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Split DPNI. Nothing personal, just business

July 11 2008

The day before the convention DPNI opposing sides somewhat tempered his enthusiasm and the opportunity without unnecessary emotions to understand the root causes of conflict, which became the basis not ideological differences, and the notorious financial issue, killing more than one national-patriotic organizations.

History with the advent of the Moscow City Council DPNI declared no confidence Acting Chapter DPNI Alexander Belov was a surprise to many. Familiar with the situation within the organization, not surprised the presence among the pioneers of the split by Alexei Mikhailov ("ER") and Eugene Valyaeva. One was offended by Belova, because he has ceased to pay salaries, others are simply angry with his brother Vladimir Belov Basmanova for what he dismissed him from performing certain administrative functions. In general, despite an abundance of ambition, the dissenters hardly constituted any real power and in other circumstances would have hardly taken out his frustration on pages of online forums.

Gorski question

But the stout figure in the Moscow City Council presidium chairman of the executive committee of the Moscow branch of MANPADS "Russia" Yuri Gorsky really aroused interest. Yuri Gorsky - one of the most enigmatic figures in the Russian nationalist movement. Civil engineer by profession, his calling, he found in the socio-political activities. Taking off his political career began after joining the Eurasian Union of Youth, where he took the reins of the Moscow branch of the organization. It was during his on ECM talked about as a promising structure, characterized by its brilliance and originality of the action "Eurasians" might well qualify for inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records. By the way, Gorski argues that it is he first came up with the idea of "Russian March" (then called "Right March").

Then he met with the leader of the DPNI Alexander Belov. Financial support of the ECM at the time was not much better adjusted human. And so Yuri Gorsky and was active in attracting a march outside organizations. Having a more severe manpower Belov and proposed to put under the banner of the ECM of their fighters in a given financial rewards. The transaction took place. Marsh, too. However, further ways of ECM and DPNI dispersed. DPNI got a great chance to express themselves at the federal level, exploded to fame. ECM, in contrast, was a loser.

Come talk about the diversion of resources, Gorski taking an increasingly active part in the activities of third-party movements were oblique glances. As a result, after Yuri joined a political party "Rus" , the ECM backdating have issued an order to expel him for taking action, "incompatible with the moral, ethical and ideological representations of the ECM.

But the "tied" to the ECM, Gorsky did not lose contact with the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, handing him the leader at the mercy of the idea of "Russian March". In 2007, in the absence of Belov for technical reasons, Gorsky took the lead in organizing the march. Later, he also took an active part in organizing a number of joint activities with the Movement Against Illegal Immigration.

Prolonged reboot

DPNI leaders after the failure of the "Russian March-2007" were thinking about closing the project. While DPNI is a relatively small structure in Moscow, specializing in the performance of private orders, and enough money to pay managers, and to ensure that the organization of quality attributes. The yield on the federal scene demanded that the leaders of something more than content to their circle.DPNI scandalous reputation and problems with law enforcement authorities blocked the potential sources of funding.

In autumn 2006, Alexander Belov, first thought about the transition of the informal movement to a more qualitative level of official political party. "Basically, we have not publicly articulated a plan of action. While this is all just at the level of conversation in the lobby. There have been proposals to rename the organization of the party's national interests or in the" Movement to support the people's initiative "... In general, to preserve the abbreviation" Movement Against Illegal Immigration. "C On the other hand, formally, we can gather people to file lists, but I have no confidence that our efforts, investing not be wasted, "- he shared his plans with . Doubts Belova were due entirely prosaic reasons. "To create a party structure there must be some safeguards need certain resources, etc. While I do not see such resources. Offer words, but the promise, as they say, will not put in my pocket," - he explained.

The proposal seems to have emanated from the now former leader of the Motherland "Dmitry Rogozin, who began actively contact with the Movement Against Illegal Immigration. However, against the creation of parties based on the DPNI made by the majority of ordinary members wishing to remain free from the performance of any political organization. A compromise was found in the form of the party "Great Russia", whose base was just and made members of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration in a mutually beneficial financial basis.

