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Who is, mr. Kralkin?

February 12 2007

History of political parties and movements includes many cases where the organization was headed by a fictitious leader, but a real brain or was, in principle, unknown to the general public, or held some little post. Typically, the existence of the party chairman, zits, or the existence of clandestine nicknames were for reasons of conspiracy nature, to avoid persecution by law enforcement agencies. The revolutionaries so much to get used to her new image, that after hiding fell away, gave his nicknames for these names, the more that the real names, tend to sound less harmonious than revolutionary pseudonym.

Over time, the situation has hardly changed. For example, who would today is not the official leader of the Union of Right Forces, everyone knows that this is the party of Anatoly Chubais, and as he says, so be it. A similar situation was in the "Motherland", which was governed not bright and charismatic Rogozin, and modest in appearance and habits of the Soviet accountant-bookkeeper, Alexander Babakov (same role Babakov is currently starring in the leader of Just Russia, Sergey Mironov). The leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration Alexander Potkin as long concealed his name, hiding under the pseudonym "Belov. And, as recently revealed, except Alexander A., leadership DPNI there is a "gray cardinal" of which little is known to the public.

12 February "Eurasian Union of Youth" held at the building of the General Prosecutor's rally against the activities of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration. " "Eurasians" believe "the DPNI exploiting patriotic sentiments of the citizens of the Russian Federation in destructive for the country to" a leader in ECM Zarifulin Paul called "a prosecution for incitement to ethnic hatred top management" stumps "- Potkina (Belova) and Kralkina ( Torah). " "Before, people tried to defend Russia on the battlefield, but now can only run for the" immigrants "violating the sacred law of the Eurasian hospitality. What kind of pathetic philistine goal! Finely Kralkin but strongly Potkin," - to support their leader Gennady Bodrov activist ECM.

Indeed, Alexander Potkin (Belov), being the actual and sole leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, calls himself a mere coordinator of the movement, thus underlining the existence of a collective management organization. But no one ever heard of someone else who in any way relates itself to the position of head DPNI. Meanwhile, it is clear that to manage an organization that claims to the status of all Russia, on its own is quite impossible. So the news that there is a secret leader does not become a sensation for the "Eurasians". Revelation to them was that the movement led by people with such interesting names - Potkin and Kralkin. "We have they sounded original, and we decided to focus attention on them - explained Paul Zarifullin. - I would not like at all their abuse, but in any case, such a slogan we had:" Finely Kralkin but strongly Potkin " . 'It's always interesting, then it turns out that Rogozin's real name Malkin, a Savel'eva - Zhalkin - laughs Paul Zarifullin. - Of course I'm kidding, but it can be. People seemed to come to us from another world, and they would be better to go away from our political space ", - he stressed.

"In my opinion, it is his (Alexander Belov. - Prim. Aut.) Deputy, both headed by the so-called movement "Russian order", which, like the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, not really - has shed light on the mysterious leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration Assistant Paul Zarifullin . - His name Kralkin, and Vladimir Tor - a nickname. He even had a page in "Living magazine is" I reckon it's called - Tor85.And so, he really, Deputy Potkina, responsible for ideology, voiced different films DPNI. We often see him at press conferences, on television when we are invited, quarrels with him constantly. "

According to Paul Zarifullina, "activities DPNI built exclusively on working with the media, the" live journal "on the media provocations to show their worth, but the danger lies in quite another. "They're trying to play the pressure points of national conflicts - is the tactics of the Anglo-Saxon intelligence, the CIA, that just such a way destroyed the Warsaw Pact - the leader of ECM. - They are like managers of ethnic conflict. People who come into some country .. . because no one knew about Belova, nor about the Torah, if they had not got into that zone, which has always been taboo - ethnic relations in Russia. We are all used to be built on other grounds: the friendship of peoples, united Russian civilization, but they We are trying to say that among these nations to be conflicts, and we must artificially create a so-called "Russian ethnos", which other indigenous ethnic groups interfere with Russia. By the way, Potkin, when asked who he was, answered that he was manager of ethnic conflict. And we have always said that this movement created a provocative way, must be closed, and its leaders to go on the plank, because of their slogan - it is a crime against the multinational Russian people, ethnic groups before the Great of Russia, who for centuries lived together and build a unified state. "

Coordinator of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration Alexander Potkin (Belov), in turn, mocked his ignorance of political rivals. "The real name of this man not Kralkin and Kralina, he headed the public association" Russian order ", actively participated in the preparation of" Russian March ", but the Movement Against Illegal Immigration does not take any posts. It's just a very good person. Just a joke that he had worked in a well-known corporations lead manager, is a professional manager, perhaps on how it all went - told their version of history with the mysterious "gray cardinal" Alexander Potkin. - Really, these guys have heard the sound, but do not know where he is . Zarifullin, Korovin, and all their gang - a clown, and I am glad that they have done with my statement of participation ", - said at last leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration.

However, aliases distributed among domestic workers of the opposition movement and, most likely, such stories of exposures are waiting in the wings.

Arina Semenova

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