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"For Russia without liberastov, thieves and traitors!"

April 17 2007

For events associated with the Moscow "March of Dissent, remained virtually unnoticed meeting" Moscow - Russian city, "organized by the Movement Against Illegal Immigration and the Congress of Russian Communities.

While the "holdouts" ran through the streets of Moscow from the riot police, the protesters met at the Swamp area rushing to freedom from narrow columns songs such groups as the "Gang of Moscow", "TNF", "Vandal", "Kolovrat", "right hook". "I do not want any other country, his enemies can not be forgiven. Half of the link, and condemn the traitors in pure motherland will live and give birth!" Honour & Blood - Protect your conscience. Freedom and love - that she was a Russian pride! "Wheezed dynamics.

The crowd had gathered quite a mixed bunch. In addition to full-time activists of the nationalist-patriotic movements, on this day at the Swamp could be met regular Moscow retired and moved to kasyanovskogo "March of Dissent" defeated the revolutionaries, and even young people, whose appearance does not match the image of the Russian nationalist.
However, the guy with Dredd explained that he personally never in my life seen such a Tajik from the hair, which dates him, in fact, the right to be called a nationalist. "Appearance does not determine anything," - he said. At the rally came even those who had previously stated that his legs would not be at the events Rogozin, Potkina. But, as the enemies you solved the problems quickly. "For the great Russia without liberastov, thieves and traitors" read hoisted above the podium elegantly decorated slogan. In their speeches the speakers did not deviate from the stated theme, alternately hovering over the dead bodies verbally vanquished enemies.

The easiest and most readily jumped on "liberastah. "Just what the weather was cloudy in Moscow, because the sky has not smiled on those who disagree - started by the leader of the CDF Dmitri Rogozin, alluding to the passage near the Dissenters' March. - And why the sky has not smiled on those who disagree? Because they do not agree with the fact that they took his dacha. Others have taken a chessboard. Someone else was displeased, "- raising his voice, the leader of the patriots.
Among other things, was offended by that. Media virtually bypassed the attention of their meeting, preferring to follow the movements of stars and stripes "Dissent. Those of the "Wordsmiths" who nevertheless made it to the Swamp, were sincerely disappointed. "Well, here finally can skukota - disappointed puffed in cutting one of the" sharks ". - In Pushkin's" action "was thrown at riot police, fighting, and here some swamp.

And the head of DPNI Alexander Potkin (Belov) cruelly avenged "disagree" for them they have taken against him despicable. Late last week, the liberal media accused the nationalists of collusion with the government, which allegedly hands of fascist thugs with regular Russian-featured ready to drown in blood "March of Dissent. "Why such a fuss about the so-called" March of Dissent, "Kasyanov some - rhetorically asked the leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, and he himself answered. - Because power advantage to have such an opposition. They have maximum electoral resource - 12% at best. Even if the presidential campaign will Kasyanov and Medvedev, who will win? clear that Medvedev, right? Therefore, they will be heavily exaggerated Dissent.

The second most common enemy after the "dissenters" were guest workers. Both legal and illegal. Alexander Belov told weepie story about how he was during his visit to Kondopoga to persuade people not to shout "chocks away!". "I tell them: do not do this.and they for some reason, again, shouting, "- with a sly smile and the crowd went Belov caught:" Chocks away! Chocks away! "- Chanted and a half thousand throats." No, do not do that, - said the leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration cough. - What are you guys a permit? Chocks - these are pieces of wood that are required for firing the stoves. In fact, our slogan - to clear Moscow of rubbish. And we should all churochki, derevyashechki, garbage, bumazhechke collect - and won in a landfill. "

Finally, it is the turn to respond to the full extent of the law Russian nationalist authorities. "12% of Russians, who own 92% ownership in Russia - they will live well, - said the former deputy of the Moscow City Duma Yuri Popov. - But how will live 88% of Russians - the power of this does not say it is a little worried about it. When I'm talking about power, mean and federal, and city. City, incidentally, got on the complete program. "In many regions, envy us, Muscovites. Of course, if we compare it with the Tambov province, in the Moscow power more efficiently. But if you compare the income from the same Moscow Denmark: we also live or not?" Why do we always compare with the weakest and not with the strong? "- asks Yuri Popov. "My friends, we are with you in Moscow, the city zhiruyuschem Russia as we speak. Here, the price is, the highest among all the world capitals. But somehow the wages we have 10 times lower than in similar European capitals Washington and other American cities. Why this separation? - it is the turn surprised Dmitry Rogozin.

But in addition to the team Luzhkov, killed, according to Rogozin, Rodina in the previous elections in the Moscow City Duma, the Russian patriots must fight the combined forces of two of Russia - "Single" and "fair." "We estimate and edrosov and spravedrossov, whether they are three times wrong, - a word coined by CGB associate Rogozin Duma deputy Andrei Saveliev. - They have the" United Russia ", but there is no justice. They have a" fairness ", but there is no unity. This is a political nedomerki, political outcasts. "

A representative of the movement "Lukashenko-2008" Alexey Kanurin that the best president for Russia than the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko did not find. We agree on his nomination and the creators of the New Patriotic Party "Great Russia", earlier announced its intention to invite Lukashenko to lead a new party. Russian patriots strongly supported the proposed initiatives, shouting "long overdue", right!, Lukashenko - for President!. Truth himself, Alexander G., judging by his remarks, in a coffin saw these initiatives. "At the table I placed a printout from the Internet that someone then calling me something to lead. I did not know that this party "Great Russia". I just did not watch it, because now in Russia and the folly of those games that are for the benefit of Belarus did not go, a lot - he explained. - I understand everything, and least of all interested in these issues. I must lead our state, "- said Lukashenko. A few days ago, the leader of Belarus was more specific about his political future." In the foreseeable future president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko will be "- the Belarusian president said, adding that he was preparing to their successors her third, younger son, whose existence up to this point no one suspected, and which, apparently does not exist.

Whatever it was, but unlike the "Dissenters' national patriots storming the Kremlin is not going to. "Today just is not planned to storm the Kremlin, - said Alexander Belov, looking at his watch. - He was postponed to another time." Finished the same debate Yuri Popov: "All who wish to speak - were made.One big request: leaving the rally, do not forget to turn all the attributes. Remember that today the streets of Moscow Muscovites relaxing the same as we are with you, so behave decently to, well, quietly. And if anyone of you make a remark by the representatives of law enforcement agencies, respond with dignity, calm. Thanks a lot, until the next meeting.

Igor Kulagin


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