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Hunting for 'bears': Lessons from the Russian "Life"

October 12 2006

"What child would not teshilos, if only not to hang" - could say "United Russia", looking at the attempts of the Party of Life Sergei Mironov, a second "party of power". Or even the first, on what, exactly, and expect the leaders of three parties announced the creation of some horrible mutant of the party with an unpronounceable name. People rumor amused enough on this score, suggesting the leaders of the coalition be called a "homeland of living of pensioners, or ZhiRoPensami, or even some catchy name.

But the laughter of a joke, but in the meantime the party has no name entered in his first and, perhaps, not the last battle with his main opponent - "United Russia". Nothing else, in general, and not left. While fully integrated on the power of the coalition could not cooperate or, conversely, not to compete with the Communists, nor with the Democrats, with any other opposition parties. In the first case it was impossible for the simple reason that fully support the policy by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mironov and Co. would look very foolish in the ranks of critics of the Putin regime. In the second, it does not differ from the "United Russia", which again would seem rather strange. In short, putting aside all more or less plausible ideology, ZhiRoPensy focused on a single task: uest "United Russia".

By and large, Coy any chance of success at "mironovtsev" were. The bottleneck at the "United Russia" was in its greatest strength - strength. And it is not about the party's supporters among ordinary citizens, but of party affiliation, officer-bureaucratic apparatus.

Alas, but the struggle between officials for a place under the sun is not much different from the gladiator fights without rules, where the winner is not judged. Ownership is the staff, for example, regional administration imposes on them some specific responsibility, the need to respect the party ethics and discipline. That is, simply, nullifies all the politics and intrigues and squabbles. The emergence of another "party of power" to receive the good from the President, allows those who for one reason or another could not stake a place in party vertical of power, one more chance. Also in the party vertical, but parallel to the first. In short, occurred a balance of forces.

Something like this should have happened two years ago, when the label on a parallel "United Russia" was issued by the structure of Dmitry Rogozin and Rodina. After the success in the parliamentary elections of 2003, the "homeland" reached out a thin stream regional officials, hoping to make a career in the new, not cobble structure. But the sharp turn, Dmitry Rogozin somewhere away from the Party line, put a cross on their ambitions, while leaving open the question of the second "party of power" in Russia.

The situation brilliantly used the Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, had once tried to create a party of social orientation. But salvation muskrats quite upset the Russians and the Party of Life, received a double with the Party of Revival of Russia its 1,8% prepared to go to the funeral. And if not stubbornness, Sergei Mironov, the personal funds supporting the party barely flickering ember of life, nothing would have happened. But coal waited weak breeze, dry firewood - and burst into flames.

senny phase of elections to the regional authorities had to give an answer - will the new "Union Trust" of Life, Rodina and retirees to compete with United Russia or return where no return. How would say classic, I'm trembling creature or the right to have. But to believe in their own importance, and the hatchet amiss.

And away we go. Sergei Mironov bargained himself and his party's exclusive right to use in campaigning portrait of the president. After the car bombing of the candidate for mayor of Samara "zhiznentsa Viktor Tarkhov, loses glasses" United Russia "George Limanskii. In Karelia, where after the events in Kondopoga popularized antikavkazskie mood, the Party of Life did not hesitate to use the rhetoric of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration. In the Sverdlovsk region and did the first issue of the electoral list of the Party of Life, Duma deputy Yevgeny Roizman for the lack of "United Russia" so attached to his opponent from the party "Rodina" Eugene Zyablitsevu that the last (one, incidentally, beaten by another "zhiznentsem" famous bard Alexander Novikov), counting the surviving teeth, rushed to apply to the police.

In several regions, triggered an administrative resource. In Tuva, the Party of Life was able to speak on equal terms with the "United Russia" by protivovstoyaniya between supporters and opponents of the current head of the republic, as well as by supporting the popular speaker of the Great Hural Basil Oyuna. In Karelia, a common language with the Party of Life has found a former head of state Viktor Stepanov, has retained a high popularity among the poor of the country. In the Lipetsk region triggered authority itself Sergei Mironov, druzhaschego Governor Oleg Korolev. As a result, in these four regions (the Lipetsk region, Karelia, Tuva and the Sverdlovsk region) revived the Party of Life has been successful. In Karelia, prostate cancer was 16.19% against 38.92% of United Russia. In Tuva - 31.25% against 48.77%, respectively. Complete failure FPW elections in Primorye, receiving only 4.41%, losing to "United Russia" About 45% of the vote. The pale look on the background of 50,65% "EdRa" with 11,9% "zhiznentsy in Lipetsk. Approximately the same result was observed in the Sverdlovsk region: 11,5% for prostate cancer and 40.54% for United Russia. In short, their electoral ambtsii Party of Life was able to meet only in 4 regions of 8, where the elections took place (and in Chuvashia and Astrakhan "zhiznentsy" did not even participate in the elections).

In short, where the banner of the Party of Life bore the so-called "engines" (ie, popular people, and then refuse their seats in favor of his colleagues on the electoral list, did not find support among the voters), she received the required passing score. In all other cases, where local party branches could count only on himself and the party ideology - the elections were failed.

Moreover, prostate cancer could not be the main thing - take the electorate with "United Russia". In Tuva, and Karelia, for example, prostate cancer borrowed votes from the Communists. In Sverdlovsk, struck the "Motherland" and the LDPR. Yes, and the average score shown "ER" and prostate cancer in these elections, says it all: 45-46% vs. 8-9%.

Nevertheless, Sergei Mironov, and controlled the media for all to hear him talk about his successes, signifying the birth of "actual leftists" who have broken the monopoly of United Russia and the Communist Party to represent the interests of the working man. The results of United Russia, "declared inflated," received not in a free will, as a result of fraud, artificially limiting choice, censoring the media "In short, acted in the same role of wronged teenager, whom we got from the adult parties. He, poor fellow, too, and mustache painted on, and a cigarette stuck in his teeth, and his father put on his jacket. But no, never managed to get him the favor of young beauties. Yes, and declassified it, caught cheating.

Here and now wears this little boy, screaming about their rights and coming up with tales of his attackers, one another frightening. Even the third man in the state, Sergey Mironov, and he could not resist, threatening the chairman of the Sverdlovsk CEC in prison and then told everyone that he is already almost one foot in a prison cell. "Our political younger brother, the Party of Life, behaves like a teenager - brutally, without the corresponding rules of propriety, - commented on unsubstantiated statements by the leader of the FPW member of the Presidium of the General Council of United Russia's Andrey Isaev. - Statements Mironov, in which he accuses a man whose guilt is not only not proven, they are not even investigated, generally beyond the pale, taken in a democratic society, - he added. While the State Duma has already appealed to the appropriate request to the Prosecutor General, requesting a legal assessment of the statements made by Sergey Mironov, most likely, it will be just an indicative flogging without consequences for the health and mind the baby. frolic, as they say, you, too, in moderation.

Igor Kulagin


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