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Delirium tremens and the green men of Major Dymovskiy

November 11 2009

"The last straw," the most fatal way influenced the emotional balance of Militia Major Alexei Dymovskiy become callous physician local health clinics, refused to write a policeman, who, in his words, "started numb hand," sick. Without hesitation, starschy detective wrote videobraschenie to the public, and demanded a personal meeting with the Prime Minister.

In fact, in 2007, Major had tried to ask the then president, "When in Novorossiysk stop Cop outrage?". Now go much further, and expressed willingness to talk with Putin "eye to eye," to talk about "us, just simple experiments, and at the same time to turn out" inside the entire Cop life across Russia. "

Actually, it was the finest hour of Major. Well, who he was before the publication of video messages? Simple, not too successful elements of that and the next rank was not disclosing the crime, and for the institution of criminal proceedings against the son of Colonel Alexander Slyshika which clashed with the head of Internal Affairs Chernositovym. However, Dymovsky, according to him, tricked his boss, saying that work is actively underway, and after receiving the Mallorcan star withdrew from conducting "investigations". In short, life goes on, and no prospects. And the personal life or to hell. "I am for time lost two wives, who refused to live with me due to the fact that I have a work schedule is so, how would you say, unstable," - said the militiaman.

Now, when everyone around is talking about a brave major, he feels a minimum of James Bond. Or Commissioner Cattani. As you wish. Dymovskiy can do is maintain the image of the persecuted, and, like Kitty Vorobyaninov, it is important to lighten up.

Told the head of the movement "For human rights" Lev Ponomarev, it was he who advised Dymovskiy urgently travel to Moscow, because, from my point of view, Dymovskiy clearly a threat. The threat of his arrest, and then he already does not help, because will be fabricated criminal case, "said human rights activist.

And the Major, in fact, only those involved and that talking about "wiretapping" and "outdoor advertising". At a press conference in Krasnodar, he was late, explaining that he had to evade surveillance. True promised sensational details about the corruption in law enforcement agencies, except those that have already been voiced in videobraschenii not followed, Dymovsky just announced that it has certain documents that he was ready to give Putin personally and nobody else.

How Dymovsky get to Moscow - another story. About perepitiyah communication with the "star" Major told the employees in their blogs, "the Russian news service" which, like many of their colleagues, are interested in this story and came on the phone with a policeman.

Here are excerpts from the personal blog editor RSN Sergei Dorenko, who eventually described:

"And we, RSN, calls back with the cop Dymovskiy. He is moving to Moscow, but has stayed in the basement near Rostov, asks a car from us and protect ...

Cop Dymovsky the airport of Rostov. Enemies blocked his bank card, he asked the RDA to intervene. He is ready to fly to Moscow at 6 am ...

Dymovsky with the cops at the airport two telohranitelya.u one of them has asked RSN pasporta.Dymovsky affect the airport management ...

If the RSN and the bodyguard Dymovskiy help sell tickets to a driver's license, he and two guards are ready to fly to Moscow. "

However, it's flowers. Corresponding RSN Lily Fetisov, directly in contact with Dymovskiy reports even more astounding details:

"When I scored it at about 22.00 - she heard cries for help. The fact that he decided to secretly reach Moscow in a car with a driver and bodyguard (formerly his spokesperson said that he would fly on an airplane). On the road they were stopped by traffic police officers. checked the documents and released them. But Major has decided that everyone now knows where he is and what kind of car and will be keeping an eye to later deal. crossed the road and hid in the store products. In the basement, in the office. At this point, we are with him and phoned. I told him about the guests on the air, and he replied "some air! I want to kill! They surrounded me! Send me the two machines with protection!

While my colleagues and I were looking for someone in Rostov-on-Don, the situation changed. In Dymovskiy lost their nerve and decided to go to the airport. But the problem here - his bodyguard-driver forgot your passport at home. But without it a plane ticket did not sell. Dymovsky begged to work on the airport management.

At the same time, he ceased to take up with other numbers, and we could not call him out of the studio and record sound. I asked him to respond to the latest figures the number "36", to which he replied "You are in this situation, I decided to take an interview??" and hung up.

After some time I called him to ask the driver's name - as the same need to negotiate with the airport. In response, he said, jumping up to shout that name will not, because his phone was tapped, and "a bodyguard, too, have children."
The last time he called me himself. Said that he was at the airport, someone has blocked his bank card and now have no money. Now the phone is disconnected. And we did have a team from Moscow to help ready to ship ....

In general, to Moscow Dymovsky reached. Prior to the Independent Press Centre, too. With the hour late. Apparently, winds, moving away from surveillance.

Journalists pretty sweaty in a stuffy room of the press center in anticipation of the "stars", were disappointed: Major again went on the specifics. Is it that talked about his dream to go to Tibet and, conversely, a complete unwillingness to move to the United States.

In general, however, some positive developments in the history of Novorossiysk Major already has. Chief physician clinics, to which is assigned Dymovsky, insists on a serious medical examination of a senior security officer ATC Novorossiysk. "Dymovsky came to our neurologist all wound up: waving his arms and demanded a certificate, a burly man, - says head physician clinic № 1 Novorossiysk Zoya V.. - Shouted:" I can not run on the rooftops, I have a service weapon! "Probably, had in mind that it can not do field work. I did not write a certificate, and then he ran to complain head of the health Tatiana Garanin. Garanina soon called me and said: "Give him a certificate!" I refused: so very strange impression that the major - there were all the signs of a psychopathic personality. "

From the words of his ex-wife Dymovskiy, which was able to meet journalists, Alex is described as a romantic person, an explosive, communicative. One of the main character traits - a desire to be the focus, the desire to be glorified in any way.

once disgraced politicians used in its public relations activities such thing as "compromising luggage," which promised "in which case" pass "to-be." What was in those suitcases and remains a mystery, but because the degree of reliability of existing compromising was the number of those same suitcases. That is, the more the better. Major Dymovsky went the other way and in accordance with the spirit of the times, coming to work hung on the neck of the microphone in the pocket of his jacket - a dictaphone, which he presented to friends by typing in such a way audikompromata 150 hours, which is allowable only to hear Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

By the way how to figure out the Internet edition , Major Dymovsky familiar with computer technology is weak. For example, on page Dymovskiy facebook "in response to numerous reports that the page is false, the profile appeared explanation:" You are right it is not him! "Just because he does not like to communicate with the computer and even more so with the Internet! Page is created at his request in person, and he periodically checks for her! ".

Arina Semenova

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