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Sexy walks political androids

July 17 2006

The renowned economist Mikhail Delyagin, long time head of the Ideological Council of the Rodina party, was a victim of circumstances. His exclusion from the ranks of the party was how fast, and so mysterious , who had a short time already overgrown mass of rumors. Nevertheless, Michael G. had not lost any presence of mind, no sense of humor, and with pleasure told about his misadventures.

- On the eve of and during the conference "Another Russia" its organizers said on cases where the conference delegates created the conditions that forced them to refuse to participate in it. That's on you to intervene with batons party ...

- Apparently, dear colleagues from the Kremlin psycho about it very much, because then someone is arrested, removed from the aircraft. I do not know why people tore the roof, I'm not a psychiatrist. I myself have always been law-abiding member of the party, I always served the party decision. It was the only time in September 2005, I participated in the nomination of Mikhail Khodorkovsky in the parliament. But a week earlier to meet with me Rogozin, and explained that I had thus can not substitute. Thus, I found myself in a situation of moral choice: either one makes a mess, or other help. And I do not support Khodorkovsky.

Here me people were not able to explain their motivation. The fact that Yavlinsky refused to participate? Agree that for a member of the Rodina party Zyuganov, Yavlinsky or White, with all due respect, are not significant figures, to lead their example. That may be the fault of communication with Kasyanov? So not long ago for the awarding of a Belkovsky "Putin's Prize" and I spoke, and Rogozin, and Kasyanov and Eduard Limonov - no provocation on the subject was not. So this is again not an argument.

A funny situation happened with Sergei Glazyev, to which there has been no response. As I understand it, just in a personal conversation, he explained Babakov, where he can go. I do not know whether he was sent to a walking sex walk, but her eyes said, clearly, distinctly and clearly: I am not member of the faction, to me, this decision does not apply.

When I was told that expelled from the party, I said: Guys, if you're psychic, then delete. I used to think that we have political androids in the "United Russia" is prepared, as it turns out that they lead the party "Rodina".

- Reveal the secret of which party to go? By Kasyanov not want to join?

- Why? I am not passing the red flag to jump from one place to another. And then, with all due respect to Mikhail Mikhailovich it will probably be right, the liberal movement. I adhere to liberal values and a sympathy for them, but you can still take into account only the synthesis of social and patriotic, but this synthesis, I think they will not go very well

I'm dying to run anywhere in politics, a sort of game again to join, I'm still not really out of this came out. "Motherland" as a political party last year after those terrible election in Moscow practically ceased. And I was the only one who defended the party has consistently and loudly, until all the bosses were sitting in the pose of an ostrich. I just take the time to try to make them work. My activity has been apart of this party, I did not change from that on my business cards will be signed by one less the only thing that will save time and I will not meet with the fools will not convince people in the regions that the party would soon start working.

- Why Rogozin refused to participate in the "Other Russia"?

I have no information, I think that it simply was not invited. Do not invite those people who belong to the generation of late 80's, and who did not want to sit with him at the table just because he did not think the word "Russian" synonymous with "fascist". There are prejudices are prejudices that can not be changed just like that.

- What will happen with Delyagin, with Rogozin ...?

- I do not know. Maybe win the literature - Rogozin, I think, the book says some smart. Maybe win philosophy may be - politics. In the autumn will be another political reality, after July 17 will be another political reality. After the summit, the need will disappear decent look to the West, will screw nut.

I was expelled from the party not to participate in this conference and for their intention to participate in it. This is the only way that if Babakov admit that I will participate in this conference as a member of the Motherland Party, his administration will get scolding, other explanations, I find I can not.

- Perhaps a return Rogozin?

Previously, I tried to Babakova as a manager, who expects a pragmatic probability. In this case, for it would be political death Rogozin not returning to the party, because there is such a phrase "In the Duma, they can get, but that's been in politics for ever!". Now I am afraid that he was already just will not let him, because Rogozin has a sense of dignity, and with all their faults identifies himself with Russia and is trying to serve Russia. And for the Administration of the President is absolutely unacceptable. And Babakov, as a faithful servant of the Administration, may simply return to block Rogozin. But this will only lead to the fact that regional offices will simply disperse.

How I traveled to Russia this year - everywhere confusion, depression, lack of understanding of basic things. Discouragement even to the extent that the leaders of some branches did not have business cards, because they did not know what they publish, what to become a party. The trouble is not that this is such a crisis, and that he was a man-made and created entirely by the federal party leadership, and, apparently, the federal party leadership believes that this is a condition which he needs. It is my assumption, but the sensations were terrible. I went across regions, trying to somehow cheer people ... at first he did it sincerely, but then I realized that encouraging useless, because nobody will do anything.

- The party break up?

- Simply cease to exist. There is a Social-Democratic Party of Russia, they even do not have offices in the regions, but it is clear that in reality it does not exist, that is the same "Homeland".


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