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Samara oligarchs offered choke "watermelon skin"

August 15 2006

Mergers and splits in the Russian political parties, which all people are talking, in fact, unlikely to greatly affect the alignment of political forces in the country. As expected, the main driving force is the people who, by and large, not too interesting to divide the posts in the virtual games.

In the upcoming mayoral elections in Samara sensations were planned. According to the majority of regional media, the whole election campaign has been reduced to a discussion of the candidate of the local branch of United Russia party. " Previously, most experts predicted clash of two heavyweights - the current Mayor George Liman and the speaker of the provincial Duma, United Russia, Viktor Sazonov. But joining the ranks of United Russia's Georgy Liman turned the line of events in a completely different direction: A favorite in Samara, G. Limanskii, received not only a party ticket, but also a chance to win a chic landslide victory in elections, and Viktor Sazonov asked to lead the regional office of the party followed by the prospect to take the post of speaker of the regional Duma of the new convocation.

Already, urban media predict Liman bloodless victory. And indeed, in fact, the acting mayor in this election there is no serious competitor. The main rival of the Liman, a Duma deputy Mikhail Matveev Samara, is nothing more than fronts for the legitimacy of the election, apparently conceding the popularity of the current head of the city. Mission operating in Samara, political parties have decided on the elections to desist from their opposition, or withdraw from participation in the election race, or to support the winning candidate. For example, the Rodina party, positioning itself as an opponent of United Russia, would prefer for the benefit of not interfering in the process. Moreover, Samara "rodintsy" are traditionally supporters of George Liman , who tried unsuccessfully to lure into their ranks, so it is unlikely they will lean against the wind, and is likely to take a reasonable position of neutrality. Nevertheless, the scandal on the election yet occurred. Troublemaker became a 23-year-old politician from Togliatti Sergei Lektorovich.

The political career of this young man evolved quite bizarre. began his ascent to political Olympus with the organization of the movement, "National Alliance", at the federal level, Sergei Lektorovich became famous after joining the party "Rodina". Actually, the full entry as such did not happen. In fact, officially a party member Sergey was listed as a few days. Some well-wishers informed the regional leadership of the Samara branch of the nationalist antics of their new colleagues and Samara "rodintsy" of harm's way quickly Lektorovicha expelled from the party. Last, disagreed with that decision and eventually erupted scandal, which reached Moscow, putting the federal party leadership in a difficult position, because to stand one on either side meant make enemies.

Lasted several months debriefing as to anything and has not resulted , and Sergei Lektorovich who considers himself a leader Togliatti "Homeland", decided to go to the polls on their own, without regard for their fellow contenders for the party, arguing the pros and cons of support in the upcoming Election candidate George Liman.

The unofficial start of his campaign came as a shock literally everyone. Saturday morning, Samara was curtained posters of Sergei Lektorovicha and the slogan: "Clean up the city of Samara on the dirt!".Not surprisingly, that it immediately drew parallels with the election campaign, "Homeland" in Moscow's town council, held under the slogan "Let's clear Moscow of rubbish." True, if Dmitry Rogozin tried at that time to play on nationalist chord Moscow electorate, through its negatively related to the "guests from the south," Togliatti politician announced his intention to "confront the criminal gangs, rushing into power."

"I have no illusions about the understanding that the" money bags "enough money to buy this election - said Sergei Lektorovich. - I do not intend to put forward for the sake of winning and gaining power. I'm going to have pad to protect the interests of our citizens, ordinary people living in our area. administrative apparatus, is in a state of actual stagnation, due to the numerous plots that are initiated and representatives of the FIG, and the government. My goal - to cut this Gordian knot. "

What is surprising, until recently the words of the leader Togliatti "homeland" is not with deeds. So, organizing a protest against "chemical empire" Viktor Vekselberg , has prevented the latter to capture the urban enterprise TogliattiAzot. So it is not excluded that received the status of candidate for mayor of Samara, Sergey Lektorovich pretty spoiled the blood of many. Not only the local oligarchs spill, but the "opposition" politicians. "Today's policy for the most part - it's boring pathetic act of" political impotent, whose activity is reduced to the beautiful pictures in glossy magazines and paid TV programs - said S. Lektorovich. - In this campaign, no competition, there are enemies.'s Enemies - these are the people and structures that work against people, against the city. Therefore, the problem is, if not win, then fight with them. The struggle for rights and interests of ordinary people. "

And it seems that it is an unrecognized "rodinets" will become a major irritant for George Liman and other candidates. It is unlikely that a young politician to gain recognition of the majority of voters, but aggressive than standard, sugary program applicants for the mayoral seat bureaucrats, will attract the attention of the radical parts of society. Even more likely, and that Lektorovich able to win over his side remained homeless voters "Homeland," and also, possibly, supporters of the Liberal Democratic Party. At least "zhirinovtsy" so far they have not appeared in the upcoming election campaign and the Liberal Democratic Party leadership may well make a bet on a promising politician, whose views largely to rhetoric shodzhi leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. But the biggest slap in the face will get the current mayor of Samara, who will have to respect the his opponent. Otherwise, an upstart from Togliatti has all chances to win on the opponent. Unless, of course, will be able without loss to reach the finish line.

Igor Kulagin


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