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"Young Guards" attacked "unfriendly cyber onanist"

August 17 2007

"Live Journal" is not only a public place where anyone can present their innermost thoughts, but also an arena for settling personal scores between political opponents. But often these fights without the rules lead to a tragic finale. As rightly noted in his blog, an activist, "Young Guard" Maria Sergeeva, "want to discuss interesting topics, subtle humor, and all around solid kiberdrochestvo unfriendly."

The reason for such a dramatic statement in respect of users, "LiveJournal" to decent in every sense of the girls served as a piece of videotape picketing "Young Guard" Second Conference of the opposition coalition The Other Russia, which Maria Sergeeva spoke of her social position in respect of the opposition.

- Look at Garry Kasparov's take a look at this face! Once it was the pride of our country, once he was a chess player. But then he decided to go into business and sold American intelligence! Look at the writer Limonov! His face reads mental abnormality! This is someone who writes books in hanre, like, postmodern, and embodies their fantasies into reality. Because of him sitting the children, these children are sitting in jail ... Lemons, sit by yourself! Russia - not a business Russia - the country, "Other Russia" go-ka ... you're on - being raised more and more shouting into the camera girl with a portrait of Che Guevara T-shirt.

"Does anyone know the name of the girl from the" Young Guard "? Or maybe she has LJ? - Asks spokesman Garry Kasparov, Marina Litvinovich in his blog . Commentators are glad to try to - name, blog, and a career path shall Litvinovich girls in the first four notes. Next begins baiting - readers Litvinovich traversed in appearance Sergeeva, in her mental abilities, and suggest problems in his personal life. Litvinovich commentators are not upsets, although at some point they move to the level of yard insults, wrote "Elektorat.Info" . "I think that pokazushnaya envy comes from the complexes. Maybe all these people just can not find their place in life, so do not know what to do, sit on the internet and write this nonsense" - responds to Ms. Maria Litvinovich Sergeyev's already in my diary .

However, if some Internet users, faced with rudeness Learn, threatening her abuser trial, and then completely refuse to conduct online diaries, or clean their records "under lock and key", our heroine has chosen a different path. "Rudeness and unmotivated brutal aggression - this is why I fell into a coma earlier. Simply not find that answer, stood tupila. And much of the scandals with increased voting day or two could depart. Well, just do not know how people send, - says it in his blog. - In zhezheshechke, after I wrote things that felt I should write, so I poured mud that willy nilly, get used to it. Perhaps this is a useful quality - adequate response to the freaks and the ability to fight back. C rebuff, I, of course, is not particularly advanced, more and more on glumezhke, but at least close to my heart more and more do not accept. "

However, after the videotape presentation of Maria Sergeeva, supporters of the "Other Russia" posted a net set of photos pretty molodogvardeyki, accompanied by the following inscription: "I think the community there are many men who want to snatch the girl from the clutches of agitprop and plunge into the embrace of Eros."Of course, that the relevant comments were not long in coming. "It is incomprehensible to me fast, - commented Masha. - It's not like popiarit not my best performance in my life, not that they were somehow trying to insult me, not just the photo jerk ... I was most amused kamenty of Series nedotrahit there "and other" I'd stuck to it. "right one beloved and respected man - a gathering of young kiberdrocherov", - says the girl.

However, although video and photos of Masha did quite a popular character in the Russian blog-sphere, it is that suddenly descended upon her fame was not happy. "To be honest, I was this whole story is not amused. I want to discuss interesting topics, subtle humor ... And all around solid kiberdrochestvo unfriendly" - she laments.

Comment psychologist.

Enikeeva Diehl, PhD, doctor of psychology, co-chairman of the Russian Association of sexologists:

- There are people whom we, psychiatrists call hysteroid personalities. Hysteroid is not something that is understood in everyday terms, that is zakatyvanie tantrums, scandals, and, above all, the desire to attract attention in any way. Psychiatrists joke that hysteria is ready to take off panties in public, only to be talked about. Therefore, many isteroidy go to a public profession, including politics, or else trying to make themselves available for any other way myself.

In this case, the two ladies are trying all means to inflate an empty and demeaning to discuss the topic. From the first everything is clear: she was just trying to raspiarit themselves, clinging to an extravagant statement, virgins, and pobrasyvala firewood into the fire hysteroid one person, which younger. As a result, one - quite deliberately, and the other by hysteroid his nature, the situation provoked discussion.

Another thing is that she herself has exposed itself to public debate, hoping to catch this online dump some gems. And when they began to rinse her libido ... And we know that if the libido is not implemented in a natural way, sublimates, that is diverting energy from one channel to another. In this case - from the sexual channel parapolitical chatter. So it is entirely possible that someone from her virtual opponents, wanting to show his knowledge of Freud's work, dropped a phrase on the sublimation of libido, or that it lacks the sex that is essentially the same thing. Naturally, this infuriated her because isteroidy want to hear only words of praise to them. While calling his opponents onanist, she made her a compliment, comparing himself to the subject of driving onanist who love looking at babes in men's magazines. But, in my opinion is the opposite: it is a dream misogynists and impotent, constantly who say that all women are bitches. So what if she said exactly what would have been 100% right.

As for the lady who initiated the discussion, you do not think you can talk about any sexual jealousy of the girl. Although virtually all parapolitical ladies there are problems with sex. So I would advise both the ladies: do not forget that they are women. That a woman is good not because she a politician, she yells at rallies or name-calling males, and the fact that it feminine, charming, a compromise. I would suggest either to remove the teeth, to be more loyal to their opponents, more feminine wisdom and flexibility, without degrading

Arina Semenova


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