However, the refusal "F" in the registration and departure to Brussels, Dmitry Rogozin has put an end to the further existence as a "Great Russia" and the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, had time to taste the sweetness of the party money. It was decided to preserve the organization to better times. Brilliant, as it seemed, the solution devised Vladimir Basmanov, offering to abandon the vertical structure, transferring it, as well as all organizational issues, in a horizontal plane - the so-called system. Simply put, advocates suggested independently to be proactive by keeping vital structures.

Of course, there were also dissatisfied. The first of those who have previously sat on an ongoing wage and was generally satisfied with life. Basmanova accused that he was de prepares lists of activists for their further transfer to the FSB, and in general threatens to destroy the movement.

Ruble rebranding

Unexpected outcome occurred in May 2008. Alexander Belov out people who have offered to implement long-standing plan to transform the Movement Against Illegal Immigration as a political party. Investors have advanced only two conditions. Firstly, we are talking about the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, and not a "Great Russia", so to join the "BP" DPNI members were required to write a letter of withdrawal. Secondly, finances are not a specific person, and under the brand name. In other words, whoever headed the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, a majority party of the future in the hands of sponsors.

Belova such conditions are quite organized and he agreed. However, at this stage, he made two fatal mistakes. Firstly, on the offers became known more widely than had been planned in advance. Secondly, Belov did not take into account the existing commitment in the organization of opposition.

Opposed to the brothers Potkin nationalists rightly decided that the new conditions they have exactly the same chance to guide the organization as their opponents. The only problem is, all questions must be resolved before the Congress Movement, scheduled for July 12 and where it should be a decision about re-branding of the organization.

And here Belov made another mistake, which gave a great chance Frondeur implement a mini-coup.In an effort to increase the capitalization of the Movement, Belov went on extensive development, gathered June 8 at the Unity conference in hotel "Cosmos" representatives of four organizations: the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, "Great Russia", gender and "people". Given that the leadership of the "people" had long been closely associated with kasparovskoy "Other Russia" and "National Assembly", among nationalists rumors that Belov selling out "Jew Kasparov. It immediately reminded of the "Jewish" roots Alexander Potkin and his entourage, and the "purity of the Russian national idea."

June 23 in Moscow in the hall of the House of Writers of Russia was initiated by the Moscow City Council DPNI unifying conference DPNI Moscow and Moscow region in the Moscow regional organization, Movement Against Illegal Immigration, which colleagues have expressed their criticisms of the recent policy and Basmanova V. Belov. "The end of 2007 and half of the current 2008 central government Movement was to paralyze the country reform centers. The head of the Moscow organization DPNI samonaznachilsya B. Basmanov ... imposed on us a formal alliance with the former liberal Yabloko activists of the Other Russia (the people) and entities controlled Belkovsky uniquely shows who is behind the initiative to create a party based on the Movement Against Illegal Immigration ... expressing its frustration with A. Belov and announce the establishment of the organizing committee for the Congress. The time and venue of the Congress will be determined after consultation with regional organizations, "the resolution said.

Between Gorsky and Belov became exceedingly, but cautious battle. Both sides are carefully monitored to the surface did not come out the true cause of conflict. This somehow explains the extremely primitive content of the debate unfolding in the style of "the fool".

In the end, this controversy seems to have tired of both and the final decision was postponed for discussion by the Congress to a fair fight to decide who is stronger.

To date, no special advantages, none of the parties. Regional organizations are usually quite passive and will rise eventually to the side of the stronger. In Moscow, where he collected the backbone of the Movement, the forces also are approximately equal. On the side of the brothers Potkin credibility and support force structures DPNI. In Mossovet his trump ace - support more intelligent of the Movement, including the Movement Against Illegal Immigration-TV.

Now predict the results of the congress will not risk anyone. There are two options: either Bolivar did not survive two and someone will have to accept defeat, or between the conflicting sides will reach a compromise with the subsequent separation of powers and spheres of influence.

Arseniy Stepanov

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