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Russian, give up!

June 17 2008

Followed by Estonia, his crusade to Russia began to Lithuania and Latvia. In the Latvian schools have banned teaching in Russian and Lithuanian parliament has banned the public use of Soviet symbols, equating it to a Nazi. Under the ban, thus, can fall and the current Russian national anthem.

Teaching of Russian in public institutions in Latvia were banned in 2006, but then the state has not infringe upon the right of private schools to choose the language of education. Today, the government decided to revise the relevant rule of law "On Higher Education", banning teaching in Russian universities in the partial public financing. "All universities that receive assistance from the state, can be equated to the public. They have no right to freely choose the language of instruction," - said Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis at a meeting with the heads of educational institutions. Prohibition generally concerns the languages are not official EU languages, but it is obvious that in the first place we are talking about the Russian language.

Can celebrate the victory of opposition representatives of the Right Association "TB / LNNK, previously stood for complete prohibition of foreign languages and criticized the government for not sufficiently strict attitude towards the Russian language. Meanwhile, it is useful to recall that the Russian-speaking population in Latvia is 36-38 percent (about 900 thousand people). In this case, according to the deputy Saeima Nil Ushakov, in the 7 largest cities in Latvia Russian-speaking population constitutes the majority: for example, in Riga - about 60 percent in Daugavpils - about 85 percent of Russian speakers.

The leaders of many private schools in Latvia have sent notes of protest to the government, in which contend that the policy of the state undue influence in private affairs of universities. The implications of this Act may also be unpredictable. In the first place in higher education, where the work of about 15 educational institutions in various fields, which are taught in Russian.

In Lithuania, followed the example of neighboring Estonia and took a historic law, fixing that "at meetings in Lithuania are prohibited from using the Nazi and Communist symbols, which may be perceived as the propaganda of Nazi and Communist occupation regimes", appears in the text of the decree. "It is forbidden demonstration of flags and emblems, insignia and uniforms of Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Lithuanian SSR, as well as flags, banners, emblems, badges, uniforms, part of which are flags, coats of arms of Nazi Germany, Soviet Union and Lithuania. Also banned a demonstration image management National Socialist Germany and Communist Party of the USSR, symbols and uniforms of the Nazi and communist organizations. The law states that "prohibited the use of Nazi swastikas and the Soviet hammer and sickle, Soviet pentahedral red star, as well as national anthems of Nazi Germany, Soviet Union and the Lithuanian SSR.

But with the prohibition of the Soviet anthem, by the way, the Lithuanian lawmakers hurry. As is known, the current national anthem of Russia used the hymn of the Soviet Union, written by the poet Alexander Alexandrov. Text for the Russian national anthem was written by Sergei Mikhalkov, who is the author of words to the anthem of the USSR. So the Russian politicians, athletes and other officials now ordered to enter the territory of "independent" of Lithuania. Otherwise they risk to get to the "free" bunk.

By the way, the experience of their Baltic counterparts have long takes over Ukraine.Over 16 years of independence, Ukraine had been closed more than 3000 Russian-language schools, representing more than 60% of their total population in 1992, the number of students, the language of instruction is Russian, fell almost 7 times - with more than 3 million to 480 thousand.

25 December 2007 the Minister of Education of Ukraine signed an order number 1171 with respect to the external testing in high schools wishing to join secondary school graduates in 2008, which prescribed testing exclusively at the Ukrainian language (with a small delay of two years)! Thus, students who study in Russian language in Ukraine is actually deprived of their right to higher education and discriminated against on linguistic grounds, as they put in unequal competitive conditions for entry into universities with students who are studying the state language. But the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine intends to go further: a fully ukrainizirovat school for 2 years, and the universities - for 3.

Timothy strata


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