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The spy novel by Sergei Mironov

August 15 2007

Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov - one of the few Russian politicians who have been a member of spy scandals. Entirely obligated takeoff career current president Russia Vladimir Putin Sergey Mironov no, yes substitutes leg his patron, undertaking actions contradicting with politics chapters State.

2002. Continue injected passion around sentencing military journalist Grigory Pasko, the court recognized the Pacific Fleet guilty of treason in the form of espionage (Article 275 of the Criminal Code) and sentenced to 4 years in prison without confiscation of property. Pasko was convicted of illegally collecting, storing and attempting to transfer sensitive information officer Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun Anaco Todashi. In particular, during the search at the apartment Mr. Pasko has been removed handwritten synopsis parse tactical exercises force the Pacific Fleet 11 September 1997, the contents of which disclose the composition of forces and capabilities of the fleet used during the exercise. This, according to court prejudicial to the security interests of Russia.

Domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations and the media immediately gave the process of a political nature, calling it "Pasko against the FSB." Vladimir Putin, whom Western journalists were interested in how long Russia will be violated human rights, said that a military journalist charged that he gave to foreign nationals for the award documents stamped "Secret." According to Putin, this episode was proved, and no one doubts, even among its advocates.

In this case, Vladimir Putin noted that the contents of this case is unlikely to represent any state interest, "and he finds it impossible to interfere in the actions of the judiciary. According to Putin, Russia is building a legal state, where there is a separation of powers and if the state will interfere in the actions of the judiciary, "no rule of law, we do not build." Putin stressed that "like it or not like it, the courts decide the way they should decide in accordance with law."

But unlike Putin, Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, who, by his own admission is afraid of nobody, openly opposed the Russian president, claiming the innocence of Grigory Pasko. "As a citizen, I believe that the sentence is unjust, and to think, how we can help Pasko" - flabbergasted all Mironov. "Regarding the case of Grigory Pasko, I believe that it is not so far-fetched as some bodies perform, and perform correctly, its instructions within those regulations, they are given. So, these instructions should be changed, starting with the notorious decree of the Ministry of Defence which already canceled incidentally Supreme tribunal ending many other instructions that were born into epoch totalitarianism. Now - other country other times. And if people care about future our children not mean they traitors Motherland. Here about what they mean. And by the way, here is a question for us to legislators. We need to anticipate such situations. We must change the laws. We must change and see all the by-laws to the legal field was clear and transparent. And so people are not prosecuted for then, on those steps, incidentally, that actually exist, for what, in fact, do not judge, "- he said, thereby expressing concern about the growth of totalitarian tendencies in Russia by" certain officials. "

What is this such mysterious "certain authorities" expressed himself in more detail the accused. "Regarding question wave spyware processes they disappear in Russia. They anywhere not disappear they will periodically arise.And it shall be as long as Russia will be in power, the KGB men and their handpicked successor, Vladimir Putin. I think the KGB is the only opportunity to show everyone that they are at least to something capable of, "- said Grigory Pasko.

At the same time, in fact, active advocacy Sergei Mironov temporarily curtailed. However, by inertia, Sergei Mironov vzbryknul in July 2003, responding to the Moscow City Court's decision to leave custody chapter Menatep Platon Lebedev. Speaker of the Federation Council Sergei Mironov joined previously made by Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov criticized the Prosecutor General's action against Platon Lebedev, calling the measure "excessive", adding that economic crimes "should not be placed in custody." "People who commit these violations - not the killers, dangerous to society," - said the chairman of the upper house of Russian parliament. In addition, Sergei Mikhailovich expressed concern attacking law enforcement officers on Yukos, estimating the direct loss of the Russian economy from the attack on Yukos' $ 2 billion.

However, a couple of days later, Sergei Mikhailovich dramatically changed his attitude toward this issue. "In general, my views on this subject have not changed, but I am confident that the Moscow City Court had a very good reason to keep Platon Lebedev in custody - said Sergei Mironov. Arose in this way on a new course, Sergei Mikhailovich since it does not folded, took on the Soul of Khodorkovsky and Yukos scold together. "For me it would be an unpleasant surprise acquittal Mikhail Khodorkovsky in court proceedings," - said Sergey Mironov, noting that the firm Yukos has been associated with many negative and illegal. "All it was, and for that should bear the responsibility, because the law is the law, and it's one for all "- said the Chairman of the Federation Council, apparently forgetting that until recently did not think Yukos executives nor murderers, neither criminals, deserving of a prison sentence. refuted he and his own words about the economic loss, saying he did not think that the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, "sharply negative effect on the economic situation and on the Russian stock market." In general, turned out to be a complete man of his word: he gave it, himself and took.

What happened in those mysterious few days, forcing the Undaunted Sergei Mironov to back down. However, the answer to this question gave himself Sergei Mironov, said more than once that advocates policy initiatives and agreement with the Kremlin. This opinion is shared by political analysts. However, it seems that sometimes there are already similar agreement after the fact. Such as the famous story of the third term of Vladimir Putin. For several years, repeated the same pattern: Sergey Mironov forward the initiative Vladmira nominating Putin for a third consecutive term and make the appropriate changes to the Constitution, then acted already, Vladimir Putin, asking to stop all provocative conversations on this topic, then Sergei Mironov did not left with no choice but to explain that he only wanted to find out public opinion on this topical issue, and after some time returns to the subject and everything repeated again.

According to the SPS leader Nikita White, "such statements are humiliated and the head of state and citizens of the state." "The opinion of the president on this issue quite clearly formed, and make such proposals again and again, in my opinion, unworthy. Especially for the person occupying the third position in the country."And the president of Effective Policy Fund Gleb Pavlovsky said that Sergei Mironov, "can not be unaware that his proposal is contrary not only to some law, but the basics right - not during the term of office to extend them for a period greater than that which existed in the electoral mandate. " Leader Wed unexpectedly reaffirmed the position of supporters of "Russia without Putin," who believe that the end of Putin's presidential term, it means the elimination of politics "- he explained.

Was no exception and scandalous situation with visiting head of the Federation Council of Chita. Among the objects, which was scheduled to visit during his visit to Chita, Sergei Mironov, was considered and a variant with a visit to a correctional labor institutions in the city. However, when it became clear that currently in Chita contained ex-Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the speaker of the Federation Council, made a vociferous denial of this information. What scared Sergei Mironov, similar to its previous "exploits" guess not so difficult. Through whom this information was leaked to the press, is also a secret Polishenelya.

Sergei Mironov, said though the terrible crime of Yukos, however willingly attracted a lot of top managers of the oil company. For example, one of the pillars of "Fair Russia" in the regions is a former Yukos vice-president Viktor Tarkhov, who is now mayor of Samara. A management planning, analysis and forecasting of direct ex-head of the press service of Yukos Maxim Puchkov, who began his political career in the Rodina party, having appeared there shortly after the famous treatment "Left Turn" by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the oligarch, where a convicted person immediately called the "Social -patriots "to cooperate. Now. When Sergei Mironov, the need to repeatedly emphasize their uniqueness and ability to unite social democracy thesis, Mikhail Khodorkovsky are not redundant. The only problem is that the Kremlin has in this respect the opposite view.

Dmitry Nosov


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