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Dmitry Rogozin: "We need a party of national revenge"

September 14 2006

No, not that I would like to see the beginning of autumn. The scandal surrounding the tragedy in Beslan , strange association of the three political parties, the alarming situation in Kondopoga, more like a burning fuse. Fortunately or not, but all these incidents, one way or another been involved party "Rodina". And in the foreground was a man who has the party ticket for the number one, but now is just an ordinary member of the party. But it seems that in this state of uncertainty it remains to be short-lived. The former leader of the Motherland, "Dmitry Rogozin told about his vision of political and social situation in Russia, as well as its plans for the future.

- Dmitry O., certainly we do not first ask you a question about the events in Kondopoga. Yet. You have initiated a parliamentary investigation in Karelia. What steps should be taken to such situations do not happen again?

- The main reason - is power. It tends to be corrupt, tied with the criminal community, including those with ethnic criminal community. In Kondopoga it proved to be quite rigid with respect to the instigators and organizers of the crime. So the first thing: you have to put the power of the one that bears responsibility for the situation in the zone for which it is responsible. Second, of course, the immediate deportation, expulsion of all those criminal elements, including ethnic and criminal elements. Third: to make the citizens of type Kadyrov stopped blackmail the other regions of the guidance, as they say, the constitutional order by using their power units. I think these three things must be done immediately and put the whole thing under civilian control. In particular, under parliamentary scrutiny of the State Duma, which must not pretend that this is a simple hooliganism. Today it has become nationwide phenomenon.

- 14 September in Moscow planned a big rally: Moscow students will protest against the dominance of our universities and other non Caucasian students. You somehow will participate in this event?

- Well I, first, not a student, to participate in student activities, and secondly, against the fact that people went on strike against the joint study. I do not understand the word "dominance". There are talented decent guys from respectable families. I care about their nationality and the place whence they came. If they are citizens of Russia, for me they are all relatives, friends and equals. But when it comes to that, there are certain clan groups who are buying places in universities, then it comes to corruption. Students should go on strike against corruption, against the betrayal of their interests from the education community, which for the money fills the student's Bench illiterate people from the criminal ethnic backgrounds. When will thus be placed accents, I do not see anything wrong, on the contrary, I think it is possible to support this action.

- Not so long ago we talked with the leader of the Samara "Homeland" Vladimir Sherstneva , who was forced to surrender their membership card. And this is not an isolated case. Why are people running from the party?

- It is very difficult for the public to comment on the situation in the party, which still has to do with me. After all, I still am not an ordinary member of it: I have a membership card with many and then with the number one in the end. Therefore, do not share much of what is happening in this organization and, above all, the spirit of intolerance to another point of view. I think that it was possible to remove these problems even when they were only in their infancy.

p align = "justify"> Sherstneva I know long time. This is a builder, just a big businessman, a man of independent financially and politically, with his brains and with his device. His conflict with the leadership took place over the election of the mayor of Samara. I'll admit that there is incorrect behavior of the elements of both parties, because there was quite a sharp controversy over what position to take on these elections, and there was no in-depth analysis and understanding of personal situations, which is specifically Sherstnev many years directly on friendly terms with the current mayor city.

But if you talk about my attitude toward Sherstneva I never its not surrender. And in this situation, Vladimir G., even finding themselves outside the political party "Rodina", staying by my assistant, can count on my full support, for the future, the same way as the rest of my colleagues who have never betrayed their leader.

- Recently you stated that the government made a big mistake by deciding to eliminate the "homeland". Since the party had somehow deterred those children who found themselves outside the organization can take in the nationalist organization. Is that true?

- Your question is an element of blackmail power on my side, so I'm in the affirmative answer will not. I can say that there are not only political parties, there is also a powerful social organizations, such as the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, which is growing by leaps and bounds and is a very powerful network structure. They aim to participate in elections, becoming a political party, that is, demonstrate an enviable progress in its development with the consumption of small means.

- Do you want to say that DPNI it grows at the expense of the former "rodintsev?

- Including. So I can not say that "rodintsy" will replenish the ranks of the riots. It never happens while I am standing for these people. But the fact that they will be engaged in politics, will participate in the activities of such organizations as the Movement Against Illegal Immigration - doubt it not worth it.

If, say, a "homeland" would be to abandon the national-patriotic line in its development, the holy place is never empty - it will be filled by other organizations. In LDPR people do not go away, because they do not believe Zhirinovsky, believing it to figure in many ways provocative. But will go to public organizations, non-market conditions in the State Duma elections, which today is becoming less and less interesting for active political figures.

- You can send this mass in the positive direction?

- I at least, now trying to do it. Another thing I want all the same authorities to pay attention that with the help of physical elimination, eliminating me as a political figure, they will not solve any problems that exist in front of them. On the contrary, in any matter required by professionals, who deeply know the problem of illegal migration, repatriation, demography, foreign policy, etc. Today we need the party of national revenge, which can unite and employers and employees a single, unified national Russian idea of a breakthrough to a new 'capitalist' involvement, but in fact to the country's modernization, which will not only be the leader of Eurasia, and a technology leader in the world. I do not think that this can be done with the populist parties, such as the Communist Party, which is appealing mainly to poor people, or with the help of the liberal party, which advocates for the rich.This can be done only with the help of the national party, to which every citizen, regardless of income level, age and place of residence and occupation, is his. Such a party today does not yet exist in Russia, but more and more becoming popular and we will have created a company public organizations .

- You can say that you will be the leader of this party?

- No, it is not true, because it is still in my plans is not included. While I mention this more as a thinking person than as an organizer of a movement. I am a member of the party "Rodina" in and out is not going, if it is itself not a sentence to some tragic results and decisions.

- Is it possible that the "homeland" does not merge with the Party of Life , and you return to your party?

- People who are now dealt with the issue sufficiently competent. I think that they understand the full extent of the responsibility for maintaining the party "Rodina" and the best that she had. Another thing, I think that the mere process of negotiations for the merger "the motherland" with other organizations - this thing is absolutely forced. Just need the support, protection of some influential persons, in order to keep the organization is in the status of a political party.

- That is, association parties will not happen?

- I never said that. I've said that for those for whom the only way of existence is to participate in the current Russian parliament, for them what is happening with the Motherland Party, is still the only chance of survival. But even if this process is associated with its destruction of the party "Rodina", still the spirit of the party will not disappear, it just goes into some new social initiatives, but relying on a young, young, proud and stubborn tribe that I see on the horizon.


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