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Gleb Pavlovsky: "Russia needs an intellectual discipline"

September 12 2009

In the past few weeks on central areas of political and media discussed the key themes of the international conference "Modern State and Global Security", which starts in Yaroslavl is the nearest Monday, September 14. And after an ulterior motive: a two-day Yaroslavl become the intellectual capital not only Russia but also, perhaps, the whole world. The agenda provides for the work of four thematic sections: "Social responsibility of the modern state as a factor of global stability," "Modern State: A variety of democratic experience," "Interstate Cooperation and the efficiency of global institutions," "The modern state against terrorism, separatism and xenophobia." About what will be devoted to a discussion on each of them have already told
Today we talked with the moderator of one of them - "Modern State: A variety of democratic experience" - the president of Effective Policy Fund Gleb Pavlovsky.

- On the eve of an international conference were held in Yaroslavl presentation actions of each of the sections of the conference whose purpose, including the definition has become the agenda of meetings for each section. As far as possible to solve this problem, what questions will be discussed, and which ones do you consider most important?

- Presentations were in an atmosphere of controversy and now we can say that the position becomes clear. It is clear that the main theme of the forum will be the new global threats and regulations, international standards of resistance to them. Almost all of the threats - it's someone's activities on the territory of some states. Sometimes it is irresponsible of the Government, sometimes - the active forces, which the Government can not cope. Example of the latter - terrorism, migration, drug trafficking. Example of the first - a global crisis, the most recent and illustrative of the threats. It came from the United States. Proceeded with the dollars that are all arranged.

Russia has long been a passive object, if not the target of various threats and interventions. We no longer want to be an object, and we are ready to negotiate with others to work together to prevent the threat. It will not always be convenient, as it comes to standards - standards that must be observed along with others. For example, climate change requires the approval standards of the industry. But the same in politics - here too there are standards, compliance with which must be rigidly demanded. The Georgian war has shown us this completely. Russia ready to negotiate on the rules, monitor their implementation, together with others, and she is under common control. This also applies to environmental standards and human rights, and social stability. This follows inevitably from the global strategy of Russia - becoming a serious player, you have to play by the rules. But on the rules need to agree together, early in the game.

- The conference will be attended by a number of foreign visitors - politicians, political scientists and scholars. Of course, that they will provide a representative forum. On the other hand, dealt to doubt the usefulness of their presence, they say, "intellectual tourists" are unlikely to give now some useful tips.

- Intelligent "tourists" in the modern world are we, domestic intellectuals, and not Western. Russia does not represent the depths of his own ignorance. It structurally. This is due to the termination of academic schools and traditions of critical analysis on the whole range of issues of political theory, history and other humanities.Stalin was trampled to think critically, and the Soviet Union took with him on the light of its residues. Collapse lasting several decades, and has trained several generations of self-satisfied ignorance. Operate well, and has long forgotten how to think. Especially, to think critically. Our employees are loyal, but often ungodly medical benefits are stupid. Russia's sovereignty to protect, and transform the country into easy-to-life home do not know how. Russia needs an intellectual discipline and critical contemporary atmosphere. Behind all this must go to training school to the modern West.

- On Thursday, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, under whose auspices, and this international forum held in Yaroslavl, an article, "Russia!" Which has already been called the program. In your opinion, coincide with the conference theme sounded by President of the thesis? And continued: can Yaroslav conference to influence the content of future letters to the Federal Assembly?

- Article Medvedev, though mainly devoted to domestic affairs, became the strongest cue in the preparation of Yaroslavl, 2009. First of all, it just cleared the atmosphere. This is a common sense of a strong man not afraid to draw any conclusions as confident. The leader of the young country, country newcomer, leaving the world of old fighters bravely - nothing's face it. A good score and made the country, and shortages of even the "holes" in its defense. I am sure that in Yaroslavl president will make an important clarification to its position, and that is the subject of a modern state. After all, Russia wants to become a modern state, and is ready for this fight.

- What results do you expect from the conference? What conclusions will be drawn, followed by a practical implementation developed from the discussion of solutions?

- I think after Yaroslav conference changes - and the style of Medvedev, and the public style of Russia - will mark more sharply and irrevocably. The political atmosphere in the country is updated, will be fresher, and mumbled mozgopravy will be moved to the side. Russia will be a new global society, a young, cocky and self-critical. It seems to go. Smart shots everywhere have moved.

Arina Semenova

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