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Pyrrhic victory "dissent"

June 12 2007

After each "March of Dissent", of which only the last three months have passed with little almost fifteen, leader of the United Civil Front, Garry Kasparov said confidently about the next "victory of the opposition." "It's not just a march, it is not just a rally - it is a victory," - at the drop of a hat over and over again Kasparov throws into a crowd of magic words. "The whole country is unhappy," - as if reading a mantra he repeats. But even his most convinced supporters of the "Other Russia" do not believe the words of ex-chess player. Facts and figures suggest that another such "victory" - and on opposition rallies would have no one to go.

After trying to swing the situation in December 2006 at the first Moscow "March of Dissent", the leaders of the then single, "The Other Russia" were happy as children. Collect winter in Moscow for a meeting about a thousand people - it is a success. And let them there was only one thousand instead of the declared five. Let most of the regulars were any opposition rallies led by the legendary Nina Semyonovna Gulichevoy. But on the podium in the first and last time were close Limonov, Kasyanov, Hakamada, Kasparov ... if they still someone he believed. And perhaps they believed that all they get. Did not happen.

Spring marching marathon, hosted by Garry Kasparov, fairly worn out, not only power but also of the opposition. The outbreak of a regional campaign for the March of Dissent "was a disgrace" Other Russia ". Claiming from 500 to several thousand participants, the organizers always get the output from the power of several tens of "dissent", the backbone of whom were visiting from Moscow. Leaders of the "Other Russia" did not already know than to justify the small number of "dissent". Cancellation of the march in Perm told bad weather: the day in the city was cold and snowing with rain. The blame for the failure of the Voronezh processions were also laid on the weather: in the words of the leaders of the coalition on that day was too hot. And at a rally on June 11 in Moscow, organizers and agree at all to what "really get to the center of Moscow." It's right, if everything on foot from Nizhny Novgorod, as did six of there the NBP, of course, there may be some difficulties.

As a result, part of the "drugorossov became openly skimp on" March of Dissent ". A leader of the Russian People's Democratic Union, Mikhail Kasyanov, whose relations with Kasparov in May month strained to the limit, has publicly stated that he would not participate in the "march" and the other is not advised. To sum it up: the recent marches in St. Petersburg and Moscow, there was no flag RNDS.

Tired of the "marches" and Garry Kasparov. At a press conference on the forthcoming shares "Other Russia" in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Harry Kimovich publicly admitted that the "march" will be the last, and the "Other Russia" is taking time out until the autumn. Kasparov's voice was heard doom. Yes, and "marches", which took place on 9 and 11 June, passed, they say, without a spark.

Impression that the provocation of "dissent" is not strong enough - physically and mentally. All the latest action "Dissent" more like a formal speech "for show". Say, spent - and that's good. In Voronezh, for example, the column (unless, of course, so you can call fifty people) "Dissenter" for so long to stray in the city, which was late to hold their own rally. Although, as it turned out, meetings - it is superfluous, since the leaders of the opposition say their supporters had nothing left.In the final "march" on June 11 in Moscow, "dissenters" were just an hour to perform all those who wanted to speak and say whatever they wanted to say. Could not be without pain and sorrow to look at Kasparov announces the completion of the rally and an appeal to all to go home. Of course the ex-player dreaming about quitting for a breakthrough police cordon his companions, prudently and bring the children to the rally, but after much thoughts abandoned that idea.

Finally, Garry Kasparov held a historical parallel, comparing Moscow "March of Dissent" with the famous council at Fili Kutuzov. According to the opposition, the government is afraid of "dissent", but because today's action - it's a tactical move. As during World War II Kutuzov for strategic victory handed to Moscow, and today the "Other Russia" is temporarily retreating to the fall to take revenge. But the only problem is that Kasparov is not the army, but only a handful have long been useless political losers. And he himself, despite his past achievements in chess, far from Kutuzov.

Oleg Artyukov

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