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"Dissenters" are losing supporters, fishing rods and mind

May 12 2008

Turbulent past weekend of May for members of the opposition coalition The Other Russia. " At that time, until the whole country celebrated the 63rd anniversary of the Soviet people's victory over Nazi Germany, Russian opposition were engaged exclusively in their own problems.

Actively promoted the "march of Dissent" in Moscow, became members of the "Other Russia" is mainly an informational event, eclipsed a little for their holiday - Victory Day. Several dozen "dissent", released on May 6 to protest against the inauguration of President-elect of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, could prolong the pleasure of the failed event for several days, discussing such important issues as the country: a 15-minute overlap of the empty street, running away from police patrols and "illegal" detention of fellow police officers for participating in unauthorized rallies.

Recall that the leaders of The Other Russia, Eduard Limonov and Garry Kasparov, did not show up for the "march", disappeared a few days out of sight as teammates and journalists, and find themselves in the police along the main "dissidents" had fun with all the heart, demanding to give them food , water, medicine and cigarettes. In case of failure to meet their demands and release them to freedom of opposition threatened to start a hunger strike.

With the hunger strike, by the way, the day went quite comical story. Morning of May 6 in a Moscow apartment barricaded about two dozen members of the banned National Bolshevik Party. The first reports that they have cut electricity in the apartment, and police constantly ringing the doorbell, have replaced telegrams about the lack of "besieged" by police headquarters meal, after which the "hermits" and went on hunger strike.

In the evening the same day hunger strike today announced two members of the youth movement "Defence" Ivan Afonin, Oleg Kozlovsky, arrested for participation in the illegal march. Last run on the "march" has not prevented nearly fatal illness that allowed him to transfer to the reserve from the ranks of the armed forces. As explained at the time chairman of the faction "The Soldiers 'Mothers" Yabloko party, Svetlana Kuznetsova, in Kozlowski' varicose veins, aching legs and he could become a "second Sychev. But, as we see the air of freedom effect upon the coordinator "Defense".

However on his adventure is not over. May 10, is reported to the opposition media, Kozlowski's lawyer, Anna Polozova saw her client were taken away from the remand detention center outside Gilyarovskogo. Evening of 11 May a member of the UCF Bungalows Alexander said that Kozlowski continues to starve and radio Ekho Moskvy, specified that the opposition is at Petrovka 38, where he was "denied access to their relatives." And in the morning on May 12 revealed that Kozlowski could not find any at Petrovka nor Gilyarovskogo. In this case, according to "the mother of Oleg on Gilyarovskogo took the transfer, but also stated that it is not there, but 10 minutes later, another report of information specified that" Mom Oleg Kozlovsky on May 11 was trying to do the transfer, but she refused, citing the fact that it does not exist in the temporary detention facility on Gilyarovskogo nor Petrovka 38. In general, "disagree" seems to be completely confused themselves.

In this case, as is typical, the flow of news reports about the new "exploits" the opposition does not stop for a minute. So, the miracles of heroism displayed activist Suren Edigarov UCF, who was arrested during a single picket on May 9. According to while in the chamber Edigarov in response to a refusal to grant him a pen and paper to write statements "began loudly chanting" We need another Russia! "And" Russia without Putin! "," Patrushev, shame! "And others, paralyzing the work of the police department. " As a result of violent opposition away from sin released.However, Suren this was not enough and demanded that he return his rod, which was detained during the picketing.

However, all these children playing in the sandbox "Other Russia" has become tired of the majority of the opposition. Member of the Moscow District FMG Michael Dzyubenko took "last March as the complete destruction of the Other Russia." There is no need to do from the defeat a victory. We lost, and must learn from this and not ruffle, dissolve the feathers and say: here nothing happened "- he said," Novye Izvestiya. "Among other less radical suggestions made during the discussion of the causes of defeat in the recent" March of the Dissent, "was the idea of coordinating the Western District of FMG Alexei Kasian" stop marches by six months in order to for this time to get more supporters. "

Incidentally, a year ago, another member of the opposition with a similar name to make such a proposal, considering the frequent holding of "March of Dissent" measure is extremely ineffective and harmful. Then kasparovsko-limonovskoe meeting did not listen. Today, Mikhail Kasyanov, again acting as politkassandry, proposing to postpone the meeting of the so-called "National Assembly" in the fall of 2008. And in this situation imposed on former premier arguments no longer seem quite so farfetched. On the basis of past experience can be very likely to predict that neither 17 nor 18 May no meeting "National Assembly" will not. Or organizers will be referenced again, the lack of space for the event, or find many other reasons for the failure of "the events of the year." And then, following the Assembly will convene the advisory council, which will offer more "well prepared", that's for sure "to gain more supporters."

So there is today the Russian opposition: from the "march" to "march" from the "Assembly" to "Assembly". Life is taking its course.

Arina Semenova

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