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For Salvage answer!

March 14 2007

Discussion of current problems and prospects of Russian nationalist movement ended completely in Russian, that is a fight. The reason for the battle, though, was another moment of clarification: which of the two opponents like a person with different sexual orientation and for how much he sold his homeland.

Roundtable on "What is Russian nationalism" in the House of Journalists gathered in Moscow on the cream of the old and the new nationalist Guard. Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI), the Conservative Revolutionary Front (KRF), the People's National Party (NNP), National-Socialist Society (FNL), the National Sovereign Party of Russia (NSPR), the National Patriotic Front "Memory" (NPF Memory "), National Union (UA), Slavic Union (HS) - this is not a complete list of organizations, whose representatives gathered in the pre-holiday day on March 7 for a round table.

As reported in the final press release, the discussion "was to develop a common view that nationalism should be regarded as love for their nation, and the unselfish love and translated into deeds, as well as the desire to preserve their nation, to protect from humiliation and aggression." In addition, Russian nationalists have agreed that should not be allowed to "national rhetoric was used profane and alien elements of the Russian people to achieve their selfish individual and group interests at the expense of a robbery and degradation of the Russian people." And, it seems, it is this element of the program has caused controversy among the participants.

During the break, the leaders of several organizations went into another room, so to speak, on the sidelines to decide who are the least loves his homeland.

Traitors to the interests of the Russian people turned out to be the leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, Alexander Belov (real name - Potkin. - Prim. Aut.), Which first caught in a non-Russian origin ("I told you a Jew" - dropped in the face Belov activist Malyuta FNL, but this attack on the leader DPNI ignored), then the FNL leader Dmitry Rumyantsev has consistently tried to prove Belov that he sold henchmen of Jewish oligarchs, Stanislav Belkovsky and because it abandons its words, then only as "Pedoe .. som can not be called.

The interview was filmed on video , so it is possible to exactly quote the course of the conversation :

A. Belov: That I would like to ask Malyuta about what I get paid by Belkovsky. What are you talking about? Why do you say?

Malyuta: I would argue that you communicate with Belkovsky.

D. Rumyantsev: I say with all the concrete that you're after a rally in defense of Nazarov personally told me: "Take a Salvage Belkovsky and remove Nazarova. Those were your words alone.

A. Belov: Well, once I explain. I met you, I, Mironov. Sergey (Malyuta), right? There was a meeting? Sergei said that you invested in Kabardino-Balkaria and seven thousand dollars and said they would withdraw, if you pay 10,000 bucks. Mironov told you "I get them, and, in my opinion, this was a proposal from Belkovsky. I believe that this too was dishonorably toward Kvachkov and Mironov, who were generally on the beggar.

D. Rumyantsev: So you give up what you tell me? Yes? So you're Al ... pid! Because you give up your words!

After that, Dmitry Rumyantsev, the leader of Movement Against Illegal Immigration threw on the floor, striking the ear.

Development of the conflict was not followed and the participants returned to the common room to continue the discussion."It seemed to me, the participants in this conflict, which quickly resolved, then sat and chatted amiably enough" - said organizer of this roundtable Rashitsky Alexander, who was present at the site of hostilities. True, Alexander D. refused any comment this incident, because, in his words, "the task of the round table was not part of the problem no one to quarrel, reconcile, and to evaluate what had happened."

Meanwhile, Alexander Belov argues that Dmitry Rumyantsev deliberately arranged against provocation. In an interview he told in detail about the past conflict:

- He accused me that I called for him to take money from Belkovsky. In fact, the case was this: In elections Kvachkov ran candidates nominated by both the NSO and the Movement Against Illegal Immigration - Alexey Nazarov. On this occasion, and I said that as a chance Kvachkov more Nazarov should withdraw his candidacy. But Rumyantsev and Davydyuk said: "We will shoot with you only need money. But where Kvachkov take the money? I replied that it was not really - there is no money in Kvachkov. Then they offered me to take money from Belkovsky - 10,000 dollars. So I said: "Go to him yourself and talk." So I told them that I will not go to Belkovsky - let them go and talk to yourself. Here's how it was. But everything else - a provocation. Boris Mironov, who is now in the Lower, in fact, requested me to arrange a meeting with Rumyantsev. I'm tired, I always lie, enjoy unimaginable rumors. It seems that these rumors are spreading security officers. As it comes to Rumyantsev - I do not know.

Alexander Belov also refuted the allegation that Rumyantsev hit him. "The video, where everything is sealed, there is the fact that he hit me. He wanted to hit me but missed. What's he got, I do not know." Swing was quite serious. I just avoided - and all "- he stressed. But despite the fact that Alexander Belov sure that conflict with Rumyantsev was a provocation because, firstly, "to organize the conference some fights and disassembly - it is uncivilized," and secondly, Rumyantsev knew that a criminal Belova case in Karelia and he can not answer a ldiera DPNI only one claim to his abuser. "Less use of stimulants, to try to adequately understand the different things happening, do not use rumors - Belov said. - Of course, if he apologized for the rudeness, I would be very grateful. And so, I will take him a boor, will not be with him communicate and deal with it.

Meanwhile, the story of the election campaign of Vladimir Kvachkov in December 2005 actually contains a lot of dark moments. Here's how to describe the situation themselves National Socialists :

"At the moment we put forward Alexei Nazarov, Colonel Kvachkov was going to run on a different constituency, and for us was totally unexpected change in their constituency. We could not, and did not want to agitate against the Colonel Kvachkov. But at the same time created a very ambiguous situation. Also once the forces that stand behind Colonel Kvachkov, began to exert pressure on us. Realizing that strong pressure on us is not possible, they resorted to moral pressure. In our inbox was bombarded with letters in which we hysterically begged off candidate Alexei Nazarov, "to save him from prison," Colonel Kvachkov.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that we learned about the involvement of headquarters Kvachkov known political adventurer Belkovsky. This figure is so odious, that have at least some relationship with those who use its services, it seemed impossible., However, of companions, whom we respect, have persuaded us to hold a meeting with representatives of the electoral headquarters of Colonel Kvachkov.

At that meeting, the first question that we asked a representative of the staff - very well-known anti-Semite in Russian circles - what relation to the election of Vladimir Kvachkov has Stanislav Belkovsky. In response, we heard some obscure explanation that Belkovsky is not a trustee Kvachkov, but the campaign headquarters has decided to take his services to withdraw the charges of anti-Semitism. Furthermore, the representative of Staff Kvachkov unequivocally demanded of us to Alexey Nazarov withdrew his candidacy. And then he explained that if this does not happen, then - neither more nor less - VAT will be guilty of that Kvachkov remained in prison and that those forces which are behind the headquarters Kvachkov use all information resources Stanislav Belkovsky to hang FNL all possible dirt which consists in the fact that we perform for the money order for the destruction of Anatoly Chubais Colonel Kvachkov.

As a result, Alexey Nazarov withdrew his candidacy, Vladimir Kvachkov lost the election, and Stanislav Belkovsky continued to flirt with the national-patriotic movement, which is likely, and bred patriots various camps. It is difficult to say whether the company will remain with those who gathered on March 7, Alexander Belov. After all, in fact, taken as a result of the meeting in the House of Journalists decided to begin preparations for the Congress of Russian nationalists, and the roundtable participants to consider organizing committee responsible for organizing the congress, scheduled for September of 2007, actually opposes the Russian nationalists, the Congress of Russian Rogozinski communities, where the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, and National Strategy Institute, headed by Belkovsky play a role.

Arina Semenova


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