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Mikhail Moskvin-Tarkhanov: "I do not believe in tears opposition

November 13 2006

One of the defining themes in anticipation of a new electoral cycle of 2007-2008 was the initiative of "United Russia" to abolish the turnout in elections to the federal authorities. According to "United Russia" the interest of citizens to elections and political activism in contemporary Russia is rather high, but because the electoral process does not require additional "props".

If we take the international experience, the lack of a minimum voter turnout is typical for the legislation of developed countries, with extensive experience in building democratic institutions, such as Britain, Spain, USA etc. There are, of course, and the country in which the contrary, for failing to vote for irresponsible citizens imposed penalties. But to drive voters to vote with a stick - not the best way out. So cutting turnout definitely more honest than the previously proposed law on compulsory attendance. "Obyazalovke" can give only one - to level the idea of elections. The situation in which 20 percent of the population will vote thoughtfully, examining policies of the parties and made his choice, while 80 per cent - anyhow, "for show", brings the system to the absurd.

We were asked to comment on the situation MP Moscow City Duma, a member of the faction "United Russia" Mikhail Moskvin-Tarhanova:

- What is the cancellation of this threshold? This requires a good understanding of what happens when one or another summons. If the turnout is small, it comes to active political constituency, it comes as from the "United Russia", and from other parties. Moreover, activists of political parties a lot, and at a low turnout of more seats taking the opposition, because the protest electorate just comes. And voters from the opposition - he is very active and always comes. That is, the opposition is the winner with low turnout. For example, in this case, will drastically increase the chances of the Communists. And the Democrats also benefit.

So I really like to watch how hypocritical tears spilled opposition. In fact, they have a secret joy about this, because they know that it suits them. At a low turnout is very much dependent on the activists. If the decision to abolish the turnout will be finally adopted, the ruling party would not be very straining its resources that would benefit the Communists. But they recently broke a solid PR - so they are indignant about the decision, despite the fact that they need it like air.

The most they squeak in the State Duma, because another reason to draw attention to themselves, but inside, in fact, they understand that this is a winning moment for them. For the Democrats, too, there is a moment of winning, because a large turnout - this is a protest vote, offended, that is, the LDPR, and all these different parties. Those parties, for which normally do not vote, but this will take it and vote. Like, I do not like these, these, too, but here was written some sort of "National Power", here I am for it and vote.

With an average turnout at polling stations are public, which believes that everything is in order, as the ruling party is in power. They come and people with civil liability, and mass conformists who vote for the ruling party, because they always vote just for the ruling party. Therefore, the average turnout of the party wins power. Party in power benefit the average turnout - 20-30%. Not profitable or 10% or 50%.

And with quite a large turnout raises those layers that are unpredictable and that have a spontaneous protest. Very rapidly to gain votes rudimentnye and fringe parties - in fact comes to random people, which in principle to the elections did not go.If no counts against all, then at a high barrier to appear the opposition again begins to fill with juice, intercepting voice protest electorate. Such a situation is good for the LDPR - in this case they will receive the highest percentage of votes, because there are people just voted for Zhirinovsky.

In local elections, I can say that this principle is realistic and practical. Why drive all vote for deputies of the Municipal Assembly is simply ridiculous. I think that at the higher levels, it looks not democratic. It is important to vote is really those who want to do it.


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