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Association "The Voice": selectively on the election

December 15 2009

Association "The Voice" presented a report on the outcome of elections on Oct. 11, 2009. As expected, the report stated "unprecedented violations" during the election campaign and voting. True, the facts bear this out, the situation is more complicated.

Presentation of the report took place on Monday. At the same time was awarded the three winners established six months ago medals defender of free elections. "

"Defenders" were three. The first of these - an activist of the opposition movement "Solidarity" Alex Gorina, is also a correspondent for the "Citizens Voice, published by the Association," The Voice ". However, in most associations claim that the award is irrelevant. A reward has found a hero for a photo of offenses allegedly committed at a polling station.

An equally high opinion of the Association "The Voice" on yet another award - a physician-pathologist Aleksei Istomin. Mr. Istomin said that he and other employees of the hospital where he works, were forced to come to the polls on October 11 and then report back about it. Employees 'Voices' told the touching story of how a pathologist had almost brought to tears by the prosecutor's office, where he reported no violations.

Finally, the third award - a member of the precinct election commissions with consultative voting Gregory Vaypan - devoted himself to combating illegal, in his opinion, making people in the electoral lists. Scandals it until then, until he was removed from the polling station. For which he received a medal from the "Voices".

However, awarding the "defenders of free elections" were not the principal in the event. At least, it would be logical to expect that will focus on the past Oct. 11 elections and the presentation of a report on this topic.

Executive director of the Voice "Lydia Shibanova assured that the report was received exhaustive and there" is very much important. "

Expert Voices Andrei Buzin, in turn, noted before the presentation, that the report documented describes how the elections were held on October 11. Another said he probably could not, because together with other experts "Voices" - Alexander Kynev - is the author of the report. And not only that - all the reports about the elections, issued by the association, are the fruit of the creative union of Andrew Elder and Alexander Kanev.

"Facts" contained in the report, supported by links to blogs, the activists of "Solidarity" Ilya Yashin and Vladimir Milov. Active site of the Communist Party is cited, blog, a State Duma deputy from the "Just Russia" Oleg Shein, Vedomosti, Kommersant, several regional editions - that is, only those sources which contained negative information about the election. Contrary to these "facts" do not - accordingly, there is no way talking about is really an objective analysis of the election. The compilers of the report have done their best to make it fit pre-composed scheme ...

Meanwhile, the Central Election Commission data shows that October 11 was fixed reduction in the number of complaints by one vote. If during the election 1 March 2009 accounted for one complaint about the nine different levels of elections, in October, a similar figure was already 1:14.

However, this fact in the "Voice" does not comment. There is no reaction and the results of elections in some regions. For example, in elections in Rzhev (Tver region), the Communists ahead of United Russia in just over a percent. Insignificant difference, is not it?And where in this case the action of the notorious administrative resources, ostensibly universally applicable in favor of "United Russia"?

Answer this question, the report does not. There is no general answers to questions that might come into conflict with the concept of the drafters of the report that the elections in Russia are again on the times worse.

So in conclusion, a bit of history. Association "The Voice" was created in 2000. Now its affiliates operate in 40 Russian regions. This is, in general, everything that you can learn about the organization on its website. Meanwhile, there's no secret that the creation of "Voices" involved in the American National Democratic Institute (NDI). It was during his involvement nine years ago and the Association of nonprofit organizations in the protection of the rights of voters "Voice", one of whose tasks was to study the processes taking place in Russia today.

In the end, "the study process" was limited only to the election and vyiskivaniyu law violations during the voting. It is this "Voice" and is now largely known. Although, judging by the reaction of even the opposition press, little credible information that the organization does not cause ...

Arseniy Stepanov

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СеМММенЧИК 20.02.2010 | суббота ответить

мда, пшик он и есть пшик Семен

НиКОЛаЙй 21.02.2010 | воскресенье ответить

Интересненько, только фактов маловато


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