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Skinheads celebrate Hitler's birthday gay parade

April 15 2009

0/5/9/12059.jpeg Gay pride parade in Hitler's birthday. Is it even imagine such a thing? It turns out you can. And not only present but also to admire the fellows skinheads in bomber jackets, screaming at full throat "spring, Hitler, love."

The idea of holding a gay parade on April 20, the birthday of Adolf Hitler, has long been discussed among the asset (and liability) of Russian Gay Skinhead Movement.

Yes, yes, dear reader, there are. And if in Europe, gay skinheads is no surprise, then in Russia, this movement is just beginning to gain momentum. The basic foundation of Russian gay skins - "red" anti-fascist skins with gay (SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudices), Redskins, RASH (Red & Anarchist Skinheads), etc.), as well as fans of lesbian love, for whom aesthetics Skinhead is a sexual fetish.

The first gay skins appeared in Russia in the late 90's. At that time there were hardly more than a few dozen people all over the country. The turning point came in early 2002, after the publication of the book "Hitler's Secret: The Double Life of the Dictator." The famous German historian Lothar Mahtan argued in his book that Hitler ordered to shoot several high-ranking Nazis, only to prevent disclosure of secrets of his sexual orientation.

By the way, according to Red Skinhead, Hitler was much more a Communist than Lenin or Stalin, and the ideology of National Socialism is a special and completely original concept of a true socialist state.

Though gay skinheads go even further, arguing that the Nazi aesthetic absorbed much from the world of homosexuality. So that their movement is not some new-fangled invention, but the historical pattern, returning to the roots of Nazism.

Over the past few years, Russian gay Nazis strengthened not only ideologically, but also organizational. By some estimates the total number of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Voronezh groups gay skinhead is about 500 people - more than enough to publicly declare itself. Even more widely available on the Internet, where there are even spetsilnye dating sites for gay skinheads.

"I skinhead in 1998, I always hid that I nrravitsya strong male body" when I arrived at CMC, I would not have thought much of gay skins are in Moscow while he did not personally encountered them ...... in Russia only very brave guys can afford both the open and even proud to call themselves white gay Nazis ... People open your eyes! "Hitler was a secretive gay!" - Wrote one of the visitors forum gay skins.

In HoodGaySkins say they are not afraid of opposition from traditional skinheads. 0/6/0/12060.jpeg "Look who comes out on April 20 in the center of Moscow - pimply schoolboys, whose snot pereshibesh - says Roman. - Normally skins are going out of town, away from ldskih eye. Between traditional and gay Nazis concluded a neutrality. In addition, for many skin was a revelation that many of the leaders of the nationalist parties are gay. Thus, for example, was the leader of the Alliance for the Future of Austria, Jorg Haider, about homosexual predilections which became widely known only after his tragic death.With the gay movement of the skin associated name and committed suicide the author of the novel "Skins: Russ awakes" Roman Nifontova. On his homosexual told the notorious leader of Format-18 Slasher (Maxim Marcinkiewicz): "... By high school I realized that I hate all these creatures uchilok, dvuzhopyh zhidovok. I realized that they sovestkie knots, nothing for the country did but only white guys are brainwashed in schools. I realized that all the power in men. At the same time, I began to meet with the guys in the class, already more thoroughly imbued with homosexuality, but nevertheless he was still lacking both principles and ideas as a mere fad. female flesh I have never been attracted. I've got a guy, we were often spend time together ...", - he wrote in his blog at "Live Journal" (original spelling and punctuation preserved. - author)

By the way, themselves gay skins are hostile to the feminine homosexuals, the "real man's love and feminine pederasty. "You know, men are not ashamed to love another man, but when a man deliberately wants to become a woman, to please other men - it is buggery" - they say gay skinheads.

Where and how much will a gay pride parade - Skinheads "contrary" is not defined. "In conflict with law enforcement agencies are not included in our plans, so just take a walk along the boulevards, can take off for an evening of some bar," - says Roman plans.

Olga Nekrasova

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