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U.S. preparing to invade Iran and Syria

January 12 2007

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did not rule out the possibility of a military expansion of U.S. territory of Iran and Syria. Certainly, in a purely peacekeeping purposes.

"We're going to stop the activity, which not only poses a threat to American troops, but also destabilize the situation in Iraq - said Condoleezza Rice, the arrest of six Iranians in northern Iraq. - I do not want to speculate on what operations can lead the U.S., but you will see that the U.S. is not going to simply stand by and allow that these actions continue, "- stressed the Secretary.

At the same time, Condoleezza Rice, clearly hinted that the United States is prepared not only to dramatic statements, namely to start full-scale hostilities in the territory of Iran and Syria. Asked whether the military invasion of U.S. forces in Iran and Syria, she said that "all possibilities are still on the table" for more detail. "The president is not going to clear away all possible options, but I will not speculate about it," - Rice added.

It seems that the U.S. is seriously preparing a new "Desert Storm". Even at the end of last year, U.S. President George W. Bush announced his intention to increase the number of U.S. military forces because of the needs in Iraq and Afghanistan. In particular, the budget of the country to conduct military operations in Asia, is planned to allocate 100 billion dollars in additional funds. At 92 thousand soldiers and officers increased the number of American troops in Iraq. In addition, in October last year, the presidential administration has allocated $ 20 million "to organize the festival in honor of the victory over the armed insurgency in Afghanistan and Iraq. "This is a very serious statement - said State Duma deputy from the Communist Party faction Viktor Kuznetsov. - In essence, Bush has actually launched the Third World War.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that the U.S. sees no other way to strengthen the influence in the Middle East except through force. According to the Foreign Ministry Mikhail Kamynin, "that in Washington talking about the" new Iraq strategy ", explainable and understandable." "In fact, it is about recognizing the need to adjust the previous course on the basis of a rethinking of the mistakes made in Iraq, which we have repeatedly pointed out to our American partners" - Kamynin said.

However, the Americans hope that their work on "strengthening the position of reformers and responsible leaders in the Middle East region will be supported by Washington's traditional allies - Israel and Turkey, as well as" democratic reformers and leaders in places like Lebanon, the Palestinian territories and Iraq " . However, experts note that the statements of Condoleezza Rice is more psychological in nature, a kind of blackmail, an attempt to intimidate the Middle East region.

"By threatening to escalate the war the U.S. is trying to free his hands to exit the trap, which have maneuvered themselves," according to State Duma deputy (fraction "Motherland"), Doctor of Historical Sciences, Lieutenant-General Nikolai Leonov. In this case, the deputy placed the responsibility for such representations directly to Condoleezza Rice, considering it "the weakest U.S. Secretary of State for the past 50 years." "At least no other initiatives besides threats, I have not heard from her - explained his position in an interview with Nikolai Leonov - and its shadow position under President Bush spoke about some invisible threads that bind them. After all, Bush has spent a great reorganization of the apparatus associated with the Middle East - especially the military and reconnaissance, but it absolutely did not touch the political part.

eputat State Duma believes that "any adventurism against Iran and Syria would lead to the creation of an immense military focus, which encompasses the entire Islamic world" because "if the Americans are playing on the contradictions between Sunnis and Shiites, the attack on the Shia of Iran will lead to increased anti-Americanism" . In this case, Leonov believes that war with Iran will not be cakewalk for the United States. "If they're in Iraq can not cope with their problems and are forced to deploy additional army corps, then imagine what would happen if war breaks out with Iran - said Nikolai Leonov." Iran - a mountainous country, which has a long tradition of struggle for independence, which even Alexander the Great could not conquer. A country with huge human resources and, importantly, with a different mentality. If the Arabs colonialists still somehow managed to cope, then the mentality of the Persians (Iranians) is a bit different. And Americans know from the operation, which began in the days of Jimmy Carter, which ended in failure for the United States. I think that these lessons are not forgotten, "- said Nikolai Leonov.


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