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PR-campaign with philological shade

September 14 2006

Since the meeting between President Vladimir Putin's Russia with the Western Political Science at the Novo-Ogaryovo was nearly a week, but discussion of its results is continuing. Perhaps the most careful attention was focused on the term "sovereign democracy". A more accurate, meaning that it put politicians and political analysts.

Of course, comments from the participants of the meeting with Russian President not long in coming. It is clear that no one was hoping for a verbatim retelling of the conversation with Vladimir Putin. Therefore, even during the meeting began to publish comments and explanations of what the president said ...

For example, one of the participants of the meeting, French Professor Georges Sokoloff said that the question of the meeting organizer, the state news agency RIA Novosti, Russian President understands the words "sovereign democracy", the President replied "quite original: in its concept of a number of contradictions, since sovereignty belongs to the outside world, and democracy - a thing for internal use. "

This is the version the president said the words of professors from France. But it - only a small part of what Vladimir Putin said.

But it was enough to make "consistent fighters against the regime" in Russia and abroad have concluded that the head of state does not agree with the deputy head of his administration. In general, it is imagination, and the rest - business equipment. Although it is worth noting that the "first violin" played exactly RIA Novosti, which reprinted a passage Sokoloff of "contradictions". Later in the "Financial Times" appeared, and a transcript of a meeting between the president and political scientists, leaked to the pages of the influential British publication of the filing is likely to guide all of the same agency, RIA Novosti ...

But the answer sounded like the president in full: "Democracy - a way to organize society and state. This is entirely directed inside the country. Why not the same thing - sovereignty and democracy. However, in today's global world, in a globalizing world where borders are becoming more and increasingly blurred, we clearly see and observe that those countries which have moved, say, to solve their economic problems, those countries that actually have a monopoly on the world's media, and media are vital in the modern world generally, in politics, in economics - anywhere, given the porosity of national borders, unfortunately, all these modern tools of globalization are used frequently in the national interest to secure a competitive advantage in the global economy and world politics. And this is obvious. For us, in any case ...

That is, theoretically, of course, different concepts, concepts from different areas, but the modern global world, in my view, such a platform for discussion on this topic yet created ... I am in this debate do not interfere, I do not believe it harmful. If people will argue about this and in the course of these debates and discussions will appear some ideas that could be used in practical terms within the country and in our foreign policy, would not be worse. "

The difference between the stated Georges Sokoloff and that was in fact the president said, is so obvious that it makes no sense to discuss it. But what if the search for some hidden meaning? According to political analyst Dmitry Orlov, a random distortion of Vladimir Putin's words can not be named: "It was a short but massive negative PR-campaign against the doctrine of sovereign democracy, held both in Russia and abroad."

By the way, few people paid attention to the fact that this is the second PR-provocation made by the same scenario.

Remember, on July 11 last year, RFE / RL published a transcript of the report before the General Council of Vladislav Surkov association "Business Russia". And just as in the case of the President's remarks about sovereign democracy, the opposition began to replicate the resources utterance deputy chief. After only a day after the contents of transcript released by freedom, came to the members of the general council "Business Russia", fell rebuttal. The leader of this association Boris Titov openly called issued bogus. A similar replication of the President's remarks began with an informational message to RIA Novosti. However, if you try to find some published earlier in the week the texts do not succeed: they are physically destroyed from servers.

By the way, few people noticed that the one last year's provocation Radio Liberty, was arranged in connection with the first time uttered the term "sovereign democracy" in respect of the modern ideology of the Russian elite. Do you want to - do not want to conclude that someone is not fighting strenuously to the term - with the meaning of a formula derived from the President's message - 2005.

I need hardly doubt that this kind of campaign will be repeated in the future. As we approach 2008 this kind of provocation will be stamped as a conveyor. But this is unlikely to become a serious obstacle to further discussions on the issues that truly face our country.


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