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Red guardsmen "Gennady Zyuganov will induce terror in the" Jewish mafia "

June 15 2006

A Red Army commander, oprichnik Yegor
Boils in the wind, grinning.
Oh, you fools, mudache, shame
Your in this kennel does not fit.
(Yuri Shevchuk)

If you hit on the right cheek, substitute left, and while the enemy will zamahivatsya, hit his leg in the groin. Such or about the tactics chosen modern communists. Fortitude to endure the blows of fate, no matter how fair they were not, the Communist Party can no longer, but because the Communist Party chooses not to sit on the defensive, and immediately, with the cavalry mettle on the offensive. In this case, the range of possible countermeasures are not limited to official denials, and includes options for military pressure on the enemy.

Not so long ago the leaders of the Communist Party, referring to new methods of street fighting, announced the creation of so-called "rapid response teams" that are intended, according to Ivan Melnikov, for large-scale street protests and to increase mobilization readiness of the Communist Party. In principle, informally, such brigades in the Communist Party have been in a long time. For example, according to a State Duma deputy Valery Rashkin such troops, numbering 30-40 people already exist in Saratov, Samara and other Russian cities. There is a small militant groups in Moscow. Another thing is that they are created randomly and were not any signs of organization. So it is no surprise that the leadership of the Communist Party, looking to revitalize the street politics, dared to subjugate the street. However, more than likely that similar combat brigades would patiently wait for an attack from behind, not taking preventive measures against political rivals. And it seems that the first serious test for the "first responders" was "a matter Kagarlitsky.

Now the former director of the Institute of Globalization (IPROG) Boris Kagarlitsky Yul'evich from an ally, suddenly became the worst enemy of the Communist Party, raised the issue of corruption within the Communist Party. In principle, which became scandalously famous anti-corruption report, "Storm Warning", Boris Yul'evich companions propesochili not only Communists but also other opposition parties - SPS , Yabloko and the "Motherland". Moreover, special efforts Kagarlitsky did not make, just shake off the dust from the facts that many happily forgotten. Obviously, the actualization of the past sins of those parties at the start of a new electoral marathon not added optimism to politicians who have to think about how to fight back from that, which they could not fight back then. But if the last three parties gave up his reputation, arguing that bind to Kagarlitsky, a more expensive, the Communists could not forgive the betrayal of his confederates.

Accordingly, we can assume that the strategy of countering included several areas: public rebuttal, prosecuting for libel , stuffing antikompromata, as well as requests for "an amicable divorce."

On the moral character of Boris Kagarlitsky and his political allegiances were told in the first place. Then, Gennady Zyuganov, as the main victim, demanded to Kagarlitsogo indemnify the honor, dignity and business reputation of one million rubles. And finally, the newly-born fighter against corruption Valery Rashkin prepared his anti-corruption report against ... "United Russia".

But all these measures did not reach the main thing - as whitewash the Communist Party, and the punishment of the guilty. Public insults are just insults at 'the fool. "The desire to dig a little more compromising on the "United Russia" does not relieve the Communist Party of the accusations against him. A lawsuit and does look like a failure because Boris Kagarlitsky show does not need anything, due to the fact that all the facts in the report are taken from public sources (publications in press, etc.), so that the Communist Party in this case make complaints against publications that are printed from the standpoint of the Communists, slander. So it was only one thing - to resort to using rapid-response teams.

No, Boris Kagarlitsky, nobody attacked or threatened. at least not yet. And from a legal point of view, it looked flawless. On June 15 Savyolovsky district court in Moscow to take deferred a preliminary hearing on the suit Gennady Zyuganov to political analyst Boris Kagarlitsky ( the last time the defendant failed to appear, as they are in business trips abroad ). However, the legal service the Communist Party had serious suspicions about the fact that this meeting antikorruptsioner Kagarlitsky elementary ignore. Therefore, the Head of Legal Services Communist Party Vadim Soloviev decided to tell Kagarlitsky when and where he should attend. "The judge asked us as a courtesy to try to hand Kagarlitsky agenda. It provided the CPC, to accelerate the process", - said Vladimir Solovyov site "Elektorat.Info" . No sooner said than done. Communist Party chief lawyer sent his assistant with a summons to Kagarlitsky, but ... unsuccessful. "My mate went to three times Kagarlitsky. But I could not catch anyone at home, or simply did not open the door" - he said. The situation, in general, the standard, not taking into account the personality of an assistant, who has undertaken such a responsible mission.

Employee Legal Services Communist Party Mikhail Kakitelashvili - a man highly interesting and entertaining. In the past year within the Communist Party broke a small scandal involving the activities of the "Red henchmen"

The famous Russian historian Klyuchevsky reports Oprichnina the following: "Oprichnina was an institution that was supposed to protect the personal safety of the King. It was stated political goal, for which no special agency in Moscow state device. The aim was to crush sedition, to nest in Russian land, mostly in the aristocratic environment. Oprichnina was assigned the highest police for treason. Position henchmen was to hunt down, sniff out treason and sweep and gnaw the sovereign's villains - rebels. (The course of Russian history, t.II, str.2.30 et seq.).

Remember the old Russian "secret police" decided the young communists. Known in the Komsomol circles its position neprimerimoy Andrew Simonyants, Assistant State Duma deputy Mikhail S. Muravlenko Kakitelashvili, Magomed Magomedaliev and Dennis Sommer the editorial board of the new paper "Red oprichnik" were distributed in and among the State Duma deputies.

Ideological principles of the editorial staff shocked many of their colleagues in the Communist Party. Here is how to define themselves on the internet forum of the central site Communist Party , for example, a party member Andrei Simonyants: "I do" red and white "as Prokhanov ... I favor the synthesis of a socialist economy and the Orthodox monarchical rule ... In today's reality the concept of communism and nationalism - inseparable! Who thinks differently - not a Communist. "At some point, went even rumors going Simonyantsa of the Communist Party in the "homeland", but it turned out that the appearance of a young Komsomol at the fifth congress of the Motherland "T-shirt" Youth Union "For the Motherland" was just simply an attempt to strike up friendly relations with the ideological allies.

In general, the activities of the "red guardsmen" were aimed at combating manifestations of homosexuality, Zionism and Trotskyism in the Communist Party. Thus, in the first issue of "Red oprichnik" were "unmasked" hidden homosexuals, communists, have fun on the Black Sea last summer. The authors have come as a shock to think that "once a strong fighting spirit of the Komsomol organization has evolved from a refuge of alcoholics and sexual deviants," emboldened to the point that "the open began to tell of his adventures, accompanying photographic evidence of history. The scandal erupted after the published photos from the summer camp MLF in the Krasnodar region. "In the Krasnodar camp he (Dmitry Black) - writes in" Red Oprichnik Maxim Sokolov - dressed in lingerie, mini skirt, and move-up, paw the same as he transvestites, and then sang a gay prostitute ...". Next to quote there is no way, because you want a sense of regret readers.

This year, incidentally, Komsomol members took an active part in the dispersal of the gay pride parade in Moscow , as stated on the official website of the Union of Communist Youth League, calling for all "feasible ways to disrupt this immoral and antisocial activities, which not only contribute to improving morals and protection from foreign infection, but prevent offense. "

With netraditsionalami, as you know, figured in my own way, so that now his hands have come to the fight against international Zionism, which the Communist Party (as well as the Communist Party) has not once tried to commit suicide. For example, the famous letter to the Prosecutor General to ban the activities of Jewish organizations in Russia was supported by including the Communist deputies. Communist Valentin Romanov asked to withdraw the general question of the Duma's statement about the controversial letter. But Sergei Reshulsky and Tamara Pletnev, demanded to remove the word "negative" from the phrase "received wide circulation and a negative response" and that Russia "should be no room Anti-Semitism," because, in their opinion, "not all are negative, and well to finish that in Russia there is no place else, and Zionism. Moreover, Pletnev, Tamara said that the emergence of appeals to the Prosecutor General has provoked very "Jewish oligarchic elite" and that of the Jewish oligarchs have even sing: "Lolita once sung all over the country from the screen:" I will marry a Jew, he is not guilty that all the wiser. "

At the time, already familiar Boris Kagarlitsky said the position of deputies from the Communist Party as evidence that members of the Communist Party once again proved that they are actually anti-communists and the shakiness of the same ideological positions gives them less chance to get to the next Duma. Maybe for some it may seem strange coincidence, but Boris Kagarlitsky Yul'evich was just one of "those same".

Kagarlitsky ancestors lived in Ukraine in the 19 th century farming. Loss of state radicalized children who, as befits a modern Jewish youth of that time, were socialists.Most of them are in Glasgow, where at the same time formed a large Jewish community, the synagogue, and Kagarlitsky changed the name of Collins, and his grandmother Anna Boris Kagarlitsky Matveievna, it is Anne Collins, has returned to Moscow from Glasgow in the early 20's. Joseph Vulfovich Boris Kagarlitsky grandfather lived in Russia, fought on the fronts of World War I. During the February revolution was one of the founding board of the regiment. In 1917 he was a delegate I All-Russian Congress of Soviets, on a list of the Mensheviks. The October Revolution forced him to abandon politics and to be in Shanghai, where Joseph exchanged letters with his bride and returned to Moscow, settling at Patriarch's Ponds. The family of intellectuals in the humanities in the early 60's "is fast becoming better-off" in 1961, she gets an apartment in the famous writers' co-op on Aeroportovskiy street, "the Tsar's village." Julius I. became a lecturer and then professor at the State Institute of Theatrical Art, ie, GITIS became deputy. Head of the Department that it was for him - unaffiliated Jews - ceiling career.

They understood that their prosperity is closely linked to poverty in other countries, suffer pangs of conscience, engaging in political struggle. In the first book, published in the West of Wales, father of Boris I. Julius made a remark which is now fully accepted by his son: "Analysis uelsovskoy sociology is the analysis of a Marxist ... I am a Marxist, who lives in Moscow and lived in Moscow in 1953, 1956 and 1968 ". Kagarlitsky Jr. spends much time reading the works of Lenin, Marx, and later transferred to the study of Gramsci and other Marxists. For Boris "Marxism to Fight specific tool for the understanding of Soviet society and the impending doom of the system, which is called" communist society. "But, in the understanding of Marxism Kagarlitsky not compatible with Marxism in understanding the leadership of the USSR and in the end Boris Yul'evich was forced to reflect on their beliefs in the 13 months spent in Lefortovo prison. "I read books, talked to managers, who were sitting there for bribes, learned how the economic system, as management decisions." It would be bad if all academic economists Gaidar, Yassin, Fedorova plant for 13-15 months in Lefortovo tyurmu with bribery. They are then in a different way to assess the situation in the country. While it may be, that's all they have in the future "- recalled Kagarlitsky.

And now it seems to Kagarlitskogo time to remember them all. Of course, today the Communist Party does not have that power, which was under Soviet rule. But to do without his KGB Communist Party still could not. And although it is not already she punitive machine running the "Iron Felix", some similarities still there. Suffered, however, change the ideology of the Communist Party. Instead of following the teachings of the classics of Marxism-Leninism and current communists are increasingly inclined to the national-patriotic ideology of his recent enemies. How will this experiment in modernizing ideology is hard to say. But even a couple of these Kagarlitsky with homosexuals - and you can talk about education in Russia, a new political alliance , which the liberal-democratic forces dubbed the "red-brown threat."

Igor Kulagin


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