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Non-marital fathers and children of Russian politicians

May 12 2006

It seems that Russia has formed caste-representative political system. Domestic politics is transformed into a kind of closed joint stock company "for its". And, in the first place, this concerns not the so-called party of power, and oppositional structures. Struggle with the regime becomes almost a matter of a vendetta for the new revolutionaries. And this is the case, as we know, applies only to relatives.

Political dynasty in Russia

Continue to surprise revelation of our opposition. Russian liberals, inspired by a PR-action of U.S. President George W. Bush, nameknuvshego that it would be nice to elect the next time a president of his younger brother Jeb, and thus close the ring, "the president's father - the president is the son - the president-you know who" , open up on the theme of relationships in their environment. LJ user kirgor learned that turns out to be a well-known opposition journalist, acting under the name kotoeb , is in direct relationship to the current leader of the SPS Nikita White . This confession he made in the Journal of the Whites, in response to the replica leader right about the problems of stimulating fertility . "But my mother and without the 1500 and 3000 and no, it is terrible to imagine, even without the" primary maternal capital "has managed to YOUR issue to light and nothing like that. Live" - reminds kotoeb belyh.

Star Date

May 12 celebrates its 26 th birthday no less well-known opposition figure, while a talented writer, scandalously famous autobiographical novel about drug problems Sergey Shargunov , with which it is impossible not to congratulate you!

Big Brother is watching you

The presence of a discordant series of LJ-users intelligence agents have long there was talk. And now, soldier and become closer to the Internet community. "If you have any information on the preparation of terrorist acts, riots and other anti-state action on the illegal activities of others (your neighbors, friends, relatives), inform - take action. Anonymity is guaranteed," - wrote a operativnik .

Earlier, the Anastasia Karimova opened LJ conspiracy by publishing a list of LJ-users, who are intelligence informants .

Do not renounce love

At the time, while some opposition leaders are trying to seal their unity is not only due to ideological constructions, but also personal and sexual relationship, while others desperately try to break away from the family. Eternal Tramp Andrei Tatarinov Gardens- once impressed everyone with a loud statement about their frustrations of youth policy. "I am unfortunately one of those people, who" was led "to the fashion of youth policy" - he was upset. In a relatively short time - this is not the first disappointment Andrew Lawn and Tatarinov.First, ardent young man with glowing eyes gave up on Eduard Limonov. Naive schoolboy enough just one contact to understand the vile nature of the leader of the NBP. After his resounding statement of withdrawal from the NBP Gardens establishes the human rights movement, "left turn", which is intended to keep members of NBP from various types of harassment. Did not work - and Gardens takes "defense," hoping that really was there that he will just become a politician federal scale. But then she broke out of season "Defense" and the horns of a dilemma - whether to remain with the supporters of oligarchs or go in the wake of the "Youth Yabloko, Gardens chose the latter, adding to the objects of his criticism not only from the leftist National Bolshevik Party, but the Liberals of" Defense " .

But in the "Apple" something went wrong with "Crown revolutionary" and he reassured himself that "and" Apple "and" NBP "same ideology, the Liberals are now walking side by side with the Nazis ... "out of him, revealing the essence of the chicks nest Yavlinsky:" Youth Policy in the "Apple" 'lies in the fact that dividends get a few people, the rest are also waiting for his place in history. ... Let waiting on those who do not receive tangible dividends received moral - to satisfy their spiritual needs, the recognition of their social status ", - stressed his disagreement with this approach Sadov. By the way, according to some reports, it is rejuvenating the informal leader of Yabloko, Ilya Yashin, the indignation of the fact of betrayal from the Garden, Tatarinov started the rumor that he is an agent of the security services. Truly, from love to hate one step. As for the Lawn and Tatarinov, it is unlikely to finally leave the political field. As they say, do not renounce love.

An involuntary witness to family quarrels became Elena Boyko


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