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Walking on the march ...

April 15 2007

What happened in Moscow and St. Petersburg over the weekend, could not be called "march". When hiding in alleys of riot police, and then, when there's nowhere to run, throw on a police cordon shouting "Hurrah!" To call a march, then that something in this life is not so. All the so-called "march" organized kasyanovsko-Kasparovskiy "Another Russia", more reminiscent of the partisan antics National Bolshevik Party of Eduard Limonov, who can only be seen as petty hooliganism. If only for this "hooligan" is not paid is not evergreen small amounts of cash.

The mood of most participants' March of Dissent "and other events organized by the only way they perceive themselves to truly opposition" Other Russia ", usually in high spirits. "We won" - happily declare "winners", counting the bruises and abrasions and was wondering how much is to assess injuries in an endless battle for democracy.

"Moya right arm after yesterday mitenga. Moya left arm after yesterday mitenga. At the upcoming Hague Tribunal, this will be the main evidence. Who has the opportunity to send these photos to Strastburg, UNESCO and Hustler" - wrote in his diary in the "live journal" one of the participants in the march, showing the bruises and his unshaven armpits.

In general, the theme of "Riot police brutally beat up unarmed people" - the main reports and comments "Dissent. That policeman is preventive conversation with the girl, explaining that the entrance of a cinema "Pushkin" is not customary to express their attitude toward the state with swear words. Freedom of speech - freedom of speech, but for young children to listen to such talk is not necessary.

At this time a young boy with a crutch, carefully watching the scene, makes a short running start, jumps up and tries to blow "crippled" legs blame riot policeman. Can not. But to strike a crutch has no time - his twisted, and immediately found themselves next to press photographers, omitting, of course, the beginning phase of the incident, removed as a "heavily armed riot police beat up disabled.

Nearly all of the same theater-retirement-age men are so keen on expressing their position on the power that transforms the way to paying attention to the racing cars. The hand of policeman, time held his shoulder and kept from the fatal step, causing excitement in the crowd. The man explains to the young sergeant said something about the Constitution, about how bad they will detain people on the street, and "liberate" begins nazvanivat someones cell phone: "I mean, I just tried to screw ... yes, everything is fine, Olga all recorded on camera ...".

The column, moving from Pushkin Square toward the Clean Ponds, puzzled. "Where to go, where riot police" - confusion exclaim "holdouts". Lead column, middle-aged man is reconciled with the plan and surely indicates the direction of motion. At Petrovsky Boulevard sent forward scouts last report: "Ahead of riot police, turn right!".

The column stopped for a moment in confusion, but the vanguard of the "Dissenters" quickly takes matters into his own hands: "There is nowhere we turn, go straight. Before them, a small chain of a couple of dozen servicemen. Cry rang out: "Vpereeed! A breakthrough!". The demonstrators, spurred on by calls prudently slowed down and let them overtake the crowd leading the march, fly to the riot. Together with him (and what to do with that? "), There run by journalists.SWAT stands as a wall, holding several hundred people. The wave of attackers had subsided. But there is also injured. For the broken head rests Japanese journalist. Above it are inclined people, all of its forms reminiscent of those commonly called 'demshiza. "This riot police beat you?" Are you a journalist? "Where are you from?" From Japan? You come here specifically? - They elicit from the victim the necessary information. The journalist did not answer and just nodded his head.

Satisfied, "disagree" render a verdict: "No, you only see what the animals, just fascists, soon clear this mess." Several people, too, journalists, inspect the wound and call the riot police: "Help, this man was wounded." But the run up to the orderly run against "dissenters": "Go away!" He does not need your help! ". It is understandable, the servant of the bloody regime, aiding bleeding representative of another country in the opposition march, spoils the whole picture. Nurse, a burly policeman, somewhat taken aback. But come to the rescue of the journalists: "Do not listen to them, help the man!". In fact, the wound is not such a terrible, doctor quickly provide first aid and the Japanese had no outside help comes and goes in the car. Sad cameras and television cameras a few minutes removed lying on the grass turning green blood-soaked bandages ...

Ends with a rally on Clean Ponds. In a park, in addition to the opposition, quite a lot of simple onlookers - retired from the neighboring houses, mothers with children that came to walk in the park. Suddenly, a group the National Bolsheviks off and rushes toward the exit of the park, sweeping away everything in its path, follow them and throw them across the path of journalists and riot police. No respite snap closures at the camera, capturing the startled old lady, the whining children ... eventually, the police, one deduces from dangerous places elderly, forming a ring around them.

"Tell your leaders that this regime is criminal!!! This is a police state!!! They arrest people everywhere because they scare !!!", - a studied cries United Civic Front leader Garry Kasparov, a police car. His speech is primarily intended for foreign correspondents that they did not spend the time to translate and broadcast live on the West question the Russian (?!) Opposition leader have repeatedly expressed to the effect that the scenario of the political situation in Russia will be written in Washington .

In general, journalists from foreign and Russian mass media was not much smaller than all the marchers dissenters' march together. And it is for them in the first place and worked "holdouts", providing the desired "picture". As it turned out, a plan was not only fulfilled but exceeded. Overfulfilled so that neither Kasyanov, neither Kasparov nor Hakamada, Ryzhkov, and many other leaders of the "Dissent is not willing to support the" March of Dissent in St. Petersburg. As a delegate to Peter was "a latecomer everywhere" Limonov so young "kasyanovtsy. However, and not particularly expected in the "Northern Venice". In contrast to the March rally, April march "was transformed into a quiet meeting without mutual problems for the organizers and city authorities. And the call to go march on city streets could not find a response from the audience, so that" limonovtsa and kasyanovtsam "had in splendid isolation Riot police throw bottles and oranges to the joy of journalists.

It must be admitted that the consultation Western experts have benefited the Russian opposition.So much less of party symbols, political chants like "No police state" yield its place to social slogans at the forefront in clashes with police pushed women and seniors, Mikhail Kasyanov, not only began to appear at rallies in a modest suit and a simple sweater, but also to engage in conflict with the riot police (which, incidentally, did not prevent him having worked "picture", leave the scene. At this time not on the "Mercedes", and "Audi"). Posted by optimism in the hearts of "dissenters" and Boris Berezovsky, who said not only about the moral and financial support of the Russian opposition , but the negotiations. alleged ongoing with representatives of the Russian political elite, who share his views on Putin's policies, believing that the current President of harm Russia by coagulation of democratic reforms, to suppress the opposition, centralizing power and violating the constitution of the country. This thesis Berezovsky immediately picked up and Kasparov : Temperature increases, we observe the collapse of Kremlin power structure. If we can maintain the "Other Russia" a single next six months, the Kremlin power struggle will be more losers looking for other ways. Time is on our side. "

The Russian opposition has actually said to prolong the agreement with Washington for another 6 months. But this, however, does not mean that Russia arbiters in Washington welcomed the holding of reporting events. Except for "beautiful" pictures the leaders of The Other Russia "could not do anything more. Compared with the December "march" in Moscow decreased not only the number of "marching", but also significantly thinner itself opposition coalition. Left the ranks of the "Other Russia" leader "Labor Russia" Viktor Anpilov, failed to bring to their work SPS and Yabloko, which has begun to sharply criticize drugorossov "like the devil from holy water shied away from the KPRF Kasyanov, depleted reserves the driving force of the Other Russia "NBP ...

In the youth and the Internet get-together at "drugorosov" has a new nickname, as well as possible the mapping of their essence - "kasparyshi." Kasparyshi, they have kasparyshi. Add to this nothing more. Point.

Igor Kulagin


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