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Will the Negro President of Russia?

June 13 2006

That the total could be between the Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov and co-chair of the National Sovereign Party of Alexander Sevastyanov? Like anything. If the first - a convinced Communist, for which the works of Marx, Engels and Lenin are the unquestioned authority, then for the second, author of "What we want from the Jews", "C International. In a black hole," "Kill the Bolshevik. In Me" and etc., the ideas of communism are not a ray of bills in the darkness. Nevertheless, it is even possible that in the next parliamentary and presidential elections, the two antagonists will be used in one column.

In principle, at least once it has already happened. At the recent May Day demonstration in Moscow, Gennady Zyuganov, head of the column of workers, and Alexander Sevastyanov, with its associates, its up the rear. And if not threatened revolt Komsomol bosses, almost laid the membership cards on the table in protest against the bows of the Communist Party with "fascists" attempted cooperation could be considered a success.

But that is done - all the better. As it turned out, a willingness of the Communists and nationalists to act together on housing, labor, anti-American threat was not enough - the ideological differences put the bandwagon all the undertakings, no matter how good or bad they were not. Maybe so, discussion, organized under the "Open Russian Readings" Russian Public Movement "(ROD) has been very helpful. "Nationalism and the Left ideology: that the allies whether enemies?" - This topic interested many. Moreover, that the prospect to contemplate for one table the representatives of diametrically opposite ideologies proved to be extremely amusing.

Theoretically, the slogan under which were read, could be worded as "we are not slaves, slaves do not we." Speakers, one after another argued that the difference between communism and nationalism, virtually non-existent, that the modern Communist Party on its ideology is no longer Communist, but almost that already a nationalist, in what is afraid to admit, first of all to itself.

For some reason, leftists in the room was not (and if they were, behaved in an extremely quiet), and therefore take the rap for the entire Communist Party had to play from the rostrum of the Communist Party member Peter Miloserdova and modestly sitting in the gallery chief editor of the official website of the Communist Party, Anatoly Baranov . After a brief introduction, Peter Kimovich stated that he personally does not see large differences between the communists and nationalists, and those that are available, such as atheism, will not be an insurmountable obstacle to the inevitable union.

In fact, that such an alliance is sure to be, I wanted to believe right now. Rapporteur is very thoroughly explained that the activities of the Communist Party, he personally assesses triple-minus, and the popularity of communist ideas, as opposed to the nationalist, is declining . But the Communist Party was quite not what it once was. Now the Communists may go to church, and the party has long stood at the rails national patriotism, raising the discussion of the "Russian question. So, join the Communists and nationalists in God himself (or, if someone will seem more credible, Marx) ordered. The a reasonable question "Who is more need a union?" negligible sumlyaschesya said "U.S.." No less than Peter Miloserdov evasive answer, and on the other, no less than a reasonable question that he absolutely with nationalist views is doing in the Communist Party, explaining that the ideology of the Communist Party he was attracted first and foremost a humanistic approach and program of the party.

what lies behind this mysterious "we", voluntarily or involuntarily disclosed "conservative journalist Dmitry Volodikhin, explaining that now Russian nationalists to enter into the power of using the legal platform of the Communist Party, entitled, as a political party to participate in elections.

Perhaps the only one who said about the impossibility of any alliance with the Communists because of the incompatibility of ideologies of nationalism and socialism became the leader of the NDPR Alexander Sevastyanov. An example of such incompatibility was cited model for building national bolshevistkoy party, where an attempt to combine nationalistic tendencies of the Bolshevik content led only to a permanent split. However, according to eyewitnesses, a more precise example would be the situation with the party "Rodina", where nationalism Rogozin, faced with socialism Glazyev, has degenerated into a "oranzhizm" Babakova. But even the anti-communist Sevastyanov, who told a few jokes and tales from his student life, casually mentioned that one of his family were "red" and "white", so that the hatred nor those of any other experience, he can not . And socialism - this is a compromise between capitalism and communism, so that remains to be seen which way the pendulum will swing.

It is natural that in the course of the play was not without discussion of racial components of the problem. When Dmitri Volodikhin expressed in general the idea of a sensible solution to the problem of illegal migrants, offering not omit the "Iron Curtain", and to regulate immigration policy by other means. For example, the introduction of a mandatory exam on the Russian language and culture to other nationalities applying for any administrative positions (in principle, this test could be conducted for any and all contenders for power). But laying out on the heads of listeners a ton of arguments in defense of his theory, he stumbled on a primitive question: "Can a black man become president of Russia, if you pass the required exam?". Did not want to answer it and the previous platform. Even the Communist Miloserdov unexpectedly forgetting the principle of internationalism and humanism.

Strictly speaking, a clear answer to it could be a few of those present. If yes - he would read in the eyes of the audience at least misunderstanding. In the case of a negative - crumbled to the whole theory of cooperation.

The question of nation-building will probably become key in the formation of a left-nationalist coalition. In fact, until now, the Communist rallies you can see many posters with anti-Semitic slogans, whose content does not differ from those with whom they come to rallies those who are the same communists contemptuously referred to as "brown." So, the question will be resolved as soon as the "blood of the nation" (a trend that exist) will be solved and all the others, not as matters of principle.

The only danger that could face the Communist Party leader, putting his signature to the treaty, so it is with the danger of splitting the Communist Party. Few for whom a secret that within the Communist Party are vying several groups, including opponents and supporters of the alliance with the nationalists. And although DPNI leader Alexander Belov refute this thesis , believing that criticism of the Communist Party in connection with the Movement Against Illegal Immigration in the majority comes "from obscure small parties of the left front and the other organizations in the 20-30 people who do not represent from itself," party's position on many issues shows that the differences in the Communist Party still exists. But it is also clear is that the Communist Party did worse nationalist sentiments.Will pour it into a full alliance with the ultra-right, or will be limited to short-term co-operation, one thing is clear - it's a critical time, when the Communists will have to go either for scrapping the old ideology, or find the courage to admit the inability to effectively use accumulated over several decades of knowledge and experience.

Igor Kulagin


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