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Roman Burlak: "Fair Russia" occupied a position ostrich "

March 15 2007

For nearly six weeks as the conflict continues in the Krasnoyarsk region between the Secretary of the Krasnoyarsk "Union of Communist Youth" Roman Boatmen and a member of the regional division of the party "Fair Russia" Oleg Pashchenko. Yoki. Ru already wrote about the confrontation in which the Roman Burlak sent a letter to leader of the "SR" Sergei Mironov requested to be removed from the party Oleg Pashchenko, known for his anti-Semitic statements and connections with right-wing nationalist structures. Burlacu had twice applied to Mironov, before he has received from the Sergei Mikhailovich response, in which he reported that it had reached in principle decision to expel Oleg Pashchenko from the party. We have appealed to Roman Burlacu with the request to tell, pushed it off the ground or not.

- We have obtained quite a funny situation. Today I talked to Valery Zubov (Leader of the Krasnoyarsk branch of the Fair Russia, Duma deputy. - Approx. Aut.), Who said I did not know anything about the decision Mironov. A strange ignorance. Moreover, for some reason he became the blame on us. He said that this we - CCM and the Communist Party - was nurtured by such Pashchenko that Pashchenko was a member of our party.

I replied: "I do not know where he was in our party? And in general, and here is that ten years ago was in a party. For now, this particular person is in a particular party - in "Fair Russia". And you the first person edge "troika"! So what can you tell me? "But Zubov so I said nothing. Just ducked.

- So he is not aware of the decision the leader of their party? Which, moreover, was taken by a member of the Krasnoyarsk electoral list!

- Not in the know. For some reason it turned out that way. I asked Valery still many questions on the rhetoric Pashchenko. Including: "How do you feel about the question of whether every Russian man is by nature anti-Semitic or not." I also asked for Zubov to comment on whether he agrees with the decision Mironov regarding this situation. Or, in his opinion, I was lying. Or is it Mironov so decided to make fun of - is sent by the decision of the intention to exclude Pashchenko, and himself, and did not plan to do?

- And that Zubov?

- He could not clearly answer me a single question. He began to speak literally: "what you see me with how to approach, I Duma deputy and engage in similar situations - they have little interest. On the question of Pashchenko I appealed to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, and his deputy, e, and the other deputies of Krasnoyarsk. But they also keep the deathly silence and do not want to take any action. Here are our local leaders. They simply closed their eyes to Paschenko and shameful activity in this "Krasnoyarsk Gazette. Well, now continue to keep silence.

I simply amazing: Valery Zubov - State Duma deputy, a federal politician, leader of the electoral list. I think he must be a responsible person. But the result is not so. He did not want to do on a serious issue - a newspaper extremism Pashchenko. In fact, Zubov and not want to know all of this scandalous situation. Although there may he a more subtle game.

Zubov Pashchenko never before been seen in close friendship. But there was also no animosity between them.I do not exclude that Zubov is afraid of losing a specific electorate Pashchenko.

- Is Apparatus Fair Russia did not send a copy of the letter Mironov Krasnoyarsk party offices? In this somehow can not believe it!

- Theoretically it should be. Regional offices, of course, simply must be aware of federal decisions that affect their members. It is absurd to learn about them from third parties.

After receiving a letter from Mironov, I thought, this is already known in the Krasnoyarsk branch of "Fair Russia". Moreover, I thought that on Pashchenko assistants Mironov (or in person, he himself) had been discussed with your teeth. After all, logically, if I send the answer with the decisions already taken, then this information must be obtained and the local branch of the party.

- It turns Apparatus "Fair Russia" itself, and Mironov itself?

- Apparently, Mironov separate stays in politics, and it works as a stand-alone. It turns out. Or, once more, that ordinary logic is difficult to understand. If the March 7 leader gives the answer, then do within two days it was hard to send e-mail or fax to inform the decision of the teeth? Of course, this can be done!

There is a party "Fair Russia", is its leader Sergei Mironov, who decides. And there is a regional branch of the party, which in fact simply ignores the decision. Absurd!

If the leader decides, in accordance with the statute to exclude people, it means that a policy decision already taken. So, it remains only a technical process - actually an exception. In this case, the regional office must necessarily respond. So taken in any political party: if the above was adopted some sort of solution, then immediately inform the local branch. But the "Fair Russia", apparently, everything is arranged differently.

- Why Zubov reacts so strangely?

- He must know everything. Even if he does not know, this does not absolve him of responsibility. Now he took the position that is not characteristic of any State Duma deputy, or policy. He took the position ostrich. Ostrich hides its head, also Valery: "I say, Duma deputy, to know I know nothing, know nothing and want to answer to anyone for anything I will not."

I asked him directly: "You with him a member of one party and one list, you have to put forward. So you somehow can explain this situation? ". He did not answer. Once upon a time was the situation with the Communist Party: one of the party members signed the "Letter of the Five Hundred. Then I, and many of our comrades have signed the paper that we condemn this letter, and the activities of such figures. We have fulfilled their civic attitudes. So what prevents Zubov just come forward and say that I condemn this statement. I do not know and do not understand what it prevents.

The newspaper "Krasnoyarsk Komsomolets interview with Oleg Pashchenko dispersed throughout the city, and the Krasnoyarsk Fair Russia reportedly did not know anything about it. I knew it all! But apparently, just pretended to have nothing. Teeth and put this person on the list for the third winning place - guaranteed entrance. In the list he stands along with the deputy chairman of the local Legislative Assembly. That is, for them everything is fine.


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