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Who is "sawed" budget "Dissent?

December 15 2006

This title is quite appropriate in an article on the financial side of the organization called "March of Dissent". That is about it and would like to talk - about how, in monetary terms is the preparation activities, the main theme of which was the slogan "You're sitting at home - they are sawing Russia!"

Well, ladies and gentlemen, let's see - who as a fiddle. According to Garry Kasparov himself, of his expenses for the preparation of the march had already exceeded one million rubles, about what he said in an interview with news agency APS. The origin of this money was not raised, and not so interesting, because, knowing a certain stinginess Harry Kimycha easy to assume that he spends his own. Who and how he brought the money for training activities - a separate issue, to which can be revisited later. Now some more interesting to calculate the cost of outreach activities conducted in preparation for the march.

As far as we know, until such shares were two: the newspaper circulation and production of stickers for posting in the metro, public transport, etc. First the newspaper. Special Issue Kasparovskiy factory newspaper "United Civil Front, released under the logo" March of Dissent ", was printed in an edition of 150,000 copies in Krasnohorská printing. According to the Chief of Production Department of typography Marina Naumova, the cost of one copy of this newspaper: eight-, two-color, A3, subject to the circulation of 150,000 copies - is 1 ruble 21 kopecks, including the cost of paper. That is, the production costs of such newspapers totaled 181,500 rubles for the customer. Even the order of two thousand cost delivery center in Moscow.

But this maximum figure, since, according to the same Naumova, "bargaining is appropriate and possible serious discounts. At least, up to 1 ruble 10 kopecks, they agreed to give a talk on the phone. So probably all costs of the special issue, in terms of printing cost Kasparov in the 160-170 thousand rubles. Since the newspaper itself, its content represents the actual big flyer with a manifesto and remarks "the leaders of the irreconcilable opposition", the editorial costs were not part of journalism, and be limited to desktop publishing and layout, no more than 100 - $ 150.

Distribution of the circulation at the metro stations on the experience of campaigning requires no more than 100 man-days of work. That is either one person distributes the entire print run of 100 days (just kidding), or a hundred people per day, or fifty people in two days. One person should give a day and a half thousand copies are, by the way, and regulations in the dispensing of free advertising newspapers. Even if we assume that Harry Kimych hired inveterate idlers, it should be heard not less than one thousand copies per day per worker.

It is possible that some of the distributors work for free for the idea, although I must confess, I'm such a people had not seen for a long time. Probably not with those I communicate. Assume that the tight-fisted Harry Kimych this time decided to change his principles and to pay for all distributors of the newspaper. Suppose the maximum rate of 1,000 rubles per shift, so that later, after a march thankful people a legend and sing songs about Kasparovskiy generosity. It turns out 100-150 thousand rubles cost to distribute the newspaper in the subway.

Total for the preparation, printing, transportation and distribution of the newspaper could not go more than 260 - 310 thousand rubles is the maximum. Realistically, most within 240 - 250 000. Circulation stickers we just do not know, but standards of advertising campaigns mean ratio 1:50, ie one stuck a sticker should be around fifty pieces of printed materials.And since no opposition leaflets distributed, confining newspaper March of Dissent ", the stickers could not be more than three thousand. However, even this figure is quite incredible - so much glued on the subway and public transport stickers just to beat in the eye! Nevertheless, they are very rare, estimating their number at no more than one thousand, and then - this is a very generous assumption. The price of this edition of stickers does not exceed five thousand rubles, at five of the sticker, which is also very generous.

Posting - about the same, this is assuming that all of this a thousand stickers plastered, and not thrown into a nearby garbage dump, which is likely to happen. That is, the cost of stickers, along with putting up, cost less than a thousand dollars.

Consequently, the paper and stickers took a total of not more than 300 thousand rubles, at the very highest estimate. And all. No more printed "irreconcilable opposition" not made in the light of day. Promotional material for a fee in the media, they are not placed. Huge masses of supporters from the regions they are not brought, and those who will arrive a few dozen fans hang out at rallies, traveling at his own expense.

So where is the rest of the money from Kasparovskiy million? What happened to the remaining 700 thousand rubles? Of course, I am far from thinking that Harry will Kimovich tyrit money from the opposition obshchak. I do not believe this. But in that pack stuck to the opposition stupid and greedy publicists, without a twinge of conscience "divorced" and Harry Kimycha, and Mikhail Mikhailovich Kasyanov to Grandma, I can not believe it is as well know their habits. Seems to me that comparing the cost of a march to its real impact in the form of 300-400 visitors, Harry Kimych will check sudbinushku sginuvshego trace million and bitterly whispered through her tears, repeating the historic phrase Geraschenko: "C" ... whether, bl .. di, ch .. Do! "

Nikolai Nevsky

Oleg Artyukov

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