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Who will raise the green banner of Islam?

November 14 2007

The failure of the Union of Right Forces "in the upcoming December elections to the Russian parliament actualized the question of a powerful re-branding of the" right ". According to some reports, had revived the old idea of the leaders of ATP on the All-Russian Islamic political movement.

For the first time rumors about the Islamization of ATP appeared in 2001. Even then, the first signs of crisis, the liberal idea of "right" and the party leadership began to look for ways to upgrade ideology. It was then that many political forces began to pay attention to the Muslim electorate. In the press there were rumors of the intention of Anatoly Chubais and Gozman create a party capable of bringing together tens of millions of Russian Muslims. The Islamic Party, according to the plan, should take part in parliamentary elections in 2003 and serve as a partner of ATP. Subsequently, the variant combining the two forces and the beginning of the formation of a new ideology of Islamic liberalism.

However, for reasons unknown idea was not realized, the ATP regular suffered a defeat, the party leadership resigned, and Anatoly Chubais, the time has cooled to a political project. It is possible that the liberal idea so would be to quietly and blown away, but the situation blew sacked Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, who began negotiating with the bankrupt liberals about the opportunity to lead the ATP. Of course, that Anatoly Chubais, the rights owner does not sustained presence brazenly broke into his diocese of ex-premier, and after a brief struggle prokasyanovskie forces were ignominiously expelled from the ATP and the role of leader raised himself to a young and ambitious Nikita White.

However, the young politician, despite the announced global rebranding of the party and failed to return the "Union of Right Forces" to life. It did not help the "right" and the passion "left" ideas, and invited as a leading public relations manager Ural political strategist Anton tanks and does cause allergies among regional leaders of the ATP. As a result of the elections to the State Duma, the party went with a 1% asset ready to vote for the ATP population and the prospect of removing the party from elections for use in the campaign of "dirty" political technologies.

And in this extremely unfortunate situation again, the idea of Islamic liberalism. Analysts ATP estimated that Russia today has about 20-25 million Muslims, who are natives of Russia. And given the massive migration of Muslims from neighboring countries and their organization, the potential of this segment of the electorate is becoming more attractive. Even the Muslims are not averse to acquire allies in this or that political force, arguing that at present there is a "modification of the Islamic factor in Russian politics, whose role in these elections may well increase significantly, and in 2012 the" Islamic question "can resound quite differently than today. "

It is these prospects and attracted to the "Union of Right Forces, in a few months changed its attitude towards Islam. Boris Nemtsov, for example, says that his wife called Raisa Akhmetovna in the veins of his eldest daughter, Tatar blood flows, and Tatarstan's President Shaimiev has sent them on holidays Tatar horse sausage - "Kaze". "I can not be Islamophobic, because I love my children," - he said in an interview.

Even more outspoken SPS leader Nikita White."Those loud statements, which are now Putin is doing, is just a consequence of a sharp aggravation of ethnic and religious relations in the country in connection with the outlined major roll in the direction of building a particular state religion and the pressure on other faiths that can not be liked not only by their representatives. I as someone Orthodox, go to church, attended the hierarchs of the ROC in the official events seem somewhat strange. If the Democrats such a merger of state power with the dominant confession was not ", - said Nikita White in an interview IslamNews. Nikita White stresses that the 19-early 20 th century among the influential people in Russia, including the Muslim, there were many staunch supporters of liberal values. Such as the State Duma Ismail Gasprinskiy, Sadri Maqsudi, etc. "The fact that we do not know, this is our problem. After 1917, the official propaganda was aimed at destroying all memory of those who really did a lot for the Russia to become a social, legal state, "- said the leader of the ATP.

Acquiring the "right" and support from Muslim businessmen. In particular, the list of ATP in the elections to the Duma comes a Adalet Jabiyev. Liberals do not mind even that he founded the Islamic Badr-Forte Bank "lost his license for repeated violations within one year of the law" On Countering the Legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and terrorist financing. "

Adherence to Sharia law has helped the ATP to agree on joint action with the opposition coalition The Other Russia, where everyone runs the long Islamized National Bolshevik Party (incidentally, its activities are prohibited in Russia). It is believed that the NBP leader Eduard Limonov, converted to Islam while in prison, after which the chief example was followed by his supporters. "Islam should be a religion equal to Orthodoxy - assured his teammates Eduard Limonov. - The current bias in favor of Orthodoxy, not only offends Muslims, but also insulted." "Muslims in our country for more than 20 million. It's the Russian people. Allah is great. Come to us Muslims. This Russia does not suit everyone. We need a different Russia. May Allah help us", - emphasized the leader of the National Bolsheviks.

Now it is difficult to tell who needed whom more - PCA "Other Russia" or vice versa. Most likely a mutual interest. First need a reliable and cheap as possible ally, the latter are interested in financial opportunities of the Union of Right Forces , is considered one of the richest political parties in Russia.

Anwar Gubadullin


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