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Funny eggs Mironov

February 14 2007

Just Russia party, led by Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, was again at the center of the egg scandal. Not so long ago in St. Petersburg, Sergei Mironov himself became a target for yaytsemetateley from the NBP. And yesterday suffered one more embarrassing - chicken eggs shelled member of Just Russia, the mayor of Stavropol, Dmitry Kuzmin. And, as it became known today, PR consultants Just Russia offered the perfect solution: to no longer have problems with eggs, the party still does not have its own symbols, as a distinctive mark will choose ... egg. True, they have to resolve all issues with MTS, the symbol of which is the egg. However, political strategists are confident that the cooperation agreement will benefit both of Fair Russia and OAO Mobile TeleSystems (MTS).

But, first things first. In November last year until now very few people known Sergei Mironov, the odnachase became a celebrity. Glory humble Speaker Sovfeda brought eggs, which hurled him to the activists' National Bolshevik Party . Mironov at the time of the flying shells dodged him, and terrorists ... praise, saying that he shared the indignation of the NBP new amendments to electoral legislation. They say it all "United Russia" to blame, and generally, if not Gryzlov - no eggs in the country would not be rushed. "There - he said - the failure of youth policy, once the young people themselves to such methods against resorting" behaved like a true politician, in a word. Mironov has passed inspection for lice, the test for a fool, and passed brilliantly "egg-examination." Honestly, I have not experienced with him before I'd even be admired uncle. To sum up: nerves are strong, improvising is easy, self-esteem is developed without abnormalities, aha! "- was delighted with the actions of Sergey Mironov natsbol Andrei Korshunov.

Thus, a conflict with the NBP has been settled, and the idea of an egg as a symbol of a free and fair policy, remained. And who knows what would've matter if it were not Stavropol Mayor Andrew Kuzmin.

Following the policy of the party, Kuzmin decided to take care of the townspeople-car owners by dismantling the monument to the Cossacks of General Dovatora liberation of Stavropol region of the Nazis. The memorial stele, established in 1975, allegedly interfered with the passage of vehicles. "It was a typical" Estonian version. Laid the first "speed bump" stuck traffic lights, created a traffic jam. Then he dismantled part of a circle, on which stood tridtsatimetrovy monument. Then he appeared, signed by not even the head, but somehow the chief engineer (about the possibility of its fall). Then he was taken down "- restores the chain of events Duma deputy, member of the faction" United Russia "Pavel Voronin.

Of course, not all citizens stood by the demolition of the monument. However, the pickets, organized in defense of boards, repeatedly broken up. It is possible that the eggs, melted in Dmitri Kuzkina, when he met with voters in Mineral Waters, have responded Russian patriots perturbed hypocrisy Mr. Kuzmin. And here's the handy already past run-in public opinion from St. Petersburg version. The leader of Just Russia, Sergey Mironov, even ahead of the victim mayor, issued a statement that the incident - a provocation "United Russia". More precisely, its youth wing - the Young Guard. " "This" great "party, I am referring to United Russia, fearing defeat, hires his" Red Guards "who victimized helpless pensioners", - he said.After that there were already witnesses who claimed that the attackers were dressed in T-shirts "Young Guards". "Young Guards, in turn, called the accusation ridiculous and baseless. According to a member of political council of the Young Guard "Andrei Tatarinov, Stavropol branch of the organization did not perform that day no shares, and in general," Young Guard "uses other methods of political struggle. In this way, I'm sure Andrei Tatarinov, "Fair Russia" trying "to improve their rating.

Indeed, the action was very organized, the attackers, but "victims", virtually no one has seen, let alone that made Sergei Mironov to throw all his affairs, and urgently to investigate this incident, suggesting one after the other operational comments - and at all surprising.

Whatever it was, but the story of the forgotten Kuzmin, and the egg as a symbol of all that is new, decorate the party emblem. As shown by many years of experience conducting electoral campaigns, it is through eggs, many candidates receive utility bill or bank votes. Especially topical issue eggs for Easter. And if the "Fair Russia" will give to every Russian on the egg, the rating of the party will increase many times. Especially among the faithful. Planned negotiations with the staff and the electoral headquarters of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, sponsored cartoon of "Merry eggs. But if the Ukrainian version of the "merry eggs" was directed against Viktor Yanukovich, the same eggs will be adapted to Russian conditions and brought in a completely different appearance.

Dmitry Aksenov


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