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"Orange" Nazism

October 17 2006

In search of their "Square" former Soviet republics are prepared to abandon everything that was tied to the Soviet Union.

The scandal that broke out in Ukraine over the attempts by President Viktor Yushchenko to rehabilitate veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, who fought during the Great Patriotic War against the Soviet forces, has affected not only Ukrainians but also all those who cherish the history of the country, defeated fascism.

Recall that last week the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko signed the decree on determining the status of OUN-UPA (Organization of the Ukrainian nationalists "and" Ukrainian Insurgent Army). "As president, I do not define this status, but I urge the authorities, including Parliament, to consider this issue and decide on the point. It is a challenge the decree which I signed," - said Victor Yushchenko.

The president's words provoked a strong reaction in society. "Lviv authorities have asked you to demand to initiate the enactment of the recognition of OUN-UPA belligerent. This is not the first attempt to disfigure the history of Ukraine. Uniatization With the adoption in 1595 at the age disconnected the Ukrainian people. This split is artificially increased. We do not assume that in this case were sufficiently dirty or something, or someone's promise or order at the time of the Orange movement - said in a treatment which is sent to Viktor Yushchenko Ukrainian veterans who fought against the Nazi invaders of the Soviet Army. - Warriors IAN already over 70. Many of them were drawn into the fascist formation of deception or force. Let God be their judge! Let attain the age without any harassment. But to raise the level of their heroes - and an insult to the memory of millions who perished during the Great Patriotic War, who fought against fascism as well as hundreds of thousands killed by the OUN-UPA is when May 9, 1945 backbone of German fascism was broken. Lvov authorities on the contrary, apart from the whole country, has identified its "heroes" and pays for all pension entitlements OUN-UPA Monthly 100 hryvnia. Such nonsense, even in Germany do not! In this state, who was in the military formations of the SS pension does not comprise, not to mention some kind of allowance or benefit. "

But the interesting and reaction in Russia to the actions of the Ukrainian president. Of course, that the first reaction was to follow from the party "Rodina", many times speaking in defense of his countrymen. Nevertheless, the statement of the faction on the latest developments in Ukraine appeared after several days (and even then, it was initiated by Dmitry Rogozin), and the leader of the Rodina Party, Alexander Babakov generally preferred to keep silent.

We asked to comment on the situation in Ukraine and Rodina its former leader, Dmitry Rogozin and Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs and Relations with Compatriots, a member of the Rodina faction Andrey Saveliev.


- I was in Kiev on Saturday, and personally witnessed the procession of veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and the manifestation of their opponents, which was approximately 5 times larger than themselves "Bandera". Unfortunately, in this day Yushchenko again commented on the fact that it is necessary prirovnyat UPA veterans status to veterans of World War II. And that evening I had a debate with one of the apologists of the IAN block "Our Ukraine" on the pro-Western 5-th Ukrainian TV channel.

I do not think that if we send our statement, Mr. Yushchenko, it would constitute interference in the affairs of a sovereign Ukraine. The problem that will not allow anyone to review the outcome of the Second World War that a third force in the war was not.It was not a civil war, where many years must try to reconcile the former warring parties. Everything was much simpler. There were the German Nazis, who attacked the Soviet Union, and those who fought for freedom and independence of Ukraine, should have been doing in the Red Army. Those who fought in the ranks of the UPA - criminals, whatever the motives they do not cover.

They were killed on their land as their co-religionists, their fellow - Ukrainians and other Slavic peoples, who in arms fighting against a common enemy. Hard to imagine that someone came to power in Russia, tried to rehabilitate Vlasov, although too can find a lot of arguments in defense of the Vlasov and the Russian Liberation Army "that they were defending the Russian land against Bolshevism, etc. But the fact remains: they have done in the form of the German army, killing the Soviet people and Soviet soldiers. In such a war as World War II does not happen a third party. And I believe that the UPA - an organization that should be banned, and we are outraged by the decision of the President regarding their substance.

- You said that the Rodina faction is preparing an appeal to Mr. Yushchenko and international parliamentary organizations in order to condemn such a trick Ukrainian ultra-monopolists. But we could not find a party site nor the information about the forthcoming statement of the party, nor do any comments on this.

- It does not matter to me, but to those who now defines advocacy line Rodina. I'm just not very correctly point to my colleagues that they are not finalized.

- Do you think that this policy of silence is carried out deliberately, because it is known that the leader of the Motherland "Alexander Babakov maintains friendly relations with President Yushchenko?

- I think that such important issues as a reaction to the march of UPA and Yushchenko's statement can not be the subject of a sale or tactical exchange. There are things which can not be silent. I do not think that Mr. Babakov somehow personally intervened to prohibit the display on the site "Homeland" of such statements, including those inspired by me. Moreover, Alexander does not make friends with Yushchenko, he just has a business in Ukraine, which is associated in general with Ukraine as a state whose government is headed by including Mr Yanukovych. So imagine that Mr. Babakov made one bet only on the "orange" Yushchenko, can not. I know that he is a pragmatic man, so it works with all. I think it's much easier. Just "Homeland" is now somewhat disoriented. She was lost as a political party and is already preparing to become the ingredient for the future of broth. So today there is no spirit that I tried to give the party earlier.

Andrei Saveliev:

- Shameful situation. It shows how Yushchenko lost his own face. Its own "orange" draft blew, so he tries to look for some new identity and takes out old skeletons in a dusty cupboard. And these skeletons are almost on a stretcher render out to the square, which causes widespread protests not only in Ukraine but also in neighboring countries. This, apparently, it was his last attempt to somehow draw attention to themselves, to once again selling their homeland to try to gain popularity somewhere abroad, find some sponsors that will transform his native Ukraine, a country where permissible bandits to enter the area and trying to confuse people head some long-obsolete historical myths.

- But not only Yushchenko made it all up. His proposal is supported, for example, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk ...

Well, this person half-mad, ready to support anything, as long as Russia makes a mess. There are people with the psychology of skunk, trying to identify the poisonous smell, that all felt bad. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian structures such as skunks lot. In general, this is such an old Ukrainian illness, disease periphery of the Russian world - polonizm called. In Ukraine, this kind of disease is quite widespread. Because nothing else except how to hate Russia, these people do not know how. Old memories of the greatness of the Commonwealth, which supposedly was the only historic opportunity for the Ukrainian people, is their special interest and a special mark. And here is the sign of them all together. Hatred of Russia and the memories of the Commonwealth.

- And how Russia should respond to this outrage?

- I wish that Russia reacted sharply. It is desirable that the president spoke: clearly, unambiguously, as he spoke on Georgia. All the rest should happen automatically: the application of the Parliament, the adoption of relevant laws, the adoption of certain decisions with respect to undesirable persons to Russia its territory for the same Tarasyuk.

- Rodina Party has always been to protect the interests of the Russian nation, Russian history ... In this regard, as must act in the party's leader, Alexander Babakov?

- I am no longer interested in the activities of Mr. Babakova. I'm not the caretaker of Mr. Babakova, I'm not interested in his problems, but as his business, I also never cared. Now his business and took the party to whom I gave a lot of energy and in this case, he organized his forces raider seizure. So now it is a strange structure with strangers in a foreign ideology. So he speaks or not - absolutely nothing changes. He has already destroyed the party. It remains only to obtain a death certificate and this will be over with the "Motherland" because there will be another leader, another name, another ideology. But there is hope, yet I somehow resist.

Arina Semenova

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