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Putin admitted in sale

October 17 2006

To ensure that the elections, some political parties are deceiving their voters, people had very least used to. Grumble, of course, how much should defy the vain-worthless types of politicians, but yes, and selects the best of all evil. Togo, which is like cheating, but not so strongly, and not their own, and himself, in general, all so nice and decent. Accordingly, the policy, if it did not come yourself a mug, then try to shove their potential voter candy in colorful wrapping. Not that life (although this is not without cost), but in political terms.

Standard set for the electorate, prepared by professional political consultant, although edible, but still predictable. Officials Ridicule, people praise, promise everything and more, the shirt on a possible tear, and face an opponent in the case of stuff, in short, to be closer to the people, as if it was not disgusting. Option infallible, test of time, but guarantees for the popular love is not giving. Fans pogorlopanit for happiness of the people had multiplied no less than "Children of Lieutenant Schmidt", so that voters have to share equally in all that, naturally, does not give advantage to any of politaferistov. A bit on a piece of bread with butter - and more no-no.

But you can not just hide behind abstract slogans, but also portraits of those who are certainly the people trust. Until recently, this technique mercilessly exploited only by the Communists. Oh no matter how great was nynesheny leader Gennady Zyuganov, the Communist Party, but he did everything well before Marx and Engels, Lenin and Stalin yes. Their authority is checked in time, not subject to any audit or doubt, and they themselves are above suspicion as Caesar's wife. So bright face Gennady Andreyevich next to portraits of communist ideology no longer looked so sluggish, as it would in isolation. And the fact that the ideological line of updated Communists increasingly resembles a very unstable curve, little concern about the party leadership. Above all, the banners waving, chants flowed freely to fight for the cause of the Communist Party of young and old Leninists were still ready. The rest of the evil one. And, surprisingly, such a simple trick so far is only emotion.

I must admit that the other parties and movements to repeat the maneuver the Communists had no chance. Other characters in the USSR except my founders of Marxism-Leninism was not, and look for the iconostasis abroad was useless. Why not go to the same demonstration with a portrait of Abraham Lincoln or even Bill Gates. And stuck in spades photos democratic leaders of the first wave nor the characters nor the more legends did not pull.

A breakthrough occurred with the advent to power of Vladimir Putin. After the "devils" of the nineties "and fermented with the democratic reforms Czar Boris Putin was the ideal president. Posters with his picture, of course, the blissful tremor did not cause, but the name of Putin evoked roughly the same enthusiasm of the inhabitants of Russian, what a foreign audience in their time caused surname first Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. Polishenelya secret is the fact that much of the tacit ambiguities in the direction of Vladimir Putin and allowed United Russia's foothold in the political arena of the country. There were even rumors that Putin is about to enter a "party of power "but the Russian president chose not to associate themselves by party ties and do not advertise one particular party, left supra-party leader. That is a world leader, and not one of the parties.

In all of this, wishing to raise his rating by the President's name is plenty. Radical young extremals of the "leftist" movements, for example, using portraits of the president for defense and pasting them on sheets of plywood to resist the police.And even the infinitely distant from the plans to seize political power in the country, "the Movement Against Illegal Immigration was quick to express their love and support of the Russian president, after he had firmly placed the issue of bringing order to the grocery markets in the country, saying that will appear on the" Russian March "on November 4 exclusively with portraits of the president, expressing their readiness to receive him in their ranks.

I must say that even the slightest held organization, sooner or later begin to entertain the thought that their ideology and the program will be so good that Putin will have no choice but to join them. And when the Russian president made it clear that he is under no hands occur, would not violate the constitution and run for a third consecutive term, it became clear: Putin leaves the presidency, to head up this or that political party. However, about one or another I lost my temper. The party, unless, of course, Vladimir Vladimirovich considered the possibility of further career of the Party, could be only one - "United Russia". And perhaps, so it would be until actualized the need for at least two powerful parties in the country, constituting a kind of counterweight.

Rather, the role of this second installment of the "left" wing was considered "homeland". But the misbehavior of its leader, Dmitry Rogozin almost cost the life of the party. As a result, slightly stifled "Homeland", headed by Technical Director Babakov humbly waiting for his fate - whether to be updated or quietly died. The decision came unexpectedly. Once attempts to establish a European-style party Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov used fall on my head and decided to present to join her, which is in even more desolate with the Party of Life, Rodina, and, taking to make sure orphan pensioners' party, to create the same counter.

No sooner said than done. Sergei Mironov has obtained the agreement of Vladimir Putin, bargained, even the right to use a portrait of the president in the election campaign (which, I should say a lot of help "zhiznentsam" in the Lipetsk region, where the head of the list was very Mironov). But he had something to do next, but other than advertised association and criticism of the "United Russia" no other advantages from prostate cancer was not found. There was still, however, the rumor that Putin was disappointed in the "United Russia" and is ready to join the Party of Life. But rumor had something to confirm, as President, as we remember, these thoughts were not openly admitted. Here are the Party of Life, and decided the issue by hook and by crook.

Like many residents of our country with Vladimir Putin has a brother. It would seem, is nothing special about it. My brother, for example, have not passed through several stages demonization of Anatoly Chubais, but none of this fact does not make sacred values, suspecting Igor Chubais in destructive activities. Just as no one suspects his wife, parents, and children Chubais in subversive activities against the state. But the brother of head of state - it is something more. And does not matter that this man from himself is the main thing he has something that can not be bought at any price - is affiliated with the president.

As Igor Putin persuaded to leave the "United Russia" and join the Party of Life - a separate issue and this story has a little attitude. The most important thing Sergey Mironov and his colleagues can now safely say publicly: Putin is with us! The fact that it is a bit not that Putin, party members, of course, humbly umolchat.

In the "black" PR is a trick with the election namesake of the popular candidate.And can be selected a man whose name, surname and patronymic of the maximum coincide with the name of one of the leaders list, which must be queer. Naturally, stunned campaign slogan voters are often not very carefully read what is written in the newsletter, placing a mark against them-remembered names. As a result, the namesake gets a few percent, and which lacks this candidate. Everything seems to be legitimate and find fault, in general, not good.

Here is the same method and used Sergei Mironov and the Party of Life. Only problem is that now is not too versed in the wisdom of the political cards of voters will be convinced that the Party of Life and Vladimir Putin - is one and the same. With everything that makes the Party of Life approved by the president of Russia. I need hardly say that all the blunders and mistakes made PC, will be projected on the Russian president, totally unknown is ignorant of their "exploits".

Igor Kulagin


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