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Merezhko enter the Encyclopedia of Maidan

September 16 2006

From 17 to 25 September in Anapa will be the next Film Festival of CIS and Baltic Kinoshock. " At this time it will be a jubilee - the 15th.

Among the competitive hits particularly noteworthy debut picture of the young Ukrainian director Alan Badoev "Oranzhlav» («ORANGELOVE»), which has already become almost a cult film heroes Maidan. Moreover, this work successfully presented at the Cannes Film Market, and take its rightful place in the political beau monde videokollektsiyah Square and their supporters in many countries, including CIS. Incidentally, in this film starring popular Russian actor Alexei Chadov.

Tell about the painting and its political prospects Site Yoki.Ru asked one of the ideologists and members Maidan - Russian politician Ivan Starikov. Moreover, it turned out that he - an old friend of President Victor Merezhko festival. And, in due time, even managed to literally save the "Kinoshock.

Now the closest ally of Kasyanov is preparing to work on the "Orange encyclopaedia, which will include not only the description of the events of Maidan, but all that is associated with the" orange "ideology and culture. Naturally, there will be place the film "Oranzhlav" and those who helped in the promotion of this picture.

Ivan Starikov, a member of the Political Council of the Russian People's Democratic Union:

I am a longtime admirer and friend of Victor Ivanovich Merezhko and Irina Shevchuk, which can be safely called the two main engines "Kinoshock.

At one time, and I had a hand in this festival - which served the Deputy Minister of Agriculture. In the mid-90's, when it was quite difficult, Victor and Irina came to me with the filing Boris Khmelnitsky and told about his problem. It turned out that they were given a plane to transport participants to Anapa, but the fuel is not identified. Money to purchase kerosene from them was not.

I asked one of his countrymen, who then served as first deputy minister of fuel and energy, and directly said, there are two great actors who seek help. "Let them come" - has been answered. Merezhko and Shevchuk went to this man and got kerosene, allowing them to refuel the plane and still make money on it.

In one of the "Kinoshock" I have been involved. In contrast to the pathos of "Kinotavr" It pleases me very much. "Kinoshock" - he clings more intellectually. It is not as luxurious, but there is such a thing to feel people are thinking: there hovers an atmosphere of free discourse. I am very glad that "Kinoshock" and now not lost its glorious traditions - especially since I put this to his hand.

I would be happy if this time I can go broke, at least for a little day - in order to communicate with these distinguished actors. I welcome that the program "Kinoshock" included a wonderful film "ORANZHLAV» («ORANGELOVE» - «Orange Love").

I am deeply convinced that the events that occurred two years ago in the Ukraine, changed the course of European history. For the first time in the post-victory party of power, and won by the opposition. In other words, Ukraine has a future.

I am glad that in Russia there is a real opposition that separates Orange ideology. Including in the government. This means that in Russia there is a real political process. I think that those officials who have missed to show "ORANZHLAV, or to dismiss it - this is the real officials, who see public office solely as a place of their own feed and fatten his pocket. They believe that they have more responsibility and carry out state functions.

ytuet opinion, the current Russian officialdom monolithic uniformity. But it just seems at first glance. I meet so many people (still six years as Deputy Minister ") and in private conversations I hear about the willingness to support Kasyanov. This so-called latent supporters leader RNDS. I think that, including through them, our country must begin the transformation, similar to Ukrainian. Contrary to official propaganda and the fact that Ukraine has happened, something terrible.

About Russian officials, who allowed to be shown on outdoor festival of CIS and Baltic states (which is extremely significant!) Film ORANZHLAV "I want to say that they really worry about the future of Russia. They have felt that a number of policy there is a simple human life, there is a close intertwining of political upheavals and human lives, passions, human love. They realized that, ultimately, the film ORANZHLAV "- is a hidden form of protest is against the leaden plates, under which today was the Russian society

Demonstration of the picture on the official activities funded including the expense of the Russian state budget, is indicative of a step. This is an important step, which means that such an informal way - cultural, Russia recognizes the legitimacy of the revolution in Ukraine.

