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Millions of Berezovsky

May 16 2007

1,5 million dollars for the organization's "Orange Revolution-2, $ 2 million to conduct the" March of Dissent ", 3,250,000 dollars to pay journalists of some Russian mass media, 850 thousand dollars to resuscitate the journalist Alexander Nevzorov - these are the sum Boris Berezovsky intends to invest in the organization of the Russian opposition. At the same time, London oligarch is not necessarily to invent ingenious scheme to transfer money to Russia from abroad, because these funds are already in Russia.

This information was published on 11 May in the program Andrei Karaulov "Moment of Truth" on channel "TV-Center". Working together with Berezovsky head of the Agency "Atoll" Sergei Sokolov and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZAO AKB Image "Valery Motkin told in detail about the activities of Berezovsky in Russia.

According to the ex-head of private security services Berezovsky Sergei Sokolov, Russia BAB well earns the "gray schemes" of the insurance business, which represent the simple tax evasion. Three years ago, already being in good old England, Berezovsky has created a company called Northern Insurance Alliance, which now insures firms with more employees, including the agency of air communications, "East Line", a network of fitness clubs "World-Class" , chain restaurants, "Holy smoke", etc. "The bottom line is that they issue cards to pay employees - says the action of" gray "schemes Sergei Sokolov. - People who work directly in companies underwrite the insurance of his life . But this sum they break for 12 months. Each month they receive a card allegedly contributions from the insurance policy, but it is their salary. That is, in other words to them through the insurance scheme are paid salaries and not pay taxes. " Practiced, and other operations, such as the transfer of cash through shell companies in offshore areas. As a result, the Russian Boris Berezovsky, a business gives him a monthly income of about 50-60 million dollars.

In this case, the parties Andrei Karaulov note that the "Marches of Dissent" - this is not a natural solution to the leaders of The Other Russia, a well-planned campaign of Boris Berezovsky. As explained by Sergei Sokolov, when Berezovsky makes a statement that the system will be overthrown by a revolution, he waits for a stroke, Attorney General, which again starts talking about a criminal case. And immediately after that should be "March of Dissent". "All the world's television show that's this girl with a lump on his forehead and the most important poster Berezovsky - we are with you." After that, I'm looking press. Naturally, Russia - it is the police power ", - says Sergei Sokolov.

What is interesting, exactly the same scheme is valid and the other a Russian fugitive, co-owner of Yukos, Leonid Nevzlin. "I make a bet on a regime change. The election must be a revolutionary situation - as in Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. It is necessary that more were seized and carried out actions against the person. People will unwind through arrests, through the tough action" - said Nevzlin More in May 2005.

However themselves "dissenters" from the links with Berezovsky denies and voiced the amount the organization considered ridiculous. "From my point of view, Boris Abramovich is engaged in undignified affair. He was always trying to attract the attention of the statements that are absolutely untrue. Such tactics can be successful, but very much in the short term," - said a member of the Political Council of the People's Democratic Union, Ivan elderly. "Now the opposition will not admit, on television no need to pay. And this - very big money.Themselves as "Marches of Dissenters are cheap. Just think for. In Moscow, there are people who just sit in the subway, we reach the desired location and receive the baton. Is that - it's expensive, is it? "- Rhetorically asked political analyst Mark Urnov." Can the expert to say that if we are talking about a half million dollars for the "orange revolution -2", then this sum at all for anything not in a position to influence . Maybe in the eyes of the layman and is big money, but for policies that amount totally negligible. If we talk about "March of Dissent", which allegedly allocated two million dollars, I can say that the budgets of political parties in regional elections are already tens of millions of dollars "- supports the counterpart State Duma deputy Vladimir Ryzhkov, in an interview with National Journal."

Surprise is not how fast the opposition denied the proposed amounts, and how together they figured these amounts are too small. And that is true. Just a few days ago, a former leader Eduard Limonov, NBP in an interview with U.S. magazine "Forbes" has promised that will not give up a billion dollars pledged by Berezovsky, the revolution in Russia. "If he wants to, it might help. Let sends money" - then said Lemons.

It seems that the leaders of The Other Russia, expect a very different amount than they send Berezovsky. Frankly, one or two million dollars for the organization of large-scale "March of Dissent" is more than enough. At least for the Chairman of the Board of "Image Bank" Valeria Motkina, "it very much." But "a lot" from the perspective of a banker, not the spin doctor who is used to "cut" received on the campaign budgets of at least two. That's hinted at London sideltsu: say, brother, everyone knew his brother, well, you understand, brother, two to three million dollars in Russia in terms of a police state - not money, that even chopovskih guards to the leaders of the opposition daily walk in the a knife blade, will not suffice. So, come on, lad, whip up loot.

But, apparently, himself to the bone fraudster Boris Berezovsky understands the logic of their Russian counterparts, allocating as much as you need and no dollars or pounds sterling more. However, as experience has shown, on the content side of action of the Russian opposition is not affected.

Igor Kulagin


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