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Yashin was drowned in a chair Yavlinsky

May 12 2006

While the nominal leader of the Yabloko party, Grigory Yavlinsky, once again went to his native Lvov, that out there, according to his press secretary Yevgeniya Dillendorf, indulge in "research", the real power in the party office at Pyatnitskaya captured calls himself a political scientist and leader of the youth " Apple's "Ilya Yashin. He was obviously a big fan of Russian proverb "Cat on a roof - the mouse into a dance, and now defines himself party politics in an important area of relations" Apple "with the media.

There is nothing particularly surprising. Kyiv journalists have long been accustomed, that for Mr. Yavlinsky's position of "Apple" in recent months, the voice is still the same Dillendorf, not at all embarrassed by the fact that puts the "Immaculate Grisha" in an awkward position. Indeed, in a normal political organization spokesperson not only produces its own judgments and estimates, including working journalists, for the party's position as an operational relay between the boss and the media.

But Yashin has surpassed even the originality Dillendorf. That's what told «Yoki. ru »browser online newspaper" Pravda.Ru "Andrei Shcherbakov:" Recently I attended a press conference, the organizers of the hemp festivals, which took place mentally and structurally. On the way, decided to look into the office "Apple" to get an intelligent bestseller Yavlinsky's "Prospects of Russia, the other party publications, and then home poizuchat pencil in hand, to comprehend, zakonspektirovat. Especially because Dillendorf complained that I did not study the original sources. I was accompanied by a lady from the League of legalizing hemp to give Yabloko invitation and a package of documents on the "hemp festivities.

Amiable guard led us to the door of the press center, which opened, and appeared on the threshold of some fine citizen, which I'm not easily learned Ilya Yashin. Lady, he said that now give the book Yavlinsky, but seeing me, for some reason was to lead the country. I looked at the citizen Yashin with a kind smile on his face, and he zyrkal me very unfriendly - as if he saw before him, at least Freddy Krueger himself. And then with the words "Book of Yavlinsky wanted? Good-bye! "Began to close the door. "Hemp" lady still managed to push through a shaking hand Yashin's invitation to "hemp festivals.

But already at the door we heard the word of Yashin guard: "Remember these comrades, and never do not let them in here." Arrogant, his tricks Yashin caused great harm to my health - to move away from her four o'clock I had to listen to punk musical group the Red mold. It turns out that the "Apple" everything is decided now Yashin? I Yavlinsky has 4 December promised personal meetings, which so far has not taken place, apparently because of Grigory A. Yashin, do not allow it. "

We were extremely surprised by the story of Mr. Scherbakov and asked to comment on the incident deputy Grigory Yavlinsky, leader of the faction "United Democrats" in the Moscow City Duma Sergei Mitrokhin. It turned out that he was surprised by Yashin trick as a journalist: "No orders Yashin has no right to give, no protection. He can not give any indication, this right only in our head. Little did anyone what he said ... And I'm ready to book Shcherbakov Yavlinsky's personal gift. In general, we are now beginning to seriously pursue the creation of the youth faction Yabloko.

As is evident from the words of Mr. Mitrokhin, the manual "Apple" are shocked that during the absence in the party office bosses Yashin behaves there as a host. Moreover, it is insolent to the fact that the entire first floor of the party office flunked his pamphlet about street fighting, pushing out the scientific work of the Yavlinsky!It is not excluded that it secretly and in the office of Grigory shuruet, his armchair by a try on.

"The master Yashin, like a man who stubbornly refuses to gain valuable experience in the army, there is a lot of problems psychologically transcendental nature, - the transpersonal psychologist Boris Boykovich. - It is evident from his "Live Journal", where Ilya puts his every sneeze in any newspaper, any mention of it, anticipating that fans of the same type of vanity Irina Vorobyev, which is just frantic, when it is not recognized or is confused with Faith Kholmogorova, begin to praise him. Yashin is clearly suffering from sublimation of libido in the spirit of Alfred Adler, that is, trying all of their complexes, especially complexes of grandeur and an inferiority transform into a desire for power. Moreover, amid Mitrokhin, who is an externally representative sample and a solid figure, Yashin looks like a fashion model "patsanskogo" type, which promotes tight jeans for those who want to show that they have something obtyanut, especially from behind. For such scientific observations of psychologists brings together photo Yashin and Mitrokhin in "Learn" very Yashin.

Maria Pavlikova

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