure, so-called scenario, and in TV version could be called differently: that is the issue - about the spring-summer 2000 - the basis of which lay the Old Testament, the gift of the tablets, the one where Voloshin - Moses, but instead dolls Putin - thunder and lightning ...", - he asks in his diary in the "Live Journal".

For Victor Shenderovich new role of shareholder and creative producer at first glance it seems odd and unusual. Victor A., despite the appearance plyugavenkogo hobbit, is a favorite of women. At school, however, in the words of Shenderovich, he was popular among classmates. "The girls I have enjoyed, and I ask them, I think not - he confesses. - I could be enjoyed, but as a younger comrade. I'm such a late child. I'll look at my daughter, student of 1 st year Of course, they are much more mature than that, at least, I was at their age. "

Later, Victor Shenderovich picked up conventional wisdom and the role of women in history looked more practical. "When people say that Russia has a female soul - this is the case when you have to agree with that, because Russia does voice of the heart and not only women but also men. And it certainly was a slogan of Boris Nikolayevich in 1996 - voice of the heart. Because only the heart for it and you can vote, no other part ... As soon as you plugging head, you will immediately vote for another.'s heart, Yeltsin chose, indeed, loved. It is absolutely Russian selection, female choice, of course. Well, that's drinking, monster such-and-so - I love you "- he explained his position on Radio Ekho Moskvy.

So in a situation where opposition parties and movements do not cause the Russians have no positive emotions in the minds or hearts, it is likely that other bodies will be more responsive to the ideas of the revolutionaries, especially if these ideas are wrapped in a transparent negligee sexy babes.

By the way, that the international TV channel about fashion, broadcasting around the clock to an audience of more than 550 million people who suddenly start talking about politics in Russia, it is not surprising. At one time the owner of NTV, Vladimir Gusinsky, has bought the rights to broadcast French channels to include it in a package of NTV-Plus. However, the cost of its purchases were not commensurate with the revenue side and not so long ago, which replaced Gusinsky NTV's new owners get rid of it.

But, apparently, have Gusinsky at that time there were plans to use the channel for fashionistas and fashionistas as a tool of political agitation.In the summer of 2006 in the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel hosted the wedding ceremony the eldest son of Vladimir Gusinsky, a graduate economist, graduate of Stanford University's Ilya and vice president of broadcasting Fashion TV Ornan Etkovich. At the wedding, walked all the retired Russian mediabomond: Boris Berezovsky, Arkady Gaydamak, Yevgeny Kiselev, Andrey Norkin and others.

Today, perpetual right to broadcast Fashion TV in the former USSR and Baltic States has frustrated suitor Ksenia Sobchak, an American businessman Alexander Shusterovich, who is also the owner of the radio "Megapolis FM". At the time of Alexander svoei Shusterovich published a Russian version of the magazine "Penthouse" and nearly won a multibillion-dollar contract for the processing of fillings for nuclear weapons. At the time, took even the U.S. State Department intervention, tactfully nameknuvshego on the inadmissibility of the steep part of publishers of erotic literature in nuclear power projects, Shusterovich was squeezed out of the deal, but immediately filed an international lawsuit against Russia for damages - amounting to a billion dollars.

And in politics as a secular media lion also indifferent. In the U.S., Alex Shusterovicha good relationship with the Republican Party. It is known that in 2000 he signed a check for 250 thousand dollars, intended for the Republican ticket office. Of course, that turned a financial contribution to certain lobbying services on the part of politicians.

Shusterovichu owned company Pleiades Group in general and the glittering names of various American politicians. Board Chairman Robert Mosbaker Pleiades, which, incidentally, has hired an adviser to former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker and his son arranged for a lawyer. By lobbying campaign was involved, and Max Kemplmen in charge of the Reagan administration for talks on arms control. In addition, as noted, Shusterovich friends with the eldest son of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi - Seif ul-Islam, who often visits with him in Moscow.

What made American businessman plunge into a political provocation to Russia? According to some sources, the reason was his quarrel with the popular TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, to which Shusterovich long been egged wedges. According to some reports, the severance of relations real Jewish relatives Shusterovicha who did not like frivolous behavior of the bride. On the other, the initiator of the divorce itself became Sobchak, suspecting the elect of treason. As if something may be, but today Ksenia Sobchak in the political sense is pressed against the authorities, more precisely, to the party "Fair Russia", which completely removes from himself the hapless groom who has decided, apparently, so here is an extravagant way to punish the former passion.

Arina Semenova


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