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U.S. will buy the freedom of speech in Russia. Inexpensively

April 11 2007

State Department of the United States is authorized to declare the need to assist and support the Russian political parties and the media in advance of parliamentary and presidential elections in Russia. This is stated in the report "U.S. support for human rights and democracy in the world", published on April 6.

This kind of record of the moral and material cost of U.S. missionaries in the strengthening of democratic institutions and protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens in various countries. According to the text of the document, work on the export of "American Dream" actually took place around the world, including countries in Asia and Africa. But of course, a center portion of the report is devoted to Russia and former Soviet republics. The tone of the section on "Europe and Eurasia , it is already clear from the outset. The report quoted her murdered last year in Russia journalist of Novaya Gazeta, Anna Politkovskaya was a citizen of the United States, world famous for its negative articles about Russia: "How could I live with them, if not write the truth?".

Speaking specifically about Russia, the paper emphasize the importance of assistance to the Russian opposition on the eve of parliamentary and presidential elections. "Through the course of political parties, media representatives who cover political issues, as well as through training initiatives in the United States of voters supported the holding of free and fair elections in Russia (State) Duma in December 2007 and presidential elections in March 2008" , - says the "Russian" section of the report.

Masks dropped. Earlier States limited to standard statements about the lack of democracy and freedom of speech in Russia, otryazhaya help builders "Other Russia" consultants from allied with the Administration of the White House offices like the National Democratic Institute (NDI), but now there is no need to hide. The election is around the corner, so the sooner Washington will announce the price you are willing to pay for a "democracy" in Russia, the more confident will be the actions of the opposition, whose hearts will be warmed in foreign bank accounts.

Until recently, the West really had as much as possible to mask their interest in the change of political regime in Russia. In particular, the State Department reports that the U.S. provided technical assistance and grants to support Russia in the civil society groups, resource centers, NGOs, think tanks, trade unions and organizations responsible for public oversight to support their active participation in society. "

Generally speaking, a dozen years ago, a magic word "grant" inspires students, researchers and artists, are calculated using a kind uncle Soros realize the idea in any field of science and art. But soon the freebie has ended and all grant streams flowed into the pocket of organizations, proclaimed the purpose of their activities against "the bloody regime of Putin. Accordingly, increased costs and Grant.

For example, the financing "of the Agency for International Development" under "Promotion of an open society in Russia in 2005 amounted to 19.8 million dollars, more than 6 million" American rubles, exceeding the figures of last year. Intensified, and other funds, and strengthening "organizational capability democratically oriented political parties' strong U.S. currency.

ne of the most active "missionaries of democracy" in Russia was the National Democratic Institute, a grant commitments of which read: "with the help of funds allocated NDI expects to deliver one-two democratic parties to full participation in the State Duma elections, in 2007. Officially, the realization of the task in 2005 was transferred 377 thousand dollars. The sum at first glance, the small. At least one of the leaders of the Union of Right Forces, Boris Nadezhdin she called Homeric laughter. "How committed? 377,000 dollars?" I personally spent on the elections in the Moscow region alone, several times more. So I think that such "major" in quotation marks infusion from the U.S. are unlikely to affect our politics. By the way, personally They did nothing of the sort proposed, "- he said, adding that such a sum likely would go to the needs of the National Bolshevik Party.

But do not forget that the specialists NDI worked primarily as consultants, organizing lectures, seminars and trainings on the basics of opposition activities. In particular, for a long time works closely with asset kasyanovskogo People's Democratic Union, teaching methods hapless opponents in the Russian regions to cause dissatisfaction with the federal government there, his ability to foment conflict between the Russian regions, stravlivaya their administrative and economic elites, etc. Moreover, although SRI is headed by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, but it is not the only foreign organization operating in Russia and through which are financial flows.

Obviously, the closer to the election, the greater will be heard promises of gold and rivers. For example, in the same 2005, President George W. Bush speaking at a reception hosted by the International Republican Institute, said that America creates "Active Response Corps" to export democracy around the world. Later, he explained that Washington would actively help "color revolutions" that "still ahead", and the Senate Appropriations Committee has allocated a budget of U.S. State Department for the year 2006 five million dollars to support "programs for the development of political parties in Russia.

If we consider that in 2007 made for the "development of democracy" will increase if accumulate together all the financial flows that go through all kinds of charities, you get a sum exceeding $ 100 million. According to Boris Nadezhdin, ATP spent on elections in the region in March this year, slightly more than 200 million rubles (about 7.5 million dollars), including in the Moscow region were spent around 35 million rubles. So even 100, 200, 300 million "green" presented a substantial sum with which you can have a little coup.

But all becomes clear by comparison. According to experts, the "orange revolution" in Ukraine has been spent over 600 million dollars. A recently been put up for sale Principality Sealand - the smallest country in the world. This state is a platform on two concrete pillars in the North Sea a total area of 929 square meters. m. On the proposal to sell many responded. In particular, some Spanish company engaged in the trade of real estate, suggested the owner Sealand, Prince Roy I 750 million euros.

As for Russia, the price tag could be much lower. As practice shows, for organizing riots in just a few road tankers with "free" beer. This, of course, understand and domestic managers of revolutions, agreeing to change the power in the country at dumped prices. Named and the conditions under which is funding.One of only a promise of potential single presidential candidate from the opposition, Mikhail Kasyanov to sell oil to the West at 20 dollars per barrel, at least three times cheaper than the prevailing world oil prices, will cover all costs of the U.S., which are incurred in Russia. So it fit the "Other Russia" to enter the next "Marches of Dissent" with the slogan "We will sell the Motherland. Affordable.

Igor Kulagin


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