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Become a communist, "hang from the army!

August 16 2007

Do not have time to finally deal with the Communist Party of internal Fronde in the face patronized by Ivan Melnikov group neotrotskistov "as the Communists struck a new attack. Literally smuggled into the camp of "red" all the same Melnikov trying to hold a fairly odious so-called Union of Soldiers' Mothers Committees, known primarily to their biased attitude towards the Russian armed forces. Now we can not exclude that "professional mother" would go from party lists of the CPRF in the State Duma elections.

Recall recently Soyuz committees Soldiers Mothers Russia openly reported his preparedness election period support some political forces. Unable to legalize the political space through the past do not re-register Republican Party of Vladimir Ryzhkov, "mother" of a sudden tried to "ride" is more promising in terms of getting into the building on Okhotny several Communist Party of the Russian Federation. It is therefore possible support by the Communist Party yesterday said executive secretary of the Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers, Valentina Melnikova.

And though the Communists have not yet burning desire to include a special "mothers" in their electoral party lists at the same time from the outstretched hands of refuse, oddly enough, are not collected. "With regard to the Valentina Melnikova of the Union of Soldiers 'Mothers Committees, it is for us is not a surprise. - Commented on the initiative of the defenders first deputy chairman of the CPRF Central Committee, State Duma Ivan Melnikov, - for example, our regional organization in the city of Bryansk is actively cooperating with the soldiers' mothers, and has experience of joint actions. "

Indeed, in the Bryansk local branch committee is actively cooperating with the local unit of the Communist Party: Communists gladly go along with them on the picket lines and rallies. "If the communists prevailed Bryansk Gennady Zyuganov include our slogan in his election program, we will certainly cooperate," - said the leader of the Soldiers' Mothers. "

"I can not promise anything about their inclusion in the list of the Communist Party, however, shy away from the outstretched hand we will not. I am convinced that of all the parties, actually competing for good results in December, the position of Soldiers' Mothers is closest to the position of the Communist Party. - Quotes Melnikova Site KPRF.Ru. "- Perhaps we have different visions of methods for solving military problems, but it is obvious that both we and they are equally sincere desire for Russia and a strong army and healthy children. And this sincerity - is the very basis on which you can build cooperation and compromises. "

Meanwhile, such a complacent position of first deputy chairman of the Communist Party Ivan Melnikov still causes some confusion. Recall that the defenders of the Union of Soldiers' Mothers Committees, as already mentioned by many media outlets that exist in the western money funds - insist on the abolition of conscription and open offer for everyone "otmazatsya" from his service in the Sun It is also known that represents the Russian army only as "slavery" or "prison", the committee has long become a major headache for the military offices, and many army units.

To learn how to relate to statements by the leaders of the Communist Party of the need to establish in Russia a strong army and agreed to cooperate with the structures, just trying to weaken the combat capability of our armed forces and, as written in the media, funded by the U.S. State Department, apparently, can not speak .. .

Yes, and she Valentina Melnikova so proud of what constitutes "an agent of imperialism" as much since March 1989 and that its activities were exposed the more important the Political Department of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union.Nevertheless, the first deputy chairman, is known to have previously agreed to support the Communist Party of the former prime minister Mikhail Kasyanov, welcoming on behalf of the communists his intention to support the presidential elections, Zyuganov and even to withdraw his candidacy in his favor, this fact does seem to not be confused.

Justifies the willingness Melnikov go to a meeting with the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers and close to the Melnikov secretary of the Information Policy Oleg Kulikov, who considers the Committee's support - a purely symbolic. "I do not work with the Committee of Soldiers 'Mothers. Some organizations are not calling for it," Soldiers' Mothers ", despite the notoriety in the community, enjoy a low popularity among voters and their support may only have symbolic value. I do not consider their sources of funding," - Kulikov said the site "Elektorat.Info.

However, the funding committee quite revealing - is the money of international funds (the "Projects are implementing international funds on the money when they are" - admitted in an interview recently Melnikov "Novye Izvestiya"). Nor whether those who are actively involved in promoting democracy in Russia at the "American way"? Recall: despite the fact that Russian law explicitly prohibits foreign funding of political parties and NGOs, even in the "build in Russia a more open and democratic society", namely for the purpose of the U.S. budget spent annually tremendous amount.

However, this is not the main thing. Surprised at the ease with which supporters of Melnikov are ready to fraternize with human rights activists, joining prior to the liberal camp. In this regard, it would be interesting to know: how to respond to the Communist Party after the "Soldiers 'Mothers' abandon the communist embrace, and slam the door. And accusing Zyuganov and Co. all the deadly sins Union is likely to find a safe haven in a more pro-American than the current Communist Party of ATP or the "Apple".

Vasily Zubkov


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