At the festival, I think, will be attended by representatives of Belarus, including young people. They are particularly useful to see the "Orange Love." Thus, the Ukrainian freedom in Russia and the festival "Kinoshock" will be broadcast in Belarus. Actually, the film is important for citizens of other former Soviet states. I think the film will be replicated on DVD and VHS, and it will open his way to the vast audience of the CIS.

The filmmakers have shown that it is on the Maidan, in revolutionary fervor, it is possible bright burst of true love. The spirit of freedom inspires bright human feelings. "ORANZHLAV" - is a remarkable cinematic work for the education of youth.

During those days, which I myself have spent on the Maidan, I was lucky to met a resident of Kiev - Michael. We became friends, and he invited me to his birthday. They and his wife (about my age, for each of them is a second marriage) were on the Maidan, went to the orange scarf and hats. With them was still more of their three-year daughter Masha. So. When I went to their home, the girl stood in the corner. In honor of my arrival forgave her, but she did not budge.

After several appeals to the pope's daughter Maria was suddenly this chant: "Together we have a rich, we are not podolaty" ("Together we are many and we did not win"). And then began shouting: "Freedom can not win! Freedom can not win !..». A small child, three years old. And it does not understand who is Yushchenko, who is Yanukovich. But she and her father, her mother went on the Maidan and absorb this essence, this substance "Orange Revolution".

I have a dream to write a book about those events. I even invented a name already - "Ordinary Miracle, or orange Encyclopedia. Had lots of impressions and follow my travels, which also will be reflected in this book. I'll write about the movie and the "Orange Love", as well as on the festival "Kinoshock" and his talented organizers. After all, it is important to show people that it is in the Maidan, in the sense of freedom and change are born deepest human emotions.

The film was beaten. It is easy to guess that it was made enemies of the revolution, more precisely - their hirelings. This is a historical truth. In those days in Kiev really brought imaginary "miners" from Donetsk. There were so many that it had to use trains and a few tens or even hundreds of buses.Moreover, all these "miners" were suspiciously short Swift - they were brought in the form of deterrence: to disperse the Maidan. Such "our brother" really could take off shoes and rights - as shown in the picture.

In some of the actions of supporters of Yanukovych arrived clearly traced criminal connotation. Yes, and Donetsk, as is known, has a criminal reputation.

However, at the Independence was the highest organization. There was no broken glass. I have not seen drunk, and if anyone appearing in a drunken state, it immediately episodes.

By the way, there were scenes of fraternization between the supporters of Yushchenko and Yanukovych supporters. When, after the abolition of the results of the second round of elections in Kiev have brought these alleged miners, the "orange" put up boxes of vodka. It was an appetizer, people ostogramilsya and began fraternizing. There is such a film "Orange revolution: a breakthrough for democracy" ("Ukraine: Breakthrough to Democracy" - Ed.). One of his stories: one wrapped Ukrainian flag, supporters of Yanukovych and Yushchenko are embracing and sing national anthem of Ukraine.

Film enthusiasm. I think that's why he liked Tymoshenko, because Julia - personality passionary, the most powerful political figure in Ukraine. She just could not help but love this picture.

Movies, of course, requires promotion. Is western democracy facilitate the movement of this picture? I do not think that this will be done through the National Democratic Institute of USA (NDI). We are talking about the money of American taxpayers, and I know how heavily regulated the cost of this organization for such grants. I will not try to say specifically, but I'm faced with NDI and saw that this is a serious bureaucratic structure. This is money that is allocated U.S. Congress, and they are strictly accountable. Unlike Russia, where the official may immediately lose his post, unless finances will be spent not on those areas that are allowed.

But the "Orange Love, of course, is to find support for mass distribution. I am ready to connect and lead the direction of the Russian People's Democratic Union. After Lenin's phrase "Of all the arts most important for us is cinema" is still relevant, in the first place - in politics.

Russian actor Alexei Chadov, played a major role in the film "Orange Love", now is the place in the youth organization RNDS - there are going to just such folks. I think so I think not only me but also the leader of our movement, Mikhail Mikhailovich Kasyanov. We must educate our youth the spirit of freedom vivid examples including through mass culture.


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