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Friday, 1913's: the insurgent from London

April 13 2007

The evil genius of Russian opposition was so angry, that threw the not only their direct and potential adversaries, but also put into a trance allies. What else? Do you like to ride for others, love and the whims of its master. Even if they are ... shall we say, somewhat eccentric character.

In an interview with the British "The Guardian" Boris Berezovsky said nothing new. And the fact that during the past six years trying to destroy the positive image of Putin, and how to maintain contact with members of the Russian political elite who share his view of Putin, and that "it is impossible to change this regime through democratic means," so to overthrow him "it is necessary to use force." Like the fact that preparing a revolution in Russia, he makes "some practical steps, mostly financial."

Something like Boris Abramovich gave earlier. But his maxims on the early revolution in Russia is mainly interested in law enforcement who are interested, in turn, the British Government on the secretion of the accused on criminal rights, calling directly to terrorism. On the misty Albion claims Russia took note, but only threw up his hands: they say, we understand, but can not do anything.

The first major scandal erupted during the "March of Dissent in St. Petersburg on March 3 this year. Posters "Berezovsky, we are with you" , who carried the protestors were at the center of attention of journalists and photographers. Organizers of the event, foaming at the mouth to prove that this is a provocation, that nothing they do not have to Berezovsky, etc. Needless to say that Mr. Berezovsky was offended by their patrons, to repay him with such ingratitude. And now, April 13, 2007, on the eve of "March of Dissent" in Moscow, and right in the birthday protagonists coming march Garry Kasparov and Irina Hakamada, BAB Recalls who's boss.

Demarche Berezovsky called real panic in the camp of the opposition. "That I can not decide: this man an idiot or just a provocateur - writes the leader of the youth Yabloko, Ilya Yashin . - He does not understand that in Russia he just hate I do not understand that banal substitutes the people who are really struggling with Putin mode (here in Russia, rather than in distant London). likely to understand. And he does it deliberately. Because Gapon. Good will, if the UK will give this Khrenova revolutionary Russian prosecutor's office "- sums up Yashin.

"He's the one in London, he was, in principle, nothing will happen, but we go on the march. And probably will be forceful, it is already known that they will" - hysteria, editor in chief of the Internet newspaper "Novosti North West, the leader of the St. Petersburg spokesman Andrei Dmitriev . - But the leaders of The Other Russia ", those who ought to be first to shout, to expose, to sound the alarm - silent. Or, as the leader Eduard Limonov, NBP, calmly and confidently said: "I am not privy to the plans of Boris Berezovsky. I do not want to fantasize about this. As for his right to do a variety of applications, I think he's a responsible person and knows that doing.

Berezovsky knows what to do. And lemons, probably knows what makes Berezovsky. And Kasparov knows. And Kasyanov.The script of the upcoming "March of Dissent" has long been approved, cleared, and can not be changed. "Dissent is needed blood. Looking for provocation. And the statement Berezovsky really a climate. It may be called a provocateur, instigator ... Yes he was and is. Sitting in London he can not personally appear at the Dissenters' March, but may be hovering in the skies over Pushkin Square, a satisfied looking at it as a "dissenting" like a fairy tale berserk rush to the riot police, get rebuffed, bloodshed, heard cries of desperation, pleas for mercy and ... an endless bolt shot cameras and looking for a convenient view comfortably so posochnee picture cameramen.

It's done. Britain will never go out to extradite Berezovsky, the country where racing "free democratic march. Zombie "dissenting", received his portion of the cuffs of riot police, pull in cash for honestly earned a penny on the basis of the struggle for democracy. And goodbye. Until next March.

Dmitry Nosov


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