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Garry Kasparov wants to become Lenya Golubkov

July 16 2007

Leaders of the coalition "Other Russia" constantly emphasize that they and no one else has the exclusive right to represent the Russian opposition in our country, and in the international arena. Accordingly, for those who have not yet joined their ranks, they are treated as enemies of freedom and democracy, the hirelings of the Kremlin and secret collaborators current government. These labels generously rewarded and those who, for whatever reason left the coalition. "Drugorossy" emphasize that soon, very soon they will come to power because they feel the support of the broad masses "dissent", and after that will be dismantled with all the "traitors to democracy." But it turns out that most of the "dissenters" to know do not know about the "Other Russia" and who knows, does not seek to communicate with her own destiny. What actually is the "Other Russia" and what is the true opposition convincingly explains in his article, editor in chief of information and journalistic Herald MOSTOK "working group member of the Committee of the All-Russian Civil Congress for Freedom of Speech Rimma Polyak, published on the website " All-Russian Civil Congress " .

The opposition is "Other Russia"?

Today I had a long conversation with his girlfriend. She is a doctor, PhD, works in Moscow, lives in Moscow suburbs, a daughter, a man of liberal views, moderately interested in politics, like most citizens of Russia.

I have so much detail describing it in order to make it clear that it is - a classic example of the average Russian citizen of the city: educated, well read, active, lots of talking with people watching television in a rare free time, which remained from the daily worries, the Internet not sitting, it uses it only to read articles on his specialty. Such as my friend, the majority of educated people in Russia - a potential electorate of the democratic opposition.

I asked her if she knows something about the "Other Russia", the "March of Dissent". It turned out that she had not heard anything about it at all, the phrase for it - an empty phrase. About Yabloko, SPS, Ryzhkov, Kasyanov - surely knows. Kasparov knows, but does not understand what he's doing in politics. Heard about Limonov, but refers to it as something serious. Gerashchenko knows, but not with the best hand. About Bukovsky - heard the name, but very vaguely remember who it was. About Gulyaeva not know at all.

Especially this to all her thinking once, but she hopes to unite the democratic opposition, because the power is sharply negative and the level of their lives and countries are extremely dissatisfied.

Why am I writing this? The so-called non-systemic opposition from a coalition of "Other Russia" considers himself a real opponent the Kremlin, and its several marches - a great victory. And in fact, members of this coalition of interest only to themselves, but earning them political scientists, political consultants and writing about all of this get-together journalists. The overwhelming majority of the population nor the most non-system opposition, or of its "big victory" knows nothing, not even heard about it.


Kasparov says that he received a stream of central TV channels for a week or two, and the majority of the votes he secured. Of course, and Lenya Golubkov became a national hero because he was sitting in a TV advertisement bezvylazno. But watching TV all day in mostly retired, and then, for the most part, series, and not about politics.So two weeks is clearly not enough, it will take at least a year to become really recognizable and viewers to impose their ideas. But the same extremely popular advertising character Lenya Golubkov persuaded to follow suit, though many people, but, frankly, not the best representatives of humanity. In a pyramid, "MMM" climbed under the influence of television advertising in primarily two categories of homo sapiens - an adventurous, risk prone for khalyavnykh income and naive, do not think beyond today. People with an active lifestyle, the educated, thinking and having the ability to self-analysis of the situation is not inclined to trust any television commercials, nor populist speeches of politicians. So what hope Kasparov on television did not materialize, even if he gets the coveted airwaves.

What is the opposition? It is a competition authority. When competition is strong, there is no monopoly on power and authority to act in the public interest. This need for opposition, its main purpose. Therefore, the opposition - no matter the system or non-systemic - it is either true, that is competitive or not real, fictitious. "Other Russia" - not real, it is only a valve through which the steam emitted by the particularly active dissenters. From "Marches of Dissent" neither cold nor hot, neither bad nor good nobody gets. And besides marches, as well as criticism without constructive, without the dismantling of construction, the constant internal squabbles and the promise of ever give out on the mountain the program, the coalition "Other Russia" does not proved himself.

So it's not a lack of advertising, but a lack of quality "product" that can offer consumers, that is, the voters, "Other Russia".

What worries, for example, my girlfriend, me and us and the majority of Russian citizens? Terrible state of medicine, education, inaccessibility of housing, nasty road, no less hideous urban transport, cost of living, alcoholism and drug addiction, which are increasingly spread youth, aggression, literally poured in society, lack of security, a mad break the standard of living of the overwhelming majority and elected minority, the corruption that permeates all aspects of Russian reality.

For whom we would whole-heartedly and expensive heart vote? For those politicians who clearly explain to us how they can solve these problems. And we, by and large, not interested, the system is the opposition or non-systemic, with whom she consults, and with whom one does not sit next to the field. The main thing - it changed life in the country for the better, not just to voice problems - is what we ourselves can not do worse - but to eliminate them and the environment, their generators. I do not want to survive and live simply, do not be jealous of foreigners, not to think about emigration, as a last opportunity to change lives for the better, and feel comfortable in their own country. Yes, and we do not need anyone in other countries, they are there for a life develop, and not for the crowds of emigrants.

We are waiting for the opposition, which will work to change lives in Russia. We need an opposition that knows how to equip the country to make it suitable for a normal life for all citizens so that we can be proud of in natural resources, which, as nationality is proud of is absurd, and his accomplishments. And to achieve was for us, for internal use and not for export, like the Sochi Olympics.

My friend and I want this opposition, we will vote for it with both hands, we deem it their own, as she will defend our interests. Such opposition, we wish to come to power.

Rimma Polyak

From the Editor:s believe that the future of the Russian opposition precisely because such people - honest, open, not pasuyuschih the face of danger. In this regard, illustrative case, which occurred with Rimma Yuzefovnoy during a thunderstorm. "During a thunderstorm, we had a force majeure. Lightning struck a house and it burned the hell out of all computers. We have failed network card and motherboard, a neighbor on the left in general smashed a computer. So I got online only that, and I did my Friend ribbon not read nearly 2 days - she wrote in her diary in the "Live Journal". - When shied away this lightning, my husband and I were sitting by the window in the kitchen. Suddenly, at the same time with us a deafening loud explosive sounds and dazzling flashes of light. It was a horror that is difficult to describe in words. Immediately, we simply do not understand what happened, because usually the lightning flashes somewhere far away, and first seen the flash and the sound comes later, and light and no sound such furious force. In general, the forces of nature in the immediate vicinity - it's scary. At such moments, you begin to realize that we - with all of our achievements of civilization - depends on the nature just like all living things and inanimate objects on this earth. "

Nevertheless, Rimma not overawed by difficulties and find the courage to get to the truth, finding out that diversion was caused by "some particularly clever tenants, cut down the lightning rod" to other more intelligent residents and tenants used it as a utility vehicle to get into the apartment, usually someone else's. " "Wild people live in our house. It could be worse, I think," - she notes sadly. It remains only to marvel at the courage of this frail woman, to exchange a carefree life in Israel is full of hazards life of the average Muscovite.


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