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The West invests in "democracy" Limonov millions of pounds

July 13 2006

A meeting of ambassadors or other official representatives of foreign countries with the leaders of the opposition of other countries - something common and in some cases even encouraged. And no one accuse the Ambassador of Germany or Italy, if they are in addition to a visit to George W. Bush want pobalakat with the leaders of the Democratic Party of the USA. But hardly being in sober mind and sane foreign diplomat in the U.S. would want to meet with representatives of the Ku Klux Klan or with the leadership of the Irish Republican Army in Britain. But this is also part of civil society, fighting for the independence and fairness. Even if this justice is only in their understanding. And what a scandal, when Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed a willingness to meet with the leader of the winning democratic elections in the Palestinian party Hamas, which Israel, the U.S. and other countries consider a terrorist.

And even more surprising that the interest of foreign envoys to the conference held in Moscow The Other Russia ", which was honored by the attention and the British Ambassador to Russia Anthony Brenton, and the Canadian Ambassador to Russia Christopher Westdal, and two deputy U.S. secretary of state - Barry Lounkren and Dan Fried, and as members of the European Parliament. Moreover, attended the conference, not as individuals but as official representatives of governments of their powers, as stated by the organizers of The Other Russia ". However, almost did not happen bobble with the French ambassador, Jean Cadet. Feeling bad, he tried to wriggle out of participation, but angry speech the leader of the United Civil Front, Garry Kasparov, who said that of all the countries of the Group of Eight, only France did not even respond to the invitation, made the Ambassador still long to visit the conference hall of the Renaissance . However, his colleague from the UK Entin Brenton was more determined, and expressed his satisfaction with what he saw: "They only looked at this room, you know which way Russia has done," - he said. Indeed, it was worth a look at the room to see which way to understand the West should go to Russia.

None of the major in Russian parliamentary parties refused to participate in this "council of the wicked" as deftly described the conference is the oldest leader of the democratic movement in Russia Valeriya Novodvorskaya. Yabloko leader Grigory Yavlinsky, simply did not want to interrupt his vacation for who knows how long, and the negative attitude of Yabloko to former ex-premier Mikhail Kasyanov, who is trying unsuccessfully to try on the crown of Russian opposition leader, known to all. ATP Chairman Nikita White only political inexperience and naivete of children rushed to agree to participate, after which he had to work hard, right up to the organization's own press conference to explain to everyone why he changed his mind and does not want to sit at one table with marginal communist Anpilov and at least marginal National Bolshevik Limonov.

Original scandal came out with the party "Rodina". organizers of the "Other Russia" very much like to see at the conference leaders of the patriotic opposition " . But on the whole sympathetic Kasyanov ex-leader of the Motherland, "Dmitry Rogozin, found that the composition of the participants is too odious even for him, and may do more harm than good. The leader of the Motherland "Alexander Babakov and does strictly punish their subordinates under pain of death to circumvent a mile" counsel of the ungodly. " As a result, disobedient Mikhail Delyagin not vnyavshego Board leadership was expelled from the party .But more subtle than any enrolled member of the Rodina faction in the Duma Sergei Glazyev. In order not to spoil relations either with the "motherland" or the "Other Russia", he refused to participate in the conference, but did not get to it, instead of sending a sensational news. According to the conference organizing committee spokesman Sergei Glazyev Tkachuk, on his boss, who hurried to the Renaissance, was attacked by unknown, striking to the head with something heavy. No further details were reported, except that the widely publicized concussion, which the eyes had received as a result of the attack, it turned out, according to all the same Tkachuk, a fiction. In general, as they say, and Sergey ate fish, and bone well totally choked.

Refused to participate in the "Other Russia" and Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov, who, according to our sources in the Communist Party, tried to persuade to come to the conference one of the assistant secretary of state. Who knows, if Gennady Andreyevich asked him company at the conference the leader of the Communist Party of the USA, perhaps, the chief of the Russian communists still would have thought. But such clumsy work, threatens to put his career Zyuganov, is capable of lifelong label stick to him dancing under the American tune man, deeply angered the Russian communist leader, who might want to not be "supernumerary at some strange ball." "We do not participate in such actions, we have no conditions for the" orange "revolution in Russia would not" orange leprosy. "In Russia there are other conditions of the struggle and stiffer competition for the true interests of the people", - leader of the Communist Party on press conference in "Interfax".

Gennady Zyuganov as the water looked. Participants were clearly demonstrated: foreign countries do not rely on parliamentary or willing to influence Russian politics, the parliamentary opposition to the methods, and the explicit marginal , calculated solely for the forcible change of power in Russia. And not even on the model of the Ukrainian "Orange Revolution", and relying on the practice of the revolutions in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan, accompanied by riots and armed clashes. So it is not surprising that the leader of the National Bolshevik Party of Eduard Limonov was a welcome guest at the conference, and foreign visitors did not seem to notice the totalitarian pretensions of the new Russian leader.

For example, when during a speech by Anthony Brenton activist "Eurasian Union of Youth" pamphlets scattered around the hall, the British diplomat even tried to joke: "Nothing, just like we have in England," - he said. But the Englishman immediately demonstrated that Russia is not Great Britain, but because here a short conversation with the dissenters - "Eurasians" thrown to the floor and right there in front of the diplomat was beaten and broke two ribs that. Do not know senior foreign visitors and that in order to ensure full democracy at a conference in the hall were not allowed to "unfriendly", according to organizers of the conference, the media . Someone just did not accredited before the start of the conference, someone was not allowed in the hall, someone, like, a journalist of the newspaper "Sight" were twisted behind his back, hand thrown on the street. In general, the "democracy" is once again celebrated the victory.

And this was no exception. Many people who are at least partially familiar with the political situation in Russia, were surprised to learn that members of Other Russia "represent the interests of civil society."Suffice it to refer to the program of the National bolshevisstkoy Party leader Eduard Limonov appliance has among the organizers of the conference:" The essence of National Bolshevism - a burning hatred of the inhuman system of Trinity: "liberalism / democracy / capitalism." The ideals and images that chooses the leader of the NBP, apprehensive: "He (Hitler), the image of understated and laughed at us. Despite its folds, Hitler remains one of the great men of the 20 th century ... does not bother me such labels as" fascist, "" National Socialist "and others", - said in a letter that was sent to foreign guests "Other Russia" members of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

One can only partly agree with one of the leading Liberal Democratic Party Alexei Mitrofanov, that "the Conference" The Other Russia "is becoming more like a circus." If it were only a representation, then it would not be so sad. Anthony Brenton at the conference said that London receives an annual and will allocate millions of pounds to work with Russian NGOs. "We are confident that this money will help Russia to become richer, stronger and freer" - finished his speech by British Ambassador to the accompaniment of deafening applause from the many "fighters of the opposition from the BNP, who felt the alluring smell of money.

In an interview with Canadian television station CTV News Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Western nations support sees such events as the "Other Russia" as an attempt to influence the internal balance of power in Russia. "I do not really know what the alternative summit, but I've heard that some of our political opponents inside the country they want to use it as an excuse to promote their views on the situation inside the country, our foreign policy. This is done, of course, in anticipation of State Duma elections. And if officials of other countries are supporting such initiatives, it means that they are just a little bit trying to influence the domestic political balance of forces in Russia ", - said Russian President.

Igor Kulagin


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