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Russia has stepped up "fifth column"

August 11 2008

Events in South Ossetia clearly highlighted the "fifth column" in Russia itself. Those who are instilling the ideology of "tolerance" and not to resist any enemy of Russia and its people, in fact, has always worked on that enemy. Works today - out of fear of the revival of the Russian people, for their 30 pieces of silver is actually selling his future. Waging propaganda "defeatism" admiration for the pragmatic in all respects, the West, and to justify his cronies - the aggressor, and a mercenary butcher Saakashvili.

More than 2 thousand victims (only among the Ossetians), more than 12 peacekeepers were killed Russia, hundreds injured, destroyed by shells Georgian "Grad" the capital of South Ossetia - Tskhinvali, 34 thousand refugees. Children who have lost parents, blood, broken bodies, crying and tears of women and children - this is a terrible picture of the genocide unleashed by Saakashvili. But none of this hurts the feelings of those who usually likes to demonstrate the rhetoric of "tears of a child."

"If the international community will not stop the Russian aggression (!!!) and if Georgia, exercising a legitimate right to defend itself, not be able to reflect, Russia could seize not only the former South Ossetian Autonomous Region, but other parts of Georgia," - written in statement signed by a group of "human rights", and posted on the " First under this slander signed ... the chairman of the Sakharov Foundation - Sergei Kovalev, who has notoriety since 1990, when the foaming at the mouth defending Chechen separatists.

The remaining signatures - also speaking: Stanislav Dmitrievsky, chairman of the Russian-Chechen Friendship Society, Michael Krieger, chairman of the Anti-War Action, Lev Ponomarev, executive director of the movement "For Human Rights"; fervent antisovetchitsa, a resident of the United States Elena Bonner, and a number of others from RNDS, "Defense," Youth League.

All this - the people who directly or indirectly associate with the Orange opposition, foreign money, and anti-Russian policies of U.S. State Department and NATO, missiles and guns which, despite all the rhetoric, remain ready to strike against Russia. Declaring Russia an aggressor, they directly play into the hands of the enemy. Just like the supporters of General Vlasov - a traitor under the auspices of "fighting communism" in the POA performed the massacre of the Russian people during WWII.

In this case clearly shows that these "defenders" are not driven by delusion, but consciously chosen the position of betrayal of Russia. This is evidenced by the fact that after the dirty rhetoric that immediately followed coldly calculated stuffing, which later will certainly use the information war against Russia. "We demand an immediate end to the aggression against Georgia. We believe that the leaders of Russia, putting another blood stain on the reputation of the country, finally made unacceptable from a moral point of view of its stay in the "Big Eight" - said in a statement. Next traitors called the UN General Assembly, the OSCE and PACE to "consider" on Russia.

Even the uninitiated, it is clear that such statements - is not "caring about human rights, but political agitation in favor of explicit enemy killing our soldiers. But this is, if we speak frankly, the position of the traitors. And traitors pathological: in fact, even the European Union, to which they are so fond of appealing, almost at full strength demonstrates the recognition of the aggression by Georgia.

In the UN there is simply no argument to negatively evaluate deystsiya Russia to rescue the Ossetian people, two major European countries - France and Germany - also occupy the position of stop firing, but no condemnation of Russia. Even such traditionally suspicious of Russian international human rights organizations as Human Rights Watch, believes that Georgia and Russia must not under any circumstances, deliberately endanger the civilian population.

p align = "justify"> «All sides must remember that attacks on civilians, or any actions that seek to terrorize the civilian population - a direct violation of international humanitarian law. And such actions can be qualified as war crimes, "- said Holly Cartner, HRW's Europe and Central Asia.

Given the 2 thousand of dead Ossetians, it is clear that HRW has in mind. It repeats the position of Foreign Minister, forced to publish information about the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Ossetians by the armed forces of Saakashvili.

It is significant that the telltale notes of "defenders" who dared to question the massive casualties among the Ossetians, dislodged from the general chorus of Russian opposition. Looking at the terrible, bloody telekadry of torn Georgian militants Tskhinvali, the Russian democrats even confirm the need for intervention of the Russian Federation in order to prevent the genocide of Ossetians.

So, Sergei Mitrokhin, leader of the Yabloko party (which includes Kovalev), right, told reporters that "the Russian president had no other choice but to go for immediate use of force in order to reduce the number of victims of uncontrollable conflict." Even SPS leader Nikita White, who on Aug. 8 began to compare Russia with the aggressor, was later forced to admit otherwise. On the same day at the party site ATP appeared his new statement: "I would not call it Russian-Georgian war. Still, this is a war between Georgia and South Ossetia. True, suffering with the Russian peacekeepers. And Russia can not close our eyes to this. "

"Who is responsible for massive destruction of cities, villages ... for the deaths of civilians, innocent people - children, women ... Who destroyed the city of Tskhinvali is on fire, turned it into an uninhabitable city for just one night? And who killed the massive, perfectly legible manner? - Asks Russian Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin. - Anyone who ordered the destruction of Tskhinvali on the night, he, of course, is mainly responsible. " Lukin has called for the creation for the trial of Saakashvili's "international tribunal": "as is done repeatedly the international tribunals for other cases of mass murder and mass destruction of cities."

Meanwhile, Russia's "human rights" has come close to the line when a tribunal will go after Saakashvili. Recall, General Vlasov, who do not trust even the leadership of the German Reich, in the end, was hanged izlovlen and the Red Army. What is the fate of humanity in our time waiting for these so-called "human rights" - in fact, a "fifth column" enemy of Russia? The answer is simple.

Interestingly, even among the liberal media of anti-Russian statement cited only two resources: "The Edge" - and very carefully - in a shortened form - Ekho Moskvy. More than one of Russian editions are not supported by collaborators: the other links lead to the Georgian or Ukrainian media, leading its information war against Russia. "New Vlasovtsev" rejects not only the Russian people against whom they had been advocating such a revelation, but also the traditional opponents of the Kremlin.

Alexander Tumanov


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