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"Limonovtsa pull the plug" Other Russia "

July 11 2006

Conference "The Other Russia" began, as predicted by organizers, with a succession of scandals. Already on the way to the hotel "Renaissance-Moscow", it became clear that dull its participants, nor the journalists do not have to.

All approaches to the hotel were closed: on the one hand there was the police, on the other - young people, which declared the territory of the hotel "American reservation." Make-up under the Indian activist movement "Young Guards" have attempted to explain how the conference participants and passers simple truth: "Other Russia" - is not only the name of an opposition conference held in the posh hotel. It reserves protected by the U.S. government. "The only true, who disagreed with the protesters, has become the leader of" Labor Russia "Viktor Anpilov, entered into a squabble with a made-up" Indians "which, of course, opponents to the agreement and did not come.

A little farther from the "Indians" located exhibition "Other Russia", materials for which have been lovingly selected movement Nashi. I must say that the exhibits on which pictures protagonists conference accompanied by caustic comments caused concern even among the organizers of the conference, to evaluate the creativity, elegance and quality performance posters. C content, however, things were more complicated, because the supporters of Limonov or Kasyanov could not agree that the first is a "fascist, encourage all to take example from Hitler," and another "promised in exchange for helping to sell oil to the West for $ 20 barrel. Before the fight, though it has not arrived, and the warring parties promised each other to meet at other times and in different circumstances. As it became clear later, "another time" came much earlier than it expected.

In general, however, probably could agree with the majority of theses, voiced speakers at the conference speakers. Not everything went smoothly in Russia with the construction of civil society, there are many problems that are only to be overcome. It concerns the freedom of the regional press, and corruption in the bureaucracy and bureaucratic environment, and the imperfection of the electoral system, and much more. But there was one problem: while in the meeting room to say one thing on the sidelines of the conference was going on quite the opposite.

Strangely enough, but people who talk about civil rights and liberties, as they say on the spot, he immediately trampled them rudely. In response to the operation of the authorities "curtain", designed, according to delegates at the conference did not allow them on the event, the Organizing Committee of "Other Russia" organized operation "Barrier-2, recruit for this project the best shots of the National Bolshevik Party. The problem was posed in the most simple: to prevent a conference of journalists and unwanted provocateurs. And if the first part of the job "the police chief" coped brilliantly, here "bodigardy" of them came out very mediocre.

The victims of vigilante security guards "were the correspondents of several publications. Two journalists "simply not allowed on the table accreditation. The princes of Moscow branch of the NBP Deputy Paul Zherebin said one "Pravdists" that there are no places in the hall, and the second will not be allowed without any explanation. Those who slipped past the "guards", were caught already inside. Just under the arms was carried out of the foyer of the conference hall reporter of the newspaper "Sight" Tatiana Kosobokov. "This is not a journalist, it's a provocateur!" - Proudly announced by the head of the NBP. "- We do not want to see the newspaper" Sight "on our conference!".But try to stand up for fellow journalist Oleg Kashin only lightly tossed: "You do not touch only the old contribution. Another journalist was able to get inside only after a foot on manager's spokesman Natalya Morar, literally by the hand, dragged into the hall of the press by brutish security staff. For the rest of suspicious persons were under surveillance and "unreliable" relentlessly followed the NB-spies.

But to deal with peace-loving servants of the pen was easier than with a radically-minded opponents. Only the sluggishness of the "terrorist" has allowed the leader RNDS Mikhail Kasyanov avoid snapping slap. And how in the heavily guarded hall penetrated two "Eurasians" (members of the "Eurasian Union of Youth"), staged a performance right in a speech to the British Ambassador Tony Brenton ... For his audacity, however, "Eurasians" paid the price. Spurred by the guards Garry Kasparov, with the support NBP carried them from the hall, passing the impressive award cuffs. And after the troublemakers were pushed into the elevator, the chief natsbol explained that the "fascists" who wish to free the Russians, death.

After that, in the sincerity of the speakers of Other Russia, calling for freedom of speech, could hardly believe. All this is more like a settling of accounts between the opposition and the authorities. "Once the power of our press, and then we will do well, and to hell with all conventional human rights" - clearly legible in the eyes of the National Bolsheviks, already holding the sight of "firing" list. In fact, the National Bolshevik ideology "if a bayonet, butt beat" nullified all efforts of human rights defenders advocating for freedom of political views and convictions, and liberals in calling for the development of democratic institutions and the creation of civil society in Russia.

Why, when "limonovskoy" logic problems, can cause the idea of creating a public television? Secretary-General of the Union of Journalists, Igor Yakovenko can now plenty of talk about performing a special order Dobrodeyev and Ernst, an "illusion of independence" on "Echo of Moscow", the false rebellion in the South Butovo, prompted by Luzhkov's enemies - but whether it is in this sense, when there are forces who believe that true democracy is possible only "by destroying everything to the ground, and then ... And then there is another Russia. This is just such a Russia least of all would like to see foreign guests of the conference, such as the British Ambassador Tony Brenton, convinced that in Russia today, "people can gather and discuss the internal problems of the country, which they certainly could not do 20 years ago."

And, most likely, it talked about this refused to participate in the "Other Russia" leader of the ATP Nikita White, claiming that "Anpilov never become a Democrat, like a lemon". "Get them the power and the democracy they immediately forget about the alliances and agreements on the principles of freedom and democracy, they will forget, check out the program of their parties. - Nikita wrote White. - Sadly, if the" Other Russia "will be a display of power, and organizational passionarity NBP opportunities and personal charisma Limonov. Of all the participants is Limonov - the only one who now prevails. And in the camp of democracy and civil society have sharp differences.

This was only the first day of the conference. And there is hope that tomorrow, when the defenders change their policies, to breathe in the "Other Russia" will be a little freer.

Igor Kulagin


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