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The opposition in short pants

May 16 2008

On "March of Dissent" Garik not let my mother, threatening in case of disobedience, to deprive him of the sweet. How real this story is not known for certain. However, the leader of the "Other Russia" to "march" has not appeared, but a stern disposition, Clara Shagenovny controlling every gesture of his son, known to many.

However, in addition to overage momma's son, composed of delegates of the National Assembly "a lot of youngsters on your passport. For example, widely known in narrow circles of 17-year-old Masha Koleda. Familiar with Masha, the opposition say that it is involved in the protests of 12 years. In general, one foot in the sandbox girl plunged into a wave of revolutionary protest with all the ensuing consequences.

I was one such friend. Once during the evening tea gatherings it to me and said: "You know, I have decided to enter politics. That will go back to the session and return to Moscow immediately and'll do politics." Well then do it, remained only a wish for success and Godspeed.

But it is still on-divine. The case of Masha and other "dissenters" to teenagers as more severe. Not having enough experience, knowledge and ability to understand the political and economic processes, they all rely on "word of the Leader." Particularly excelled in the field of sexual abuse of minors banned National Bolshevik Party leader Eduard Limonov. "Great Eddie" and does not hide his sympathy for the young boys and girls with uncomplicated consciousness. " It is understandable, adults taken place in the lives of people at least would react skeptically to the ideas of Limonov's seizure of power, moving into the territory of Kazakhstan, Russia and the coming battle of mankind with some sverhsuschestvami, makes people biorobots .

But for those looking for adventure on his ass teen calls elderly revolutionary, promises had joined him as "angry, cheerful, strong-willed, active youth," "proud, strong life and heroic death," are very attractive . As a consequence, cooks a little pot NBP, some of them are disappointed, while others, who managed to pass the initiation of unauthorized and often illegal actions and posledyuschimi stints in places not so remote, there remains virtually no choice but to go with the Leader to the end, listening to his every word.

Why all this? Moreover, that a good third of the delegates scheduled for May 17-18 "National Assembly" are the party of Eduard Limonov. But they seem to constitute a majority and created Limonov and Kasparov called protoparlamenta. They also provide the necessary adoption of their leaders decisions.

Based on the published "organizational principles of the National Assembly, the main purpose of the forthcoming event to form a" Council of the Assembly of 50, which will decide the frequency and the need to convene a full-time deputies in the session, as well as the Presidency of the Council of the Assembly number 9 people, whose powers will be include decisions about the frequency and the need to convene the Assembly Council and the definition of the draft agenda. Relatively speaking, the first meeting of the Assembly may be the last. After receiving legitimization from limonovsko-kasparovskogo majority, the leaders of The Other Russia "have the right to speak and make decisions on behalf of all members of the protoparlament parties and movements without taking into account views on certain issues within these parties.

p align = "justify"> Remained one small thing: that all "malicious and willful," the youth made it safely to Moscow. And then the parents, "the future elite of Russia" are no worse than "dogs continued murderous regime, forbidding her children to" make history ".

"I am going to Moscow for the National Assembly. Here I think that is plausible to think that the parents were released and not overly buzili ... Prompt, and then I was tight with imagination ...", - requests the assistance of the hall revolutionary from Ulyanovsk. Previously, they say, in these cases helped strap. Now, despite rampant democracy, it still remains the most effective educational tool.


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