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October 13 2011

Declared war on the radical Left "Fair Russia". Activists of the unregistered party ROT-Front opened the season on the agitators from the "Socialist-Revolutionaries", specializing in graffiti.

About the beginning of the campaign can be found on the abundance of advertisements parties and individual candidates, which are located not only at special booths or advertising banners. At best, distributors agitmaterialov stick them in a mailbox or a stick in the doorway, in the worst message of the existence of a political party, draw paint on the facade of the house, fence, pavement, etc. The latter form of advertising do not like people, but enjoy the party spin doctor, because in financial terms is considerably cheaper than paper products, and the effectiveness of this form of reminders of themselves - much higher.

By some illegality and, at least, not aesthetic, major parties rarely resort to such forms of expression, leaving it to the share of small marginal groups. However, even in this case, there are exceptions - the tactics of propaganda decided to learn the "Fair Russia". The abbreviation "CP" and decipher its inscription "Fair Russia" caused by the yellow color (company color Party), appeared on the walls, doors entrances, bus stops, etc. in several Russian cities. However, activists of the unregistered party "Rot Front" did not tolerate the antics of "Socialist-Revolutionaries" who, in their opinion, "has transformed every facet," declaring them a real war.

Radical Left had its contraction, with a few adjustments to abrreviaturu "CP". As a result, the inscriptions at last acquired a meaning to "shit", "asshole", "sracha," "Here shit Just Russia." However, giving the abbreviation of the party Sergei Mironov, its true meaning is a secondary objective. First of all, the activists "Rot Front" dirty dog ​​looking for themselves. And they found.

On the video, laid out on YouTube, shows how the leftists will attempt to talk to two teenagers, soiling the walls of a house paint. However, the guys were obviously not expecting strangers, and therefore began to run. One of them managed to catch up, but sacrificed his bag agitator for freedom - escaped and fled. As a result of inspection of the trophy, bags were removed from stencils, cans of paint, the symbolism of "Fair Russia" and a jar of alcohol cocktail "Jaguar". "Rot Front says a resounding" no "to those who trash our city," - say the authors of this video. And they added: "And those who betrayed the Left - we recall that nothing is forgotten and no one is forgotten !!!".

Such a sharp attack against the "Fair Russia" due to a struggle between two trends within the unregistered party. Supporters of the interaction with the "Socialist-Revolutionaries" were calculated for inclusion in the lists of "CP" in the State Duma elections and "soaked" the main competitors of the Communist Party Sergei Mironov. The other wing thought that it was the Communist Party, with all its shortcomings, defends the interests of workers, and "Fair Russia", respectively, no more than a decoration under the socialist sauce. And in the Leningrad region, as can already guess, the regional office of Rot-Front has found a common language with the Communists.

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