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Moscow attacked gay spammers

May 15 2006

Spring motifs burst into life politically active LJ-users with the charming arrogance. Political lady write poetry and revolutionary symbolism becomes an occasion for exploring, as it happened with the coordinator of the movement, "Defence" Julia Malysheva . "Today fell on a clear day. But whence bryzzhut drops? Clouds in the sky piece" - recites a girl and talks about the case in the subway:

- Girl, and that you have an icon on the pants mean?
- Orange Revolution, of course!
- Excuse me, but where is it?
- Well, in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine ...
- And do you want us?
- No, you are too early, soon to Belarus will be here.
- Oh, how interesting, and you're what, a revolutionary?
- Well, yes, revolutionary.
- I've never seen a living revolutionary ... really want to chat with you while you are still alive. All revolutionaries are poorly finished, but I have a chance ...

Moscow's gays have taken over the spammers

Mini-scandal threatens to turn the administration's decision "LiveJournal" blog leader of the movement to close the "Russian Radicals" Nikolai Khramov. The reason for the closure has served as excessive activity of the Khramova, filling the entire Internet advertisements to hold in Moscow Gay Pride. "Your account has been closed due to reports of repeated incidents of spam, despite the warning issued to you April 22, 2006" - the letter said.

Nicholas Temples felt that suffered for political reasons and, in turn, wrote a letter in reply. "I understand that reports of spam, mentioned in your letter, are politically motivated, as in this case what has been branded as spam, are messages with an invitation to sign the appeal of solidarity against homophobia and the civil rights of sexual minorities in the campaign in support of the Moscow Gay Pride 2006, promoted by the Russian Radicals, "- he writes.

But LJ has remained adamant, affirming that "any unsolicited promotional content is considered as spam, regardless of the fact that he promotes." "Some of your posts have been erased by caretakers of the communities in which they were posted, it shows that your posts were junk. As such, they are regarded as spam and violations of rules for use of" Alive Magazine ".

Hello, bear!

Russia's next president will be Dmitry Medvedev, now the acting head Adminstratsii President of Russia. It was the conclusion correspondent Site Kasparov.Ru and newspapers "Reaction" Anastasia Karimova . The records in the online diary young talent pays less and less time idols liberal policies and increasingly talks about the presidential prospects of an official from Putin's entourage. Just a few days ago Carisch literally melted from the Minister of Defense Sergei Ivanov . But comparing it with Dmitry Medvedev, I realized that cruelly mistaken in choosing the object of adoration. "I've studied the biography of Dmitry Medvedev, has found a bunch of funny pictures of Sergei Ivanov. Compare Medvedev and Ivanov, I realized that the successor is inevitable and it is better to let them be Bear, because Bear young (41 years), not security forces, in high school he was considered a talented guy in major crimes has not been noticed, by the way, he has nice facial features.That's something like, "- wrote Carisch and continues to play the role of the prophet:" I think in 2008 the country's president would not silovik and Parliament will sit 50 apple-spsnikov. True, I do not know how these two factors will affect the situation in the country. "

Hello, preemnicheg!

Subject successor was in those days popular. Rising from oblivion, "the Democratic Party of Russia has got its own youth movement. Creative thought about the name of the movement was wandering through the corridors of the Party not less than two months, sometimes taking such incredible poses, such as "partisans of democracy." But after the "guerrillas" were brutally shelled raw eggs out of the office windows Liberal Democratic Party, the idea has continued its movement along the course of history, has not yet been translated into a simple and unpretentious name - "successor". It is expected that the successor will ride on the Moscow River on teplohodike, to talk about how their movement would be "a source of manpower for the right movement, an effective mechanism for democratic participation of youth in political life."

Anecdote day

LJ user Brusilov amused at last:

- When I first heard the album Irakli Pirtskhalava, I began to understand the skinheads. But when I heard the album, Timothy, and I even was ready to lead their movement!

Spring sun, and future successors rejoiced Elena Boyko